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Car Transport Tips and Guides

While home shifting is a tedious job, vehicle transportation is another challenging task for most people. For a safe and damage-free car transportation experience, one should hire the best car transport agency in their city. They are professionals and experts, who can save a lot of time and money while transporting your vehicle from one city to another.

Car Moving Tips

Indeed car relocation is a troublesome task, but with some guidance and assistance, you can easily transport your valuable car from city to city or state to state without any hassles.

We know it’s difficult to transport a car, it can be a cumbersome job. But to ease and smoothen the process we have some vital car transportation tips and guides for you. Have a look!

  • Prepare Your Car before Shifting

Before you hand over your car to a transport company there are a few things that you should do to prep up your car. Do the following things to make your car ready for the shifting: –

Thoroughly Wash and Clean Your Car

The foremost thing you have to do to prepare your car for safe and damage-free delivery is to wash and clean the car thoroughly. Dust and grime on your car will not only hide the minor dents and scratches on the car easily but also can itself be a reason for dents or scratches. With a clean car, you can easily spot the dents and scratches that happened during transit.

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Remove All Your Stuff and Empty the Car

The next important thing is to empty the car. Remove everything that you have kept in your car like spare phones, chargers, speakers, air fresheners, important documents, Keys, or any other things that are important and shouldn’t be in the car during transportation. These things can be tossed around the car during transportation and not only these things can break or damage but can also dent the car.

Secure the Loose Parts

Thoroughly examine your car and look for the loose parts that can be easily damaged during transportation and also affect the other parts. So, secure all the loose parts or simply remove them to prevent them from breaking during the move. By removing a few items and car accessories like spoilers, antennas, fog lamps, mirrors (fold them back), etc. you can ensure safe transportation of your car.

Avoid Fueling Up

It is advisable not to fill up to the brink of the fuel tank. This will unnecessarily increase the weight of your car and also the risk during shipment hence, avoid fueling up your tank. Expert packers and movers advised keeping it at 1 /4th level of the fuel tank.

Check for Leaks

Check your car for any leaks, because the transporter will hesitate to transport such vehicle. So, check the undercarriage of your four-wheeler for any leaks. If your car has any serious leakage issues then you will have to fix or repair it immediately before handing it over to the transporter to transport it.

Check the Tire Pressure

Before loading the trucks onto the truck ensure the tire pressure because under-inflated and over-inflated tires are as risky during transportation as they are on the roads. They can damage the tire and also cause damages to other vehicles in sharing transportation. Proper inflation of tires is very important during car moving.

Using the above tips you can prepare your car for hassle-free transportation. But, this is not it. Car transportation to a new place is not only time-consuming but also takes a lot of movement. From preparing your car to finding the best packers and movers who provide car transportation services, everything should be done carefully by the relocator.

So, let’s move onto the next car moving tips

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  • Choose and Pack Your Things Carefully

Many people ship their belongings or a few items with their car. Well, it’s legal to transport goods through your car while shipping them. So, you can decide what items you should pack and move with your car. Choose the items carefully as there are chances the goods will be tossed during shipping. Also, there’s a risk of theft or damages during transportation.

If you are planning to transport your belongings through your car then pack the items properly and place them securely in the car. Use big and flexible plastic bags to pack your clothes and squeeze them into the tight spaces in your car. Pick the right boxes or packaging materials to pack your belongings and place them wisely in your car.

Choosing the boxes and your goods carefully will help you to provide more space in your car and keep them intact.

Lock the Doors and Windows of the Car

As you are transporting your belongings along with your car so it’s important to lock the door and windows of your car. There’s no necessity to keep them open. In fact, you can avoid theft by locking the doors and windows while loading the car onto the truck and unlock after unloading it.

  • Hire the Best Car Transport Company

Most people drive their car to their destination. Yes, you can also do the same thing but it’s neither a cheap option nor safe, especially when you only want to transport your car and not your home. In such a situation hiring a professional car transporter is the best option for you.

Car transport agencies have all the required resources for car transportation. From the trained and skilled staff members to the latest technologies. They have everything to pack, load, transport, and safely unload your car. With their skills and experiences, they make the car moving a lot easier and smoother experience for customers.

Car moving should always be done under the supervision of professional packers and movers because they are trained and experts in handling things related to car transportation.

So, search for the best car shipping companies nearby you and hire the one that best fits your bill.

Follow the tips to hire the best car carriers in India: –

Google It

It’s obvious to search the best car transport companies in India you will Google them. While searching, make a list of the best companies. This will help you later in shortlisting the best among the good ones.

Check Online Directories

There are several online directories where you will get a list of authentic and reliable moving companies that offer car transport services at affordable prices. The companies are pre-verified by the portals, which makes your work of verifying or cross-checking packers and movers a whole lot easier.

Check Reviews

To hire the best and most trusted car carrier company in Bangalore, Mumbai, or anywhere in India just check the reliability of the moving agency. And this could be easily verified by checking reviews and ratings. Read customers’ reviews and check whether they are satisfied with the specific moving company’s services or not.

Inquire About Fees, Mode of Payment, and Insurance

Every moving agency has different policies thus, expenditure varies. Before finalizing your deal with any packers and movers agency for car transport services, inquire about car transportation charges. Also, know what mode of payment they accept. Will they cover the vehicle with insurance? What will be the insurance charges, etc.?

Figure out everything and if you find anything suspicious here then switch to other agencies and look for the best and reliable one.

Always ask for the written document before paying the advance token money and a receipt for the payment.

Final Words

Indeed car transportation is a tough task, but by following this car transportation guide you can have a safe and smooth transit experience. Also, make sure to choose a reliable car transport company in your city through the help of a good online directory.


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