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Best Xbox One Apps for 2020

You can see hundreds of apps on Xbox One, but it is not easy to decide which one you should be using. Today we will share some best Xbox One apps of every category so that when you use your Windows next time, you can get the best experience.


Apps for Video Streaming


It is one of the best video streaming apps and the best alternative to YouTube, this app will enable you to browse the catalog of YouTube entirely ad-free. It also supports background audio playback and all the other features of YouTube, such as searching, commenting, access to the subscription, etc. But you can face some issues with this app as Google changes API restrictions and layout, which break the app, but the developers of this app are so dedicated; they continuously give you updates and inform you when the issues will be fixed.


If you are an anime lover, then this app is going to be the best entertainment source for you as it offers hundreds of latest classic anime shows and live-action drama Japanese shows. It offers you free, as well as a premium version. The free version contains ads. You can get the subscription of its premium version for amazing ad-free HD video streaming that will cost you $4.99.


This is one of the best video streaming apps that you can find on Xbox One with full of fantastic content. It offers you a month of free trial; after that, you have to take its subscription to continue the service that will cost you $7.99 for a month.

Music Apps

Groove Music

Groove Music is one of the fantastic music apps that you can find on Xbox One loaded with millions of songs. It is integrated with OneDrive that allows you to stream your favorite downloads. It is continuously evolving and will give you the best music experience. It provides you a free trial, and after that, you have to take its subscription that costs $9.99 for a month.


Spotify offers you a wide range of songs, and it has the most extensive library of songs in the world. It provides you a free ad-supported version, but you can also take the subscription of Spotify Premium to get ad-free experience with a free trial.

Podcasts (Beta)

If you are looking for a podcast app to listen to your favorite podcasts with a great audio experience, then Podcasts (Beta) is going to be the best app for you. It is integrated with Microsoft Account that syncs all your Windows 10 and tracks your progress.

Other Apps


Weather is a fantastic app that offers up to date weather forecasts, overhead maps with hourly updates of information. It is available on Xbox One and works excellent.

Theme My Xbox

It is an excellent app you can get on Xbox that allows you to customize Xbox backgrounds. You can use it and change the themes of this app as well. It provides you a variety of soothing pictures that you can use for free. I would suggest that you should give it a try.


Reddit is a social network on which you can find the content on various legal topics, it is very popular, and if you want to know what’s going on nowadays on T.V or in the world, you should try this app.

These are some of the best Xbox apps that will amaze you when you use them, and when you use Xbox One, you will find many more exciting apps. I hope you liked the article.

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