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Best DevOps Tools and Technologies

The most popular and core concept is revolutionizing the technological world, DevOps, a technical function where the software development and also operations meet to ensure continuous and smooth delivery and integrations.

DevOps function is growing, there are many tools available that help an organization achieve the two elements, i.e., collaboration, and productivity, with utmost efficiency and effectiveness. But some DevOps tools are considered to be the best.

Here you will come to know the best DevOps tools to use for your organization

  •   Docker –A open-source Linux platform that mainly focuses on containers, which means this software packages with dependencies and ships everything as a unit and not separately. Docker can integrate with various other tools like Jenkins, Ansible, bamboo, etc. This DevOps tool offers high portability and security. Different researched and big firms marked Docker as a leader in enterprise container platforms in 2018. This is the most used DevOps tool worldwide.
  •   Ansible –The easiest open-source tool for automating software provisioning, configuration management, and application deployment. For using this tool of DevOps, you don’t need to have any big or dedicated system administrator or server. Ansible uses a syntax written in YAML language, and this DevOps tool is also agentless. Many big and small companies have regarded Ansible as the Darling of the automation software.
  •   Slack –It was launched in the year 2003 and is still on the top of the list of most used DevOps tools by teams for effective collaboration of projects. It is being used by various technical organizations globally to tear down communication barriers and offers a clear and smooth working of organizational goals. Slack’s unique feature is that it allows developers to work together using toolchains in the same environment of maintenance and service members.
  •   Phantom –Phantom DevOps software is the best tool for those developers who wish to have a secure infrastructure from the beginning of SDLC. It offers full security to the developer team to secure their data. Suppose you want to use a DevOps tool in a centralized environment by making sure that security won’t get disturbed. In that case, utilizing the phantom DevOps tool is the best choice for your organization. By using this tool, you can lower the risks of losing data of your organization by using techniques like detonation, device quarantine, etc.
  •   Nagios – This tool is somewhat similar to phantom. It is also a monitoring tool responsible for keeping tabs on applications and servers for your business infrastructure. It is the most recommended DevOps tool for organizations with a massive set of routers, servers, and switches. This tool is responsible for informing the organization if any error or device fails in routers servers and switches. Nagios keeps a maintenance chart to inform users of the next possible failure which might occur in the future.
  •   Vagrant – The DevOps tool responsible for building and managing a virtual machine environment in a single workflow. Vagrant focuses on the automation of data with an easy to use workflow. By utilizing a vagrant DevOps tool, you can lower development environment time and increase production efficiency. It can easily integrate with configuration management tools like Chef, puppet, Ansible, and salt. It can work effectively on Mac, Linux, and Windows OS devices. Through using vagrant, team members can create an ideal development environment.
  •   GitHub – This was launched in the year 2000 and can easily collaborate with team members of the organization. Using this DevOps tool, developers can make rapid iterations of codes and notifications to send instantly to various other organization members. Branch history of changes can store multiple data within the tool. If any fallout or error happens with data, all the data can be rolled back easily without any problems within seconds. It is used by various big industries like Microsoft, Amazon, and Facebook.
  •   Jenkins – This DevOps tool is famous for finding issues in codes. Jenkins is an open-source, free tool for automating delivery pipelines that lets your tests and reports change quickly. It offers a significant plugin ecosystem that can easily integrate with other DevOps tools available in the market. You can get easy access to this tool through Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux devices. It’s the most famous DevOps tool which is used by various industries and companies.
  •   Chef –Chef, a powerful open-source configuration management tool that can let you turn organization infrastructure into code to manage data, attributes, roles, environments, and more. It can easily integrate and work with various DevOps tools and work best with another cloud-based platform. Chef tools can automate infrastructure configuration, application deployment, management configurations, and network regardless of the infrastructure.
  •   Puppets – This DevOps tool can let you manage, automate software inspection, delivery, and operation. It can also integrate with various other DevOps platforms. Puppet’s open source solid track record has thousands of modules and a high track record. It comes in two versions, paid and not paid. The non-paid version is best for handling small projects of enterprise, but if your organization works at a considerable level, you should buy the paid version for handling tasks. With puppets, you can manage multiple teams and resources at one time.

These mentioned DevOps tools are being used by various big and small organizations across the globe. These are the most efficient and effective DevOps tools you must use to speed the growth and achieve organizational goals. So, learn DevOps tools from DevOps Online Training at 3RI Technologies and transform your organization!



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