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Cane Corso Puppies Types, Temperament, Size, Things Need To Know

Do you have a plan to adopt a dog or puppy? Why we seek cane corso puppies for sale under $500? It just because we all focus on discounts but we don’t that think quality does matter.

If you are finding a place where to adopt a cane corso. This website helps you in various ways. Here you will get fabulous option and wide breeds.

The Cane Corso is an active puppy who definitely loves a job to do.  These are pedigree dogs; you may see them in the care of recovery groups or safeness. We are presenting cane corso puppies for sale.

Cane Corso Puppies

This puppy is the oldest Italian breed. The Cane Corso is a delicate colossus who consistently needs something to be engaged. Originally, it is formed to protect possessions and hunt large fun. It is the most powerful and defensive pup he is discouraging at first glimpse. However, when you know him or are familiar with him.

You will never find anywhere more loyal and loving breed that is dedicated to his human family. These characteristics make the Cane Corso the most appreciated family dog. Whenever you have a plan to run out and scoop up a Cane Corso puppy.

There are some items that you should carry into concern. Because, having one of the big size of this breed. The owner has to be aware of the proper education and knowledge about their pets. Such as, how to train and handle these dogs and puppies.


Breed Group:        Active Dogs

Height:                  11 inches to 2 feet, 1 foot,

Weight:                  90 to 10 pounds

Lives:                      9 to 12 years

Litter Size:             4 – 6 puppies

Color:                     Blackish, gray, maroon

Coat:                      Short and stiff coat

It is a sober puppy breed for a person who is serious about owning a dog as a friend and who can supply him with the company and loving direction he requires to evolve a great puppy.

This is a family-only dog. But he does not buddy up with everyone he meets. He is not interested in people or other animals beyond his family, but those within the family will have his undivided loyalty and security.

He gives his best for his owner. This pups performed a job. Likewise, he’s don’t like to just lie on around all day and will discover his work to do if you don’t create it. It is usually handling the fence and barking at passersby, exploring holes to China, or chewing up your furnishings.

If you have a farm or farmstead takes him there. It will assist you with the livestock; otherwise, get him affected in a pups sport such as skill, landing diving, nose work, observance, or search.

Does Cane Corsos are Good Family Dogs?

Cane Corsos are sociable, protecting dogs that love to be welcome people. But they’re not a perfect option for all or every family.

Due to his huge size, Corsos are not for homes with small children. This puppy may by accident harm a toddler while playing.

When you have a plan to adopt the choice to get a Cane Corso, you must keep a close eye on him when he’s playing with your child. You need to teach your kids too. Such as, how to act with right way when around the dog.

These Are Basic Terms Include:

  • Remembering to say necessary controls such as “sit” and “no”
  • Never tugging ears or tail of the dog
  • Don’t bring toys or foodstuffs from the dog
  • Not attacking or grappling your Cane Corso

While Cane Corso strength adores your children, you should still maintain an alert eye when he plays with them.


This pet will require extra supervision, time, care, and exercise requirements. They were used for chasing the large game and herding cattle.  They are mostly full-time pets nowadays. He is very powerful and muscular. They are excellently working with experienced puppy parents who want large space and well-fenced grounds.

They adore being busy, so providing them with a task is a must. Otherwise,  this big dog will be bored same as another breed of dog of any other height harmful manners is present when they experience lethargy.

This breed is a perfect partner only if you can provide appropriate nutrition, an abundance of space, training, and activity. This breed is overall healthy but may suffer from some health issues throughout their lives.


The history of these pups describes him as having a “strong character and temper too. They are continually willing to face any challenge. That type of character can be a double-edged blade. However, with a secure, constant owner who delivers good supervision and controls the dog from roaming.

The Corso can be an outstanding family dog who is never inappropriately bold, whereas, in the wrong indicators, he can become fierce and be a risk to the public.

The ideal Corso is docile and caring toward his home, including kids. Obtaining him to that end requires socialization and exercise from an early age. This dog will not do well in a home with anyone who is scared of or dislikes dogs or is unable to handle a big dog.


  • The Corso has a fast, stuffy coat with a soft undercoat. It can be blackish, gray, maroon, or fawn and have some time a brindle pattern.
  • The coat sheds heavily twice a year, so have a good vacuum cleaner on hand to remove the dust bunnies. When you plan to bathe or wash your dog on a routine basis, condition him to the experience at an early age.
  • Bathe him weekly as a youthful pup, guiding him the order “Bath,” so that he knows to desire and accept it. Give him an abundance of recognition and prizes to improve the deal.
  • Brush his teeth at least two or three terms a week to remove tartar fanfare and the bacteria that lurk inside them. Daily brushing is, even more, better it stops bad breath.


Give your dog only recommended daily amount of food if you are feeding high-quality dry food. Your Corso will need to eat 4 to 5 cups a daytime.

How Much Does Your Adult Dog Eat?

It completely depends on its size, age, build, metabolism behavior, and activity level. Dogs are also like people they don’t need the same quality of food. A positively active dog will need more than a normal dog.

The amount of dog food you buy also makes a difference the sufficiently the dog food, the further it will go regarding feeding your dog, and the smaller of it you’ll need to bounce into your dog’s bowl.

Maintain your dog in a good figure by measuring his food and feeding him twice a day rather than leaving food for all day. If you’re uncertain whether he’s fat, give him the eye examination and the hands-on examination.

What Is The Average Weight Of A Cane Corso?

The average weight of a cane corso is about to 44 to 50.  When your dog is heavier than 105 pounds (male) and more than 99 pounds (female) then it’s time to focus on the diet of your dog.

How Much Do A Cane Corso Cost?

This is costly dog due to its amazing reputation. It costs between $1500- $5,000, but on average, you can expect to pay around $2,000. But we are offer perfect price range.

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