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Best Yoga Poses For An Advance Yogis

With each passing day, one has to improve and in the world of yoga, there is no end. Thus here we shall discuss a few amazing advance level yoga poses for yogis who have taken this as their world. All these poses require an immense level of practice and hard work to achieve. Before one does any of these poses or asanas he or she has to be a trained professional to complete all the basic courses like the Online 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course because otherwise, it would be very difficult. Also if you want to achieve these poses then you should train a lot and practice otherwise these are not possible.

Pose 1-

Handstand Pose/ Adho Mukha Vrksasana

Stand absolutely in a split position and then keep your both palms tightly on the mat which will be directed below your shoulders. Then keep the standing foot below your hip and here in this position your knee will be slightly bent. Work on your core and push hard and kick up with the thighs exactly under the hip socket. Keep in mind this will need a lot of control and it might be that you are not successful in the first few attempts. They take both the legs straight upward and make the toes stiff. Then slowly bring your legs on.


  • Builds the muscle strength
  • Makes the upper body hard and strongly enhances the confidence and mood
  • Improves the balancing ability
  • Works on core muscles
  • Helps in blood circulation

Pose 2-

Crane Pose/Bakasana

Place both the hands below your shoulder on the mat and this has be to attained from the malasana or the garland pose. Keep your fingers widespread and this will enhance the grip and from here slowly start lifting your pelvis. Keep your elbows bent and the forearms must be towards your midline. Bring both the knees very slowly to the triceps and near the armpit area and keep your eyes focused down on the mat. Keep your body close to the mat and this will help you lift the legs ad keep the toes p[ointed and straight with heels to the butt.


  • Helps indigestion
  • Makes ars strong
  • Helps in the development of the upper body
  • Improves the core
  • Strength the muscles.

Pose 3-

One-Legged King Pose/ Eka  Pada Rajakapotasana-

Sit both legs folded and take out one of the legs. Followed by bending the knee and shifting it to the front. Then flex your ankle this will let your knee bend. Then unstuck and fix the lower portion of the body fixed and steady on the mat keeping in mind that the leg behind you is extended in a very straight line just behind you. The legs must be bent to 90 degrees and the shoulder must be steady and still while your chest is in the front broaden and face up at the sky. Try to reach your foot with your hands with the hip stretches. This is one of the basic and most important asanas in Rishikesh which is included in the Online 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course for advanced yogis.


  • Helps to eradicate all sort of breathing problem
  • Helps in shoulder issue
  • Stimulates all the abdominal organs
  • Helps in knee problems and joint pain
  • Stretches the muscles of thigh, abdomen, groin, hip flexors, and the neck

Pose 4-

Scorpion Hand Stand/Vrschikasana

As we have discussed the handstand previously begin and start the asana with a handstand position. Then slowly bend one knee keeping the balance alive and tight. The other leg will be overhead and at the right with the chest dropped and the head lifted. The back must be in a mini backbend position and the toes must eventually fit towards the head in a folded position. The other leg should now be bent in the same position and the toes must be in such a position that it is touching the head. In this case, the hands must be steady and fixed. You can also learn about these yoga poses in the yoga nidra teacher training online course.


  • Helps in stretching your heart and is helpful for persons having breathing problem.
  • Makes the hand muscles very strong and tight.
  • Increases the strength and the stability of the upper body
  • Increases the strength of the abdomen muscle
  • Builds the core
  • Stretches the front side of the body
  • Improves balance and helps your concentration

Pose 5-

Flying Pigeon Pose/ Pada Galavasana

To do this pose bend your right leg to a position that will cross the ankle and be over the knee in a four-figure position. Keep in mind that the right foot of yours has to be flexed where your left leg will be bent and the hands will be directly under your shoulder straight. Here the finger and the palm will be widespread with the shin into the top of your triceps with the flex which is wrapped around your left arms. Keep your eyes fix at the mat and keep holding the pose in a position where you are just like a ball of the back foot. Then keep your elbows tight and work on the core and shift forward.  Push the leg up forward towards the sky and keep the balance in your body.


  • Words on the hip hence reducing hip pain
  • Works on the upper body and the core muscles
  • Improves the balance and concentration of the body

Pose 6-

King Dancer Pose/Natarajasana

This pose begins with a very easy poser and quite easy to handle. All you need to do is stand straight with your foots joint together. Then draw either of your legs up and this has to go towards your chest and this has to be to the roots down through all the four corners of the standing foot. Next, lift the kneecap to the standing leg quadriceps and then squeeze the glutes to stabilize the pelvis. Then grab your ankle with the sidearm and then bring the left knee down which comes to a position of standing leg and the foot back to your butt. Take the arm and reach it to the back grinning to the outside of the lifted left foot.


  • Opens the chest, shoulder, and hips.
  • Improves any type of joint pain
  • Improves the balance and the flexibility

Pose 7-

Split Pose/ Hanumanasana

To do this pose all you need to do is sit in a relax positions and then stretch your legs on both the side as much as possible and keep your hands on the front with the back straight and stiff. The trees have to be pointed and straight also strong. Next, if your want to do the side split then stand straight and slowly starch your legs and go down very lowly. Hold the pose and keep your hands on both the side absolute straight and tight with palms straight and back straight.


  • Increases flexibility
  • Works on the back
  • Relaxes thigh muscle
  • Strengthen hamstring


Thus these were all the poses or asanas that are perfect for someone who is in this field for so many days. If you have completes all the other basic poses and want something more difficult then these are something that you can surely try. Also, one thing that you should keep in mind that these poses cannot be performed instantly and needs a lot of practice. It does not matter how long you are specifically in this field but what matters is how long you are practicing these poses.

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