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An Ultimate Guide For Electrical Safety

Electricity has become a part of our daily life. We use lots of electrical appliances in our homes and workplaces. It illuminates our living spaces and also makes them warm. Most inventions of science and technology work on electricity. We can’t imagine a day in our life without it.


Undoubtedly electricity is advantageous everywhere in our life, but it doesn’t mean that it is safe. There are various risks and hazards associated with electricity. So it is essential to be aware of all the possible dangers of electricity. Follow this guide to learn electrical safety tips and educate your loved ones to use electricity safely.

Electrical hazards and risks

You know the human body is a great conductor of electricity. It wreaks havoc on our body when we come in contact with it. The electrical current causes four types of injuries, such as electrocution, shocks, burns, and falls. All these injuries occur in the following situations:

  • When we come in direct contact with an electrical circuit or conductor, electricity passes through the body. It disturbs the various electrical signals of our body. In that way, it harms the body organs like muscle, lung, heart, etc.
  • When we come in contact with electrical lines, it has a severe impact on our body’s organs. Also, blasts on electrical lines can cause several injuries like muscle pain, lung damage, etc.

Learn the legal aspects

Be aware of the legal aspects of electrical hazards. If any electrical incidents happen due to negligence of a concerned distribution company, then you are eligible to take appropriate legal actions against the company. Also, you are eligible to get a monetary claim for your losses.

How to identify electrical dangers?

Most electrical troubles raise many signs before occurring. So you need to pay attention to any electrical disturbance at your home or workplace. Otherwise, you will put your and your family’s life at risk. However, there are some usual signs to identify electrical hazards:

  • Have you recently faced issues regarding power surges or flickering lights?
  • Do power breakers trip frequently at your home?
  • Are fuses blowing on any given day?
  • Do you smell burning odor near electrical fixtures and outlets?

These are some signals that occur before a significant electrical hazard. But if you find any unusual things with your household electricity, then call a professional immediately. A licensed electrician can conduct an electrical inspection to find the cause behind electrical faults and recommend the required solution.

Electrical safety tips for household electricity

Keep switching off electrical devices or appliances when you are not using them

It seems a minor thing but plays a vital role in electrical safety. Always switch off any electrical items if you do not use them as they use power even if they are not actively used. It also improves the life of electrical items. It is good to check all electrical appliances before going to bed. Such small precautions can reduce the risks of electrical short circuit or fire.

Avoid overloading outlets

Every outlet only delivers a fixed amount of power. So do not overload outlets. If you do so, it can cause electrical faults and, ultimately, an explosion or a fire. If you want to plug more electrical items, consider a power strip.

Keep liquids away from electricity

If your body or hand is wet, then do not go closer to electrical outlets. Do not touch any electrical items with wet hands. If you need to plug or unplug appliances or devices, make sure that your hands are dry. It is also common in everyone’s homes that we keep water glasses or other liquids on the top of the refrigerator, microwave, etc. If liquid spills and goes inside those appliances, then a short circuit can occur. So, be aware of such things.

Educate kids about electrical items

If you are a parent, teach your kids about electrical safety. Keep them away from outlets, switches, and appliances. Do not overlook wear and tear in wiring, faulty sockets, and damaged plugs as your kids can touch them when you are not present at home. So, change or fix them without any delay.

Fix any electrical disturbance in your bathroom

If you see any electrical faults in your bathroom, never ignore them because you know that water and electricity do not mix. Also, avoid using electrical appliances inside the toilet; keep them out. However, some electrical appliances like hairdryers, electric toothbrushes, shavers, etc. may need to be used in the bathroom. For this, inspect the items carefully and check if they are designed for bathroom use.

Use gloves, special suits, and shoes

If you want to solve some minor electrical problems at home or anywhere, do not forget to wear gloves, special suits, and shoes. Also, advise your friends and family members to wear all safety suits, gloves, and shoes while dealing with electricity.

Outdoor electrical safety tips

  • Maintain distance from downed power lines.
  • When working outdoors, use only weather-resistant heavy gauge extension cords marked “for outdoor use.”
  • If you crash your car into a power pole and the car has come into contact with a power line, then do not step out.
  • Do not let children play near power stations.
  • Do not let the children climb on electric poles or trees near transmission lines.
  • Do not let the children fly kites or drones near lines.

Electrical safety at workplaces

  • Do not plug electrical equipment forcefully. Consider portable options.
  • Ensure that you are knowledgeable about power switches so that you can turn them off in case of an emergency.
  • If you find electrical devices faulty, mark the ‘DO NOT USE’ sign and change their current location.
  • Unplug all electronics before cleaning them.
  • Change the damaged cables of the electrical items.
  • Hire a professional for the installation of electrical appliances.
  • Conduct a safety inspection frequently.

Here is everything to know about electrical safety. The best way to avoid potential electrical hazards is to schedule an electrical safety inspection to ensure that everything is perfect.

Read this complete guide and learn the safety measures. If you need professional help, do not hesitate to contact Good Guys Electricians.

Source: An Ultimate Guide For Electrical Safety

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