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Best Data Recovery Software in 2020

How sad it is when you mistakenly delete the photos and videos of your family celebrating your 18th birthday! If you accidentally make such a mistake of deleting photos and documents that are of importance to you, there is no need to worry! Every problem has a solution to it. There is a wide range of data recovery software tools that can be used to get back all the lost data, but the best software tools are here on the list for you. From now onwards, you will not worry about data loss. The superb data recovery software will help you get back the lost data in the blink of an eye. These best data recovery software tools will surely work up to your expectations. Just have a look at the best data recovery software.

Disk Drill Data Recovery

Kicking off the list of the best data recovery software is Disk Drill Data Recovery. It is undoubtedly the best software for the recovery of all the deleted files. Whether you lost your data on the internal drive or external drive, the fabulous software will easily be able to recover them. Be it audio files, videos, photos, and other relevant documents, It is good at recovering all types of files. The best thing about it is, it can easily recover all the unreadable files. It makes data recovery a simple task. You can download the software for free and use it. The free version of the software allows you to recover up to 500 MB of data. To recover the data above 500 MB, you may have to pay for it. The superb data recovery software is available for both Windows and iOS. Disk Drill Data Recovery software has been hailed by its reviewers. The software has earned numerous accolades for its good performance over the years. Among users, Disk Drill is a trusted software that you can put to use to get back your lost data.


Recuva is second on the list of the best data recovery software. Recuva is the name that most people are already aware of. Recuva is very simple to use and great software for data recovery. If you have lost your data and have lost all hopes of getting back your valuable data, you can try out Recuva, this is most likely to bring back your lost data. It is the choice of many professional data recovery experts too. Many great data recovery experts recommend using Recuva in case of accidental data loss. It works on memory cards, pen drives, hard disks, and many others. It is very good at recovering the lost data and works better than other free software. Recuva comes for free but there are some limitations on features. To take advantage of every tool, you may need to shell out some bucks for a premium version.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

If you have long been searching for a great data recovery software with an easy-to-use interface. this one will surely match your choice. Thanks to its simple user interface, anyone can use it simply. The superb data recovery software lets you recover data in simple three steps. Similar to Disk Drill, it too lets you recover data up to 500 MB if you are not a premium user. With the help of this great software, you can get back all of your deleted files on any storage devices. It works perfectly on all the storage devices, be it pen drive, memory card, or hard disk.

To recover the lost data on your storage device, all you need to do is just select the type of file you lost and the location where the files were saved and click to recover. The software will do the rest. The software shows a preview of all the files that you lost and asks you to save the one you want to keep. You can get back the lost data easily with the help of this amazing software. It is a reliable software for data recovery. As a free user, you can’t get back more than 500 MB of data. To remove the limitations and get more features, you can buy the premium version. It is available on both Windows and iOS. Give it a try and know how useful it is.


The data recovery software is good for those who want something without spending anything. The software is free and allows you to recover your lost files in just a few clicks. The software is not worth praising when it comes to its interface. Its user interface is straightforward but it does a great job of data recovery. It appears like a simple software program in design but works great. The great software does the excellent job of recovering files on all storage devices, be it memory card, hard disk or pen drive. If you are thinking of making a comparison between Restoration and paid software, the paid one is likely to win in some respects. Some say that the software faces some glitches while it runs on Windows 8. Restoration is the best free data recovery software that works wonderfully.

Stellar Data Recovery

When it comes to data recovery software, Stellar is the name that hardly skips minds. It is the best data recovery software that is used by the world’s best data recovery experts. Stellar also owns many service providers that assist many in recovering their lost data. Stellar offers its data recovery service to millions of people around the world. Stellar is by far the best software that makes data recovery feasible. It works very effectively on all storage devices such as hard disk, memory cards, and pen drives. It recovers all the music files, documents, photos, videos, emails on your computer, or any other storage devices. It is a paid software but it is your money’s worth.

All the software tools above are used professionally for data recovery and work great. Likely, they will surely suit your requirements and help you get back lost data.

Source : Recovery Software in 2020

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