Best Alternative to Reddit’s Website and Apps

Reddit has been the most popular platform for fetching social news aggregation, web content rating, and discussion website. For most people, Reddit has been their first choice to interact with thousands of communities and endless conversation. Despite being so popular, Reddit offers minimal features in its apps and website. In contrast, some third-party apps bring you the same platform but with more flexibility and a better experience. To help you have a better experience, we are listing some of those alternatives to Reddit below:

Deck for Reddit

Deck for Reddit is a website that shows all the tweets and information in columns. You have the freedom to create as many columns as you like, and there are no limitations. There are separate columns for subreddit. You can expand a column to get in-depth details of the column and comments section, all by giving a single click to that column. You can choose to open the column in a new tab and sort them by Hot, New, or Top category. You can choose between a Standard or Wide view for the columns. Signing in to the website will bring you more features and speed.


Reddup is a website filled with beautiful designs, and it would be an ideal choice for those looking for photographic subreddits. Users can choose from their range of eye-pleasing layouts. Some of Reddup’s subreddits are all about beautiful pictures, and the layout options offer a hassle-free experience to the users browsing for perfect results. Their website uses the dark mode by default, which pops out the pictures in a striking way, but one can switch to light mode at any time they want. This full-featured browser client allows you to search for Reddit, post, etc. Using a single click, you can open anything in a dialog box.


On Updoot’s website, one can easily find, save, and bookmark any post, recipe, GIF, and comments. You’ll have to click on the saved link whenever you want to check your collection, but that’s only possible if you link your account to their website. All the saved posts appear in a grid layout. As you type any letter, Updoot will start searching for the best results within a fraction of seconds. It can understand misspellings as well. You can also filter your search from the menu bar on the website. Once you find a relevant result for your search, click on it, and Updoot will direct you to a new tab in Reddit.


This is a free mobile app for iOS users. With seamless design and rapid speed, this app comes with some fantastic and intuitive features. It makes it easier to write posts, comments, add links, and photos without Markdown. Since Reddit is all about the comment section, Apollo makes sure that you can see inline previews of links, use gestures to save, upvote, and everything else without leaving the comments section. The app never directs you to a new window and tab because it supports Imgur, Reddit, Gfycat, Imgflip, XKCD, Streamable, YouTube, Vimeo, and other popular image hosts. You can also switch to the Pro version to get rid of ads and access new features.

Infinity for Reddit

For Android mobile users, we have the Infinity for Reddit app that offers various unique features for free. It has a beautiful material design that lets you switch between dark and light mode, tweak the layout, browsing interface, and reading friendly options. And, you will never have to see a single ad on this app. A unique feature called ‘Lazy Mode’ automatically scrolls through the posts for you. It starts by browsing each post in a slideshow manner, and the screen changes every three seconds. Tap on a post to see it thoroughly and click on the back button to resume the slideshow preview.

These websites and apps will bring you comfort, intuitive interface, and more customized experience than the old Reddit website. For passive readers, mobile apps will be a better option. But the sites bring their communities that will help you gain more insights. Try all of these before settling into any of the options mentioned above.

source :- https://setupmag.com/best-alternative-to-reddits-website-and-apps/

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