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Benefits of Automatic food feeders for cats

Automatic cat feeder can be used to provide cats with a given quantity of food or medicine at a time when the keeper is out and often busy. The cat food dispenser forms the base, the feed bowl with the pudding divisions, the timer mechanism, the bowl cover, the dish cover handle, and the lock mechanism to keep the whole system in place. The timer shall be fitted with a voice recording facility, and the regular feeding schedule shall also be triggered. The item represents a group of sections, and that in the event of a catastrophe, the parts could be replaced directly by the consumer in a few minutes. The system’s electronics are installed in a single module, which can be upgraded and modified to meet the requirements and needs of the consumer as time passes. Ease of cleaning, repair, and replacement of parts is facilitated, as all components are made of plastic.

Advantages of a cat food dispenser-

  • This invention has been made for use in the pet industry and laboratories. This invention can be used to feed dry food, frozen food, and pet medicine.
  • It can also be used by cat owners to encourage good behavior and be related to training and exercise equipment.
  • The system may be controlled at specific times and by remote means by the pet owner. The livestock industry and the care providers have increasingly begun to understand these automatic cat feeders.
  • Cats typically have the same challenges that humans face, such as obesity, diabetes, stomach problems, etc. Automated feeders may provide for the care of such pets.
  • There are several automatic cat feeders on the market that feed kibbles and several capable of feeding canned food. Feeding kibbles does not have issues with food spoilage, but feeding canned food does.
  • Even when dried food cannot be stored for extended periods throughout most of the facility as it will decay, it can certainly be stored for a specific period and preserved. Cats, too, appear to be nervous whenever the carers are not at home. When the owners return, they become hyperactive, including a cat feed system to boost the operation of playing while the owner is not at home. The machine in this published program will fulfill the demand of the cat trainer unit. It is also necessary for the cat owner or the cat behavior researcher to enhance the cat’s conduct by offering food for only certain actions that the cat also might want to do.
  • This machine is designed to handle far more than one animal in a household with varying requirements for different pets. In the absence of the manager, this machine feeds two cats or pets at a fixed time. The device consists of a dish with four compartments that open to feed the cat at a given time, and this is accomplished by a control unit that identifies the pet that needs to be fed. This is done using a sensor mounted on the collar of the cat.
  • The feeder is designed to operate in fixed cycles and does not give the owner flexibility to provide food or medication at specific times of the day or for many days. The system will not allow easier battery replacement, nor does it prevent pets from accessing other feeder compartments when they are closed.
  • This has been well known that pets can feel the presence of food and attempt, in any way possible, to gain access to food, even to the point that the machines that feed them are damaged. This is a significant drawback in a real-time environment where pets are creative and smart enough to figure out how to open the cover and eat whatever they want. This doesn’t serve the machine’s function, which is to feed pets in a controlled manner.
  • In today’s obesity environment and diabetic concerns in cats, such as their human counterparts, this machine will enable the cat industry to preserve cats’ health.

Automatic cat feeder sections

  • A multi-functional, modular timer system consisting of a microprocessor to monitor the operation of the timer module and a rotatable component;
  • a base with a central segment tailored to the seat of the timer module;
  • A container on the bottom with a middle region formed as part of a housing for both the timer module and a plurality of similar-shaped food receiving compartments.
  • A cover modified to shield a container with such a central opening to provide access to the time module and a further opening corresponding in size and shape to one of the foods receiving compartments;
  • The handle for locking the covering to the flexible part of the time module and also for aligning the additional opening in the cover with respect to the food-receiving chambers and the bowl;
  • Locking mechanism to connect the handles and cap to the clock module such that the cover rotates in response to the movement of the rotary device; where the timer module consists of an infrared sensor and a radio frequency receiver so that remote control can be used to control and program the microprocessor.

Ways to use-

  • The first step is to train the cat to eat properly from the cat feeder. This could take several days for the cat to become used to feeding on such a feeding device. To teach the cat to feed on the pump, the cat should not be treated or fed by hand for a few days. This will encourage the cat to eat from the feeder when it’s hungry. It’s also going to train your cat to get used to the new feeding machine.
  • Another way to train the cat is to bring the yummy treats in the machine and set up the device to offer it 4 to 5 times a day for a few days. Often, placed the cat’s daily meals next to the monitor in the regular dish. This will make the cat acclimatized to the machine, and when the food is sent to the machine, it will be fed from the machine.

Nowadays, as technology controls human beings, an automated cat feeder comes with great results and saves a lot of time. You can purchase a cat food dispenser from various stores available in the market. Some of them have wide range of feeders, which come at a very nominal price.


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