Buying a car during COVID-19

With the current economic uncertainty, how can I know that the price that I have been offered is good?
It would be legitimate to think that if this situation is extended and demand continues to fall, prices could fall, however, given the operation of this sector, the opposite is most likely to occur. Dealers can offer better prices by betting on reaching large sales volumes buy from Farago Motors, if demand is lower they will have to reduce their discounts to save their margins.

On the other hand, car brands establish monthly discount campaigns that normally do not vary much from one month to the next, but again, the current situation is forcing many car manufacturers to stop production and carry out temporary employment regulation files. With their templates, in addition to the fact that like the dealerships, they will not reach the volume targets that they would have set, so it is also expected that the brands will be conservative with their margins.

What if I want to finance? It’s possible?
Keep in mind that all the trades that can telecommute are doing it, this is the case of financing companies. The dealers can still manage this procedure, as usual, they only need: your personal data, ID and your payroll.

I want to deliver my old car, how do I do it?
Most brands and dealers accept your old car in the transaction, in order to give you an approximate appraisal you must send your manager photos of your car and some data from the technical sheet. Keep in mind that the amount of the appraisal is not 100% certain until a mechanic can not check the vehicle and right now, given the government measures, the mechanics cannot perform this task, since it is not included in the services emergency minimums that can be provided. Therefore, the manager will give you an approximate figure that will be specified on the day the mechanic checks the car.

And if I decide, how do I close the purchase procedures?
If you have already made the purchase decision, you only have to discuss it with the dealer’s seller and he will send you the purchase-sale contract, that of the financier (in case you finance) and all the necessary documentation. Some dealers have a telematic signature process through applications that certify the validity of the documents, in other cases it is enough for you to return a scanned document of the signed papers and you agree to return the original copy signed by you to the dealership whenever possible. .

How and when would my new car be delivered to me?
In a normal situation, the procedures for agencies, registration with the DGT, payment of circulation tax and approval of financing usually take about 15 days, right now both the DGT and the municipalities have only minimal services. This means that if it is possible to manage all the procedures to register the vehicle but perhaps the delivery time will be extended a bit, depending on the dealer and the resources they have. The dealer of the dealer you have chosen will be able to determine your specific case with greater accuracy.

As for the delivery of the car, it is the biggest question right now. The measures taken by the government of Spain on Saturday, March 14, determined that dealers could carry out deliveries of vehicles that were pending, but picking up your new car is not established among the possible causes of citizen mobility, therefore, and to avoid customer problems, very few deliveries are being made these days. The concessionaires are awaiting the appearance of the president of the government today (March 17) to find out what measures will be taken with the metal agreement and see how they can proceed with this matter.

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