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Apple Watch Series 6: Launch Date, Price & All You Need to Know

Apple Watch Series 6: Launch Date, Price & All You Need to Know

A few days ago, Apple held its 2020’s event and announced its Watch Series 6. The new watch series has pretty dramatic improvements, including new colors. This new version is impressive enough to make you want to upgrade your current Apple Watch. This article will explain everything you need to learn about the newly announced Apple Watch Series 6. Let’s dive in.

Key Points:

  • Launch date: September 15, 2020, and shipping starts from September 18
  • Cost: Starting from 399 USD
  • Upgrades: New colors, enhanced CPU, Fitness+, Blood Oxygen Monitor, and new bands.
  • New shell color: Graphite, Aluminum blue, RED, classic gold stainless steel.

Significant New Improvements in Watch Series 6

Enhanced CPU

The all-new Apple Watch 6 has an ultra-fast processor that is evidently faster than the previous versions. This new watch runs on an S6 processor that ensures your watch has incredible fluency. It also consumes less power and therefore saves the battery. In a single charge, your watch will provide better battery life.

Blood Oxygen Monitor

Besides the improved CPU, it features a new function named Blood Oxygen Monitor. It is also called the SpO2 sensor in technical speaking. This feature can record and analyze the amount of oxygen in your blood. With this new function, you can recognize health problems like sleep apnea or anxiety.

It scans the oxygen levels in your blood within 6 seconds and can also keep track of it when you sleep. To track your blood oxygen levels when you sleep, you can leave this watch turned on. In case you see an abnormal oxygen level in your blood, you can work it out before the situation becomes worse.

Casing Color and Material

This new watch is available in various types of materials and colors. Therefore, you can select the best material and color as per your wish. Here is the all available material and color:

  • Classic gold stainless steel
  • RED (Product)
  • Graphite
  • Blue Aluminum

It is a far better variation we have ever seen in the Apple Watches.

Apple Watch Series 6 Price

The price is the same as Apple Watch Series 5. This new watch starts at 399 United States Dollars. If you want to get a GPS + Cellular network, you will need to pay 100 USD more. The 399 USD model has aluminum casing together with a Sport Strap or Sport Loop. To get the stainless steel casing, you will need to spend at least 699 USD.

Apple Fitness+

It is a subscription-based fitness service that Apple has launched. It costs 9.99 USD per month, but you will get it for free up to 3 months with this watch. This service is notably beneficial and will encourage you practically to stay healthy and fit. That is all you need to know about Apple Watch Series 6. We hope this guide helped you.

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