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Best MCQ Practice Book for All Engineering Exams Preparation

Good preparation is marked with better course material in the preparations for any competitive exams. Aspirants need to start preparations with complete knowledge of the syllabus and research the exam course structure. It is important to keep an eye, on the subjects asked in the paper. Going through the previous year’s papers and preparing with the test series are equally important. For study material regarding MCQ questions, there should be very precise findings for the questions related to every topic. Preparing for electrical, mechanical engineering, or any other engineering branch aspirants usually prefer MCQ books from EA publications. This is because the EA publications provide the best notes for engineering subjects.

Five reasons to choose a better coaching material for competitive preparations:

  • all the tough and easy subjects are separately presented and organized for students This helps for a better understanding of the subject.
  • the non-technical sections are also covered properly which is essential in exam preparations.
  • Every unit provides revision of the fundamental concepts and theory topics. Practice numerical as well as MCQ questions separately.
  • The complete syllabus gets covered with the help of a good reference book. This ensures that students can start with mock test series as well.
  • Solving the previous year’s papers from the best set of papers is beneficial in the preparations for competitive exams.

MCQ for Electrical and Electronics engineering

Engineer Academy Publication provides MCQ for electrical engineering covering the electrical engineering subjects in a better manner. The subjects included in the books are most relevant to the exam syllabus. The key highlight of the books and course books from EA publication is that they have questions no matter what level of education a student is. From basic electrical engineering, questions to advance topics EA publications provide solutions to all. To brush up on the study of MCQ for electrical engineering do look out to the EA publications website as well. The books provided contain a collection of MCQ questions with solutions explained in a language understood by the engineering students. In addition to the MCQ books, the question paper provided by the Engineers academy publications has been selected from various competitive exams from past years. This is done to give students the real-time situation of the exam.
The books from EA publications are essential to candidates appearing for all types of Technical Exams in Electrical Engineering. Students get a great amount of benefit by practicing the MCQ for Electronics Engineering. Preparing for the question and answers for competitive exams, interviews, and tests are essential. Moreover, the MCQ pattern is important specifically for exams like GATE, and SSC JE. EA publications have the most trusted books and course material in the country for engineering students. The books at EA publications are designed to serve the aspirants doing the preparations for the competitive exams. The faculty at EA ensures that they are able to provide solutions to all the theoretical and numerical questions consisting of the MCQ pattern questions to the students. The unique feature in the MCQ for electronics engineering books by EA publications is that the questions are well categorized. This gives students an integrated preparation.

MCQ for Civil and Mechanical engineering

Candidates completing B.Tech in mechanical engineering have plans for the future. These might change during the phase of engineering as well but it is advisable for all, to explore the other options also. Mechanical Engineering is considered the core branch of engineering and is one of the toughest branches. One of the most trusted study material publications in India is Engineers Academy publications. Especially for practicing MCQ for mechanical engineering, it is the top publication in India. The books by EA publications contain an exhaustive collection of more than 5000+ MCQ questions. Additionally, the questions are chosen from a variety of competitive tests that have already been held. This practice is important for students in understanding how the questions are asked in exams. The mechanical engineering books are important to candidates appearing for Engineering Service Exams and the SSC JE in Mechanical Engineering.
If students are willing to enhance their rank with quality study material and postal courses then EA publications provide the books for MCQ pattern questions essential to them. Civil engineering students need to prepare well for the competitive exams in civil engineering subjects. This is because the competition level among the students is increasing but the number of jobs is very limited. To ace the exams it is essential to have better coaching material. One of the best for students in India is the EA publications which have books containing more than 6000+ MCQ for civil engineering to help engineering students in the civil branch. To give students the essential understanding of the concepts and topics, the books provide all the essential knowledge. The MCQ for civil engineering from EA publications will help you in getting an edge in the preparations.

Best Practice papers and MCQ books from EA publications

The EA Publishing House provides reference Books regarding the different subjects in the GATE, SSC JE, and Other Technical Exams. The Engineers Academy publications have study books for different engineering streams. Delivering high-quality reading material books for Non-Technical Subjects has been the art mastered by the EA publications. The content provided by EA publications is updated timely according to the latest syllabus. The content is written with a balanced approach to both the theory and practical knowledge questions. The coaching material provided by the EA publication is taken from trustful resources and after thorough research. The team at EA publications comprises only the experienced faculty with an Engineering Services background. The faculty teaching at EA has the expertise with global standards.
Practice solving the previous year’s question papers to check the level of the exam. This makes candidates experience the real-time exam situation. The books and question paper helps in improving the basic concepts and fundamentals. The key reason to practice questions from the previous year’s question bank is that it will have an impact on an individual’s results. Making an effort to improve the practice standards will increase the overall marks of an individual.

How to Preparation for Gate Exam

  • The first step in doing the right GATE preparations is understanding the GATE syllabus.
  • getting the best books required according to the syllabus is a must for good preparations. There are many recommended book publications available for all the different subjects of the GATE exam. Generally, students look upon the books from EA publications because they provide the best books for GATE preparations.
  • Focus on Aptitude and nontechnical parts of the competitive exams as well. It is very important to focus on the entire syllabus of the paper. Generally, students studying in the competitive exam coaching institutes in India prefer books and question paper solving before the main exam.
  • Prepare notes for the relevant topics and concepts. Preparing notes which cover all the important information and formulas is important. These notes can be referred to later during revision for the exam. It is this practice that increases the learning process by many times.
    By just making these into your habits in daily life, candidates can improve their exam-taking strategy and score good marks in the exams.


Aspirants looking for the best study notes and books can download them from the EA publications. The notes and study material available in EA publications help in solving queries related to exam preparation. And according to the different engineering exams, the syllabus of every book is designed and curated by experts. The given MCQ book resource materials are the most reliable source of information that an individual can study as last-minute revision also.


Engineers Academy Publications (EA Publications) is a leading publisher of study books in the field of engineering exam. The organization commitment to excellence and its dedication to advancing knowledge in the field of engineering make it an indispensable resource for students. The organization product line offers a wide selection of books that cover many technical specialties, including computer science, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, and civil engineering. We provide quality books for competitive exams like RPSC AE books, MCQ books, formula handbooks, postal study books, SSC-JE books, GATE books etc. These books are created to meet the demands of students.

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