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All The Wedding Exhibitions You Need To Know About

Weddings are one of the most auspicious occasions for any bride residing in any country. When it comes to India, weddings are celebrated as a festival for over one week. You need clothes, shoes, makeup items, for almost 5-6 occasions like haldi, mehendi, sangeet, ring ceremony, etc. At any wedding, bridal shopping plays a very important role. From where to get ideas? To solve this problem, some firms are now organizing wedding exhibitions that are specially meant to give ideas for your wedding event.

Shopping is always considered the best part of any wedding. You need to buy new shoes, new clothes, Elegant Lenghas, for your wedding event. Nowadays, there are thousands of brands popping up down in the market. You might get confused between what to choose and what not to. So, here are some of the wedding exhibitions that you should definitely know about. These wedding exhibitions set their standards in trending garments, jewelry, and another bridal trousseau.

Why should you go to the wedding exhibitions?

You might be confused about whether you want a wedding or not. So, here to remove your dilemma, we have mentioned some points.

  • Going to a wedding exhibition is like speed dating with wedding vendors. You will feel like you have made a new connection with the wedding vendors which will ultimately help you in organizing your wedding. For the preparation for your wedding, you will go down searching on most of the online websites but not now. You can have a face-to-face conversation with the experts which can make your wedding experience memorable. This whole will make final booking decisions a lot easier which will ultimately help you in your budget and mentally also.
  • Wedding exhibitions are one-stop shopping. You will get everything here in one go. You might not be searching here and there if you are regularly visiting wedding exhibitions. These wedding exhibitions will give you ideas from all of your pre-rituals wedding ceremonies and also of your honeymoon.

Why should you go to the wedding exhibitions?

  • The best thing about these wedding exhibitions which I personally like is that I get familiar with the latest trends. Most of the time the items which I see online are not up to the mark, but not now. Now I have the power to touch each and every cloth which I am liking and also buy instantly. These wedding exhibitions also make me familiar with the latest trends.
  • Well, you cannot ignore the interactive experience which you receive after visiting these wedding exhibitions. This exhibition is unmatchable and unforgettable because for the first time in life you will be seeing some of the finest designers of the world under one roof.
  • A wedding exhibition is like a wedding fashion show which every bride should attend.
  • There are many occasions in wedding exhibitions where you will have stalls full of discounts and freebies. There are many giveaways also which will boost your budget. A wedding exhibition is like a must-visit place.
  • The best part, fun! You cannot ignore the fun which you will be receiving there. Apart from these fashion things, there are also enjoyable things which you will never want to miss out on. It is something like a big fair.

List of wedding exhibitions you need to know about.

In this section, we will be bringing you some of the wedding exhibitions you should definitely need to know about. These wedding exhibitions are bought up by various trending tycoons. In India, weddings are fatter and bigger. For such a big event, you definitely need something great to select from. Here is the list of exhibitions you should definitely need to know about.

1.    Dhoom Dhaam Wedding Trunk

As the name suggests, this exhibition is creating dhoom dhaam everywhere by giving up new ideas every time they start their exhibition. The exhibition is held by the Bollywood stylist Tanya Gharvi and producer Ashi Dua.

These two are best friends who are creating great changes in the life of many people. Their exhibition will tell you everything about the wedding and will make your wedding bridal shopping a memorable experience. There are a number of great designers who showcase their art in this exhibition like you have Jayanti Reddy, Anushree Reddy, and many more. Apart from these designers, there are various brands who take part in these exhibition shows. You will come out with thousands of shopping ideas from this wedding exhibition.

2.     Wedding Asia

It is one of the oldest wedding exhibitions in India in the last decade. Wedding Asia will help you in finding your right wedding dress if you haven’t chosen it yet. There are dresses of almost all ranges inside Wedding Asia and each of these dresses has a unique and gorgeous look. You might have dreamt about your wedding dress when you were a kid, don’t worry, your dream wedding dress will be a reality here.

If you want to do everything within a specific budget, then also Wedding Asia is considered as the best option for your every choice. Wedding Asia is recommended as one of the best exhibition festivals ever held in India. There are innumerable designers, decorators, hotels, brands, and many other wedding services which can prove as the best option for you.

Wedding Asia has one of the largest happy customers when it comes to buying the best items for weddings. Wedding Asia not only provides dresses and wedding services, but it also offers jewelry and other small-small items which are considered essential items in a wedding. It is a complete one-go-to place for every wedding.

3.  Celebrating Vivah wedding exhibitions

Well, if you do not want to worry about your budget, then you should definitely go to Celebrating Vivah. It is considered one of the most luxurious wedding exhibitions of Asia which no bride will ever want to skip. This exhibition runs for almost 3 continuous days and it will offer you a wide variety of designs. This exhibition commonly remained full of all the top designers of India in clothes and jewelry. Celebrating Vivaha is more famous for its Jewellery Sets which will leave you stunned. You will get everything here which you will need for your wedding. There are many great deals available here which will help your budget to go down.

4. Jalsa Fashion Lifestyle

If you are looking for something new and unique, then this wedding exhibition is for you. This wedding exhibition is perfectly made for your D-day. The wedding exhibition is always full with many lavish designers under one roof which will give you many tremendous ideas on how to dress on your wedding day. They will not only guide you with your dress but also with your jewelry and other important items of your wedding.

5.  My best friend and me exhibition

Well, for the north girls, this exhibition is for you. It is one of Delhi’s favorite fashion and style exhibition shows which you will never want to miss. It is luxurious yet affordable where you will get everything under one roof.

There are not only designers from all over the world but also some famous dieticians, professional beauty recommendations, sweets and plenty of desserts shops. This exhibition has many lifestyle shops, enjoyable fashion stocks, and many other shops which are ready to steal your heart. There are other things also which you can get from this exhibition like your honeymoon stuff and other ideas for your wedding.

6. Vogue Wedding Show

You must have heard about the Vogue exhibitions. The exhibition is stunning in itself whether it comes to fashion, design, style, art, honeymoon, fun drinks, elegant dresses, and many more. Vogue not only gives you fashion ideas but also provides you with stunning ideas which will embrace the beauty of your wedding. The wedding exhibition is attended by many soon-to-be brides to get some stunning ideas. In this exhibition, you will also face some of the best wedding decorators with some stunning ideas for the wedding.

7. The Fairytales Fashion and Lifestyle exhibition

This is the best go-to-spot for every soon-to-be bride for her wedding shopping. Don’t worry about grooms, there are many things for you to enjoy. There is a different section of the groom’s clothing and jewelry for both. In this wedding exhibition, you will get different outfits for different wedding ceremonies like Mehendi, sangeet, and haldi.

The wedding exhibition is more famous for providing jewelry and wedding décor ideas as there are many famous stars present there with their experience. There is a touch of Bollywood in every dress you will try there. The exhibition has a lot more if you do not want to do shopping also. There are photo booths, picture booths, free makeovers, theme décor, and many more.

8.  S & S Trunk show

So here comes the best from all, S & S trunk show. This wedding exhibition is a hub of elegant dresses from all over India. You will get every sort of dress here you will aspire for. If you are soon going to be married, then there are many things waiting for you here. The exhibition not only marks the presence of Indian-styled dresses, but it also allows western touch style dresses to increase their variety. You will get everything here and at a very reasonable price.

So, here were some of the best wedding exhibitions you need to know about. These wedding exhibitions are worth going because of their elegant and remarkable look. All the best with your wedding plan.

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