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Canvas Prints Vs. Photo Blocks – Gift Buying Guide

Traditional photos with a standard frame size look good enough, but there are numerous better options available these days. Canvas prints and photo blocks are two of the best options! If you have some new photos ready to be printed, check out this canvas prints vs. photo blocks article to see which option suits you best. 

If you are looking for a gift or just something new to put up on your wall, consider canvas prints vs. photo blocks. Both of these products look great hanging on walls and can be customized with different colors and fonts. Additionally, they both come in many sizes, so there is always an option that will fit any space! 

Canvas Prints vs. Photo Blocks for New Photos

Regardless of the photo you want to be printed, canvas prints and photo blocks are great alternatives to traditional frames. They look classy and modern with a 3D effect that gives the best outcome. Of course, you can order both types of prints to see which one will be better, but to help you make a choice, here’s our comparison of canvas prints vs. photo blocks. 

Canvas Prints Options

Your photos will be printed on a stretched canvas in high quality. Once you hang the prints on your wall, it will change the look of your room! Here are some of the canvas print options that will spark your creativity and give you some ideas before you order your prints:

Canvas prints prices will usually depend on the material they are made of, the print size you choose, and whether or not it has frames. All these factors influence their price as well as shipping rates depending on where you live.

Single Canvas Prints

Single canvas prints can be square-shaped, rectangle-shaped, or panoramic-shaped. You can select the option you like depending on the wall you want to hang the canvas on. 

Canvas Collages

When we talk about canvas prints vs. photo blocks, this option sets the former apart from the latter. For example, you can have a theme-based collage printed with canvas collages, such as a wedding day or a beach day collage. 

Split Canvas Prints

You can let your creativity take over for this one! Split canvas prints are horizontally aligned canvases that will split your photo into multiple high-quality canvas prints. The impact will be multiplied just like the images. 

Canvas prints vs. photo blocks is a comparison that does not have a losing side. This is because there are just so many options available for both prints in terms of sizes and shapes. So let’s continue and see which of the canvas print options will suit you best. 

Photo Blocks Options

Photo blocks are different from canvas prints as they cannot be mounted on the wall as a hanging. Instead, they are placed on any flat surface to bring a 3D look to the photo. Unlike canvas prints, photo blocks do not require wall support to be placed flatly. They can stand on their own on any surface as the thickness is enough to provide the necessary support. 

Large photo blocks are an excellent way to remember your favorite day, and you can get them printed in a few simple steps. In addition, their size makes it easy for anyone to display the photo block on the wall or the tabletop. So choose from one of the many options when thinking about canvas prints vs. photo blocks!

Portrait Photo Blocks

If you want wedding pictures or family portraits printed on photo blocks, they will look better in portrait mode. This is because the depth of a photo block provides the required 3D effect to bring a picture to life. 

Landscape Photo Blocks

For landscape photo blocks, vacation pictures, outdoor photos, and kids playing in the house are great options. Once you see the photograph printed on a high-quality material in a large print, you’ll think that the image is really moving!

Photo Blocks vs. Canvas Prints: How to Decide

So, which is better- canvas prints or photo blocks? They are both unique ways of printing your images with their own benefits and disadvantages. A massive plus for canvas prints is that they can be mounted on walls, while photo blocks can be placed on walls, but they often look bulky and out of place.

However, canvas prints are pricier than photo blocks since you have to pay for mounting and framing them on your walls. On the other hand, photo blocks do not need framing but come with a high price tag because of their size and quality.

Which one should you choose? It really depends on personal preference and if you want a photo block or canvas print, but only a few things matter when deciding between the two. You need to consider the price of each option, where they will be placed, and how long you’ll be keeping them. If you want a smaller print to display in your home, go for photo blocks, as they can also help save space.

It is also beneficial that photo blocks are cheaper than canvas prints, but the quality of both products is similar. In terms of where your photo block or canvas print will be placed, there are many options to choose from, but they all require wall mounting. With canvas prints, you can even get them placed in frames for more aesthetic appeal. When deciding between photo blocks vs. canvas prints, cost should not be the only factor determining which one is better.

Final Thoughts

No matter the print option that you choose for your photo, once it’s printed and displayed on the wall, it will become another unforgettable memory for you.

We’ve talked about the benefits of canvas prints and photo blocks. Now you can order from Canvas Factory, a company that has made a name for itself when it comes to creating custom photo prints! With all the options they offer on their website, it should be easy to find one or more beautiful pieces of artwork to hang up at home or give as a gift this holiday season. Have any of these products caught your eye? If so, head on over to Canvas Factory, browse around, and get started with an online purchase today!

So don’t hesitate and order a canvas print or photo block to relive some good memories with your family and friends. If you need help deciding between the two options, feel free to contact us at Canvas Factory today! 

Things to Consider While Buying Canvas Prints

There is no dearth of options in the market when it comes to buying Canvas Prints. You can find several online stores that offer their services to sell you a wide array of canvas prints and frames. But, all this variety makes it difficult for the buyers to choose one product from so many options available. Hence following points will help you in choosing the best product:

1) Size and Sizing:

When it comes to Canvas Prints few people go for custom-sized products while the rest take whatever sizes are available with the dealer or manufacturer. The problem with this approach is that majority of the print vendors do not follow industry-standard sizing norms and there may be a huge difference in canvas prints even if they bear the same size notation.

It is advisable to go for custom-sized canvas prints.

2) Material used:

As far as the material of the print is concerned, the majority of the people believe that more expensive products are designed with high-quality materials. This assumption might be right in some cases but it does not hold true every time. The majority of the time, inexpensive products use top-notch material and veneers which can match with the look of more expensive ones. Hence, the cost factor should never be a constraint when you want to buy the best poster / Canvas Prints.

3) Frame selection:

It is also important to consider frame selection while buying Canvas Prints because this plays an important role in the overall presentation. There are several options available for frames like aluminum, wood, and plastic and all of them have their own pros and cons.

Aluminum frames are lightweight, sturdy, corrosion-resistant, and come in a variety of finishes while the only demerit with them is that they can add up to overall print cost because fasteners used in such frames add to manufacturing costs compared to wood or plastic ones.

Wooden frames are insulating and hence help in reducing noise levels but these frames are not so strong as aluminum ones. Wooden framed prints also require good maintenance for lasting long which makes it a costly affair when you consider the life cycle cost factor.

Plastic frame selection is a matter of personal choice but the majority of people go for this option owing to their low-cost factor however strength-wise these products lag behind aluminum or wooden ones.

So, you can decide about the selection of frame depending upon your needs and budget.

4) Packaging:

The majority of the printers/dealers who sell Canvas Prints provide these products in cardboard boxes which offer very little protection to print inside. Hence, it is always advisable to go for custom-made packaging where the print is put into a box having foam inserts to protect from bumps or any other damage during transit. In this way, your valuable product will reach safely at the destination looking the same as when it was dispatched by the manufacturer/dealer.

5) Return Policy:

It is necessary that customers should have complete details about the return policy before going for purchase because in case of dissatisfaction with quality or appearance customers might not be in a position to return the print. Hence, it is always advisable to ask for complete details of return policies along with the rate of restocking fee before going for a purchase.

6) Payment Options:

The majority of dealers or manufacturers offer payment options like cash on delivery/delivery after receipt of payment and cheque while few offer credit accounts to regular customers. So, you should go for a dealer who has a flexible policy in this respect because it will save your money and time too if you choose one which does not levy additional charges for making payments through credit cards or other electronic payment methods.

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