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Basic Features Of SCM (Dissertation Writing)

Dissertation writing is a key important activity for every student regardless of any nature or field of education. It doesn’t matter if its a business management, supply chain management, finance, accounting, economics, law, or any other subject.

Supply chain management has become the most crucial and important subject in academic history. Living in a world full of technology has made so many things easier for everyone, but so has increased the competition in the market. Many of the joint and multi-national organisations have refined supply chain management operations. This helps them to dramatically reduce their cost while providing prompt delivery to the customers in the best possible way.

The life of the students is too difficult to handle, as there are plenty of academic and social activities. Managing activities is the most complex thing that students have to face. When it comes to dissertation writing, it becomes a more complex process for students. Research is a basic necessity of every higher program. Students have to research the specialization they had selected at the beginning of the program. Services of dissertation writing are the best way out for the students to complete their thesis as per the standards and the basic requirements.

What Is Supply Chain Management?

Supply chain management is all about the management of observing the finances, information, and material throughout the process. It starts from the supplier to manufacturer to wholesaler to retailer and eventually to the customers. Supply chain management talks about the coordination and integration of information flow, finance flow, and material flow. This flow helps to enhance the supply chain management process and to minimise time and delivery costs.

Supply chain management deals with the storage along with the movement of raw material, work in progress, and finished products. Once the product is finished, it is then transferred to the point of consumption. According to the professionals, the main purpose of supply chain management is to reduce the inventory and make sure that it is available every time it’s needed. An integrated supply chain system has given so many benefits to organisations.

Students have to work on dissertation writing if they want to get the complete understanding of the specialisation they had selected at the beginning of the program

What Are The Functions Of Supply Chain Management?

Supply chain management follows the cross-functional attitude which includes the movement of raw material throughout the organisation. The process of raw material is converted into finished goods and moved for the reach of customers.

Organisations want to reduce their stress level by sourcing out the ownership. This helps them to stay more flexible and emphasize the core competencies to take the upper hand in the competitive market. This is one of the reasons for outsourcing many functions of the organisation. This helps them to minimise their cost and helps them to be time effective.

What Are The Basic Processes Of Supply Chain Management?

Supply chain management has changed itself according to the evolutionary changes. It worked throughout the industries and businesses to meet the requirements of the customers. All new technological transportation and packaging industry are important. They overall impacted the process of supply chain management for many organisations.

However, certain basic procedures can never be changed and are remain the same. Here are a few some of the basic concepts throughout the process of supply chain management;


Procurement has involved the process of buying throughout the organisation. It has two basic components, the buyer and the seller. It can be defined as the act of acquiring goods and services for a specific business to ensure its objectives. Furthermore, it also includes various effective decisions to buy. Procurement helps businesses to ensure their efficiency and to increase the value of the organisation.

Inventory Management

Inventory management is all about controlling and tracking the Inventory of the business. It includes buying manufacturing and storing the inventory. It controls the complete flow of the goods starting from purchase to the point of sale. Inventory management shows that the products are in the right quantity with the right product, targeting the right location at the right time.

In short, inventory management is all about ordering, storing, and using the products in the best possible way. There are many strategies involved to handle inventory management. These strategies are selected and implemented according to the requirements of the current situation of the organisation. Just In Time (JIT) is one of the most effective inventory management strategies. It helps the businesses and the organisation to reduce the overall cost of the company.

Orders Fulfillment

Order fulfillment includes the process starting from the point of sale and through the delivery of the product to the customers. Organisations must pick out the most effective order fulfillment strategies to overcome the barriers in the e-commerce business.

Successful order fulfillment is entirely dependent on the completion of an order from the third party. This includes the process of an e-commerce online store. It starts by receiving, processing, packing, picking, and shipping the order to the customers.

Reverse Logistics

Reverse logistics is also known as returns management. It includes the process where products are returned to the businesses of the organisation. The best way of overcoming the challenges of returns management is to enhance quality control management.

Enhanced quality control would allow you to meet the quality of the product. It helps to deal with defective items at the same time. It also helps to enhance the production process to get the desired results.

In simple words, return management is concerned about the return of the product from the customer to the manufacturer. Returns management is a cost to the company. The entire E-Commerce business has to deal with reverse logistics as it has become a significant part of supply chain management.

Significance Of Supply Chain Management

There is no doubt, living in the 21st century has given a boost to supply chain management. Many benefits with the study of supply chain management. It helps the businesses to meet the requirements of the customers effectively and efficiently. This is  why students have to work on the dissertation writing for every specialisation. Let’s see some of the basic benefits of supply chain management for all levels of businesses and organisations.

  • Supply chain management is one of the best ways to reach out to targeted customers in the most effective way.
  • Supply chain management is essential for organisations that have a large geographical reach. It helps such organisations to be innovative and productive throughout the procurement and distribution of the products.
  • It also helps to enhance customer services at its best. Supply chain management makes sure the delivery of the right product at the right time and in the right place.


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