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Avoiding Distractions in Coworking Space- Tips Inside

Whether you’re at your home, at the coffee shop, you love, or even in a busy office, distractions are integral to modern work. In certain situations, particularly for creative tasks, distractions can be beneficial at coworking space. It may seem counterintuitive. However, distractions can be a great way to overcome a slump called cognitive fixation. There is also an inner desire to keep our attention.

In reality, we are interrupted every eleven minutes, and it takes up to 25 minutes to allow our minds to get back on the primary task — distractions at work are to be avoided as far as is possible.

Based on a study carried out by the Udemy, workplace distractions can negatively affect productivity, performance, and even the potential. In addition, to take advantage of these interruptions, workers work faster. A UC Irvine study finds that this causes tension and anger. Even a slight interruption in the workday can increase the error rate of an employee.

In the end, continuous distractions don’t only affect your bottom line, and they can be harmful to health.

How can you deal with these coworking spaces’ distractions before they become a problem?

Start by identifying the issue that is causing a distraction to your team. Being aware of the cause and what it’s doing will help you create an action plan to eliminate interruptions. Here are a few of the most frequently occurring distractions that you must address at your workplace as soon as possible.

  1. Emails:

We send out lots of emails. How many? In 2017, an astounding 2769 billion email messages were sent out daily worldwide, and this number is likely to rise to 333 billion by 2019.

As with your smartphone, There’s also the urge to stop your work and check your email whenever an email arrives. If you do this all day, how would you accomplish anything?

The simplest method is to switch off emails on your smartphone. Also, shut down any applications or web browsers that have your email. I also use an application such as SaneBox for managing my email as it filters out messages that aren’t necessary.

One of the most crucial things to consider is that you’re not getting notified via email in the event of an emergency. The emergency responders are likely to call you or knock on your front door, and all other communications are left until the time scheduled to look through your email.

  1. Smartphones:

It’s not a surprise that this is the case. It’s not surprising that people in the U.S. view their phones 52 times a day. It’s not difficult to see the reason. We’re constantly bombarded with text messages, emails and social media updates, and calls from our phones. In addition, we make use of our phones to write down reminders, check the calendar, listen to a podcast, or even shop. No wonder we’re addicted.

Removing your dependence on your phone isn’t a difficult job, but it’s certainly not difficult. The tried-and-true way is to turn your phone into aeroplane mode or utilize its “do not disturb” function. This can be accomplished using both Android and iPhone. It is also possible to place your phone in another area or keep it in a drawer at work or in a purse.

Scheduling specific times during the day can also cut the amount of “during working hours at coworking space. For example, I shut my phone off to concentrate only on my task. In general, this process takes approximately two hours. Once I’ve finished my work, I go through my phone to ensure I didn’t miss anything crucial. To ensure I don’t become too distracted, I allow myself 10 minutes on the phone before I get back to work.


  1. People interrupting:

Like background disturbances, interruptions by suppliers, customers, employees, and even family members are inevitable. Quora engineers have identified “shoulder tapping” among their most frequent distracting behaviours.

Another option is to keep your office door closed when you don’t wish to be interrupted. To make sure, the “do not disturb” warning is on the door. If you are in an open office, Send signals using headphones and be truthful. If someone asks you an urgent and related work query, you should give them the answer, and then proceed to the next.

Another option is to prepare for these possible interpretations. For instance, you could mark an hour or two to attend pop-ins in your calendar. I also include an extra buffer between meetings and other tasks. In this way, if somebody comes to me with a query, it will not disrupt my entire schedule.


  1. Avoid Background Noise at Shared Workspace:

Pause for a second and pay attention to the noise that is going on in the coworking space. People are talking; machines are running, and phones are ringing. Doors are closing and opening. This isn’t even getting into the annoying things like a cough, loud snacks, or the sound of music.

Background noise is inevitable. If it becomes distracting, it is recommended to purchase noise-reducing headphones or move to a quieter location where you can concentrate 100% of your time. I’ve also noticed that apps such as Noisli can block out background noise and help me focus.


  1. Clutter:

Although small amounts of clutter may stimulate a mind to think creatively, the reality is that having a messy work environment can hinder the ability of your brain to concentrate and take in information. Chaos and confusion are plans that remind you of all the things that need to be accomplished, and this is why it takes away from the present. In time, this can make you more stressed and anxious.

The solution? Make sure your coworking space is clean and tidy. Throw away the items that you no longer require. Put inappropriate paperwork file. Ideally, store as much of your paperwork in the cloud as possible to decrease the number of filing cabinets. Be sure that all of your office supplies are stored in their place and are brought back after each day.

Even if you don’t have time to do this every day, you must at least tidy your coworking space once a week. A good example is the afternoon of a Friday is the perfect time to do this. You’ve probably mentally scheduled out the previous week’s work, and this is an easy job that can be accomplished quickly.


  1. Multitasking at Coworking Space:

We’re all accused of trying to handle multiple tasks simultaneously. You’re a successful entrepreneur, so why aren’t you able to manage many responsibilities simultaneously? It’s because our brains aren’t capable of taking upon more than one aspect at a single time.

Multitasking isn’t efficient or helps you be more productive, reducing your productivity.

“Switching between different tasks, it’s like you’re paying the world that’s happening around you at the same time. However, you’re in fact not paying attention, “neuroscientist Earl Miller told NPR. “You’re not paying attention to just one or two things at a time and changing between them in a very rapid manner.”

Furthermore, when you multitask, you are more likely to make mistakes and reduce creativity and may damage your brain. Multitasking was among the most challenging bad habits that I needed to eliminate. There are moments when I’m doing more than one task at a time, and I’ve managed to break this habit by adding blocks of time that are devoted to specific functions within my calendar application.

As an example, I scheduled a few days to finish this piece. At this point, I was not using my cell phone, and the office doors were shut. As my mind began to wonder about my thoughts, I would sit up and stroll through the offices for a few moments to get my mind. This may sound simple, but the habit isn’t simple to change.

The fact that I was away from my desk for a couple of minutes prompted me to concentrate on writing this piece, not taking on five other tasks simultaneously. After that, I moved into my next task.


The most important takeaway from this is that distractions aren’t nor will they ever be a completely preventable event. They’re not something that can be avoided at work, but certainly, they’ll be commonplace at home.  We can also help you to find the best virtual space in Gurgaon.

Please do not focus on the way you avoid them, but instead, focus on managing them. In the final analysis, handling your stress levels will impact your productivity.

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