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Are Expensive Sewing Machines Worth It?

Expensive Sewing Machine

Are Expensive Sewing Machines Worth It?
From big to small, pricy to inexpensive, sewing machines come in all shapes and sizes. Sewing machines vary in features and price ranges, running from 100 dollars to as much as 10,000 dollars. Thus, it is often difficult to select a sewing machine because of such a massive price range, especially when operating on a limited budget. Are these sewing machines worth it? To answer that, you would first need to ask yourself what your budget is and why you want one. The answer affects what model you should purchase. 

Inexpensive Sewing Machines
When searching online, you’ll find several inexpensive sewing machines that sell for less than 200 dollars. These are called mechanical sewing machines. These models are inexpensive because they require manual operation and are closer to the older generation of sewing machines. They rely on dials to adjust stitch options and pedals to control stitch speed. These are made compact for easy storage and are very dependable models for simple to intermediate projects. 

Many who purchase a mechanical sewing machine do so for many reasons, one of them being familiarity. People who have learned to sew on a specific machine are often very attached. The design is more straightforward with the use of pedals and dials, making it easier to understand. Through a bit of practice, one can accomplish complex projects with a mechanical sewing machine.

Another reason is the purpose that one buys it for. Those who purchase a mechanical sewing machine may be looking to make simple mends to fabrics or clothes at home. This is a very good reason to buy one. Paying for repeated mends can be much more expensive than the price of a cheap sewing machine. If this is your reason for buying one, then you wouldn’t require all the advanced features that other sewing machines may have. Through a simple understanding of the basics, you can make all the simple mends you need at home.

Expensive Sewing Machines

Sewing machines have developed over time, advancing in sophistication every year. Using this progress, computerized sewing machines are gaining advanced features. Many have expanded upon previous features such as built-in stitch count while others have new features such as PC connectivity to make sewing more convenient. With all these advancements, the prices of these computerized sewing machines have increased. Before considering these types of machines, it’s important to know if you plan to take sewing beyond just repairing clothes. If you have a passion for embroidery, quilting, or other projects that require a wider range of options, then the computerized sewing machine may be what you’re looking for.

It is important to distinguish the different types of computerized sewing machines because they can vary from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. Selecting between these prices will once again vary from purpose to purpose. If you’re looking to purchase a sewing machine for personal use, a few hundred dollars would be perfectly fine for what you need. These machines can go for as low as 200-300 dollars which is just above mechanical sewing machines. However, if you want a stronger sewing machine (such as to start a small business) an expensive, computerized one would be a better investment. Determining the “right price” will always depend on what you want to do with it.

There are many reasons why someone would want to purchase a computerized sewing machine over other types. One is the appeal of having more built-in stitches alongside PC compatibility. One does not need to be so tech-savvy in order to know how almost 100 stitches at the press of a button is useful in this craft. Those who desire this are not only advanced in their understanding of sewing but also see many benefits with PC connectivity and the storage of various designs. Some machine models not only have 4 times as many built-in stitches as mechanical types but can even connect to a PC to allow for personal stitch designs to be made and stored onto the sewing machine. With this feature alongside the already numerous built-in options, the creative possibilities are almost endless.


Overall, one should identify their purpose before determining the “right amount” to spend on a sewing machine. Be it starting a small business or just taking up sewing as a hobby, your interest in the craft is going to determine your machine. Spending too much is unnecessary, as you won’t be able to utilize all the features. Spending too little, on the other hand, could prove to be a waste of money if you need to purchase more for additional features.  Remember, equipment will depreciate in value so you don’t want to over-purchase. Therefore, buy what you need. If your love for sewing ultimately takes off, you can always buy a more advanced machine. I hope this helps and happy shopping!

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