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Best Email Templates You Can Download

Best Email Templates You Can Download

An email template is a reusable HTML file that can be used to build email campaigns. You can use an HTML preformatted email to create a unique template by just changing the proposed content. It allows you to quickly write and create email campaigns as you only have to do basic editing by replacing texts, fonts, pictures, and other elements of the email.




Here are a few email templates that you should download:

Pook by Litmus

Price – Free

It is a modern graphic set of templates and is useful for marketers looking to grow their brand and connect with their audiences. The template lets you wrap up your latest content and send it out to your subscribers.


Price – Free

It is a responsive template that makes your emails look great on any device. It is simple, fast, and reliant. The HTML and CSS components have already been tested to ensure consistency.

Wire by HubSpot

Price – Free

It caters to the marketers who have been rolling out new products and services and want their customers and prospects to get the knowledge about it.

99 Designs

Price – Free

With 99 Designs, you just need to put in your specifications, and you will find a lot of designers joining the contest within a few hours. You have access to countless designers with various perspectives and design suggestions. It is easy to use and offers excellent support and amazing results.

Webinar Invite by WorkCast

Price – Free

Launched in 2008 by Stewart Kibby and Barney Brown, it is one of the most powerful webinar platforms. It adheres to the needs of generating more leads, boosting sales, or running comprehensive training and education programs.

Webinars serve as an essential tool in the B2B marketer’s toolkit by delivering engaging content to their targeted audiences.


Price – $6-23 / template

It boasts over 11,000 premium WordPress themes, being one of the largest theme libraries. It has impressive community features at an affordable price. ThemeForest has themes for many other CMSs like Joomla, Concrete5, Drupal, and ModX.


Price – Free

It is a collection of three different models of templates rather than a framework to compile your templates. You will have to download the code to get the templates. You can then edit them, tweaking as you see fit, and use those templates for your online marketing campaigns.


Price – Free

With Themezy, you can easily explore website templates that have been created by artists from all over the world. You can easily choose the perfect template that will suit your website from several options available. It also has the option of sharing and promoting your website template by discussing your designs.

Email templates help you save time and do not require you to check the formatting, thereby making your task simpler and easier.

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