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Can you guess the spectacular modern bathroom tiles used here?

A lot of our clients ask us if it is ideal to tile all the walls of the bathroom from floor to ceiling. Truth is, tiles are the best finish for your bathroom walls. Here, we feature spectacular modern bathroom tiles that you can use to create a luxurious bathroom feel. We also highlight the best features of this bathroom, in case you want to grab the look.

What we love about this bathroom:

Lovely use of beige tiles

Here, the designers used the classic beige stone tiles on the wall and floors.

Beige is a light brown colour that appears creamy or yellowish. It is a very conservative and relaxed colour, perfect if you want a tranquil bathroom.

Here, the designers used textured tiles. On the walls, you’ll find manufactured stone tiles with high visual and tactile appeal. On the floors, you’ll find tumbled travertine tiles. These are non-slip even when wet.

We like that the two tiles have the same colour, as this brings sophistication to the bathroom design.

We like the idea of using different intensity of textures too, because this design has a better aesthetic effect.

Separated wet areas and splash zones

Having a frameless glass divider or shower enclosure to prevent water from flooding outside the bath area.

A frameless shower divider like this is custom-made. The suppliers will go to your space to measure and to install the glass. A frameless glass divider like this is thick and heavy, you need the help of a professional during installation to make sure the divider stays in place. The glass requires the bare minimum of cleaning too.

Spacious open shower area

Building designers often use an open shower that barely takes up any space and looks pretty cool. It is also considerably larger than the standard open shower.

When designing an open shower like this, make sure that the shower floor subtly slopes to avoid water pooling on the floor. Luxurious bathrooms like this often have underfloor heating too. Large open showers can get cold sometimes, especially when there’s a little bit of a draft.

Luxurious chrome shower and tapware

Chrome taps are still the number one choice for Australian homeowners. It is easy to keep clean and maintain, as scratches and fingerprints don’t tend to show up as much. Minor marks are easy to remove without damaging the material.

When it comes to style, chrome is timeless. Chrome will fit into any style of bathroom. It’s got a subtle sparkle that blends perfectly within this beige bathroom’s palette and studio apartment layout.

Undermount his and her vanity

If simplicity and practicality are high on your list then an undercounter basin is a fantastic option. Undermount basins are installed entirely underneath your bench top. It is easy to clean and it provides a lot of workspace.

To match the sinks, the designers installed a huge mirror here.

Large mirrors

The framed mirror in this custom vanity reflects light inside the bathroom. Bright bathrooms like this are the perfect space to wake up to.

Rainfall shower

Here, there’s a luxurious rainfall shower head installed on the ceiling of the shower area. Ceiling-mounted showers like this allow you to fully embrace that ‘rainfall effect’.

Renovating your home soon?

A great home renovation project starts with proper planning and coordination for your dream space. Whether you are planning a full-blown reno or just revamping your bathrooms in your house to look like this, never forget to:

  • Get design ideas and inspiration online
  • Engage well-suited design and construction professionals on the job
  • Design to budget, but make sure you still have contingency fund for those surprise costs
  • Set a realistic budget and construction timeline
  • Coordinate your project to ensure everything falls into place

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