Causes of environmental pollution and possible prevention methods

We are so interconnected with the environment that we live in, it becomes one of our fundamental duties to protect our environment for our future generations. We are so advancing towards development and progress as countries and cities we do not consider the kind of harm we do to the environment. If you can think a minute, you can clearly see, how the environment has changed over the years. The climate is not the same as what it was 20-30 years ago, and every day the scientists are warning humankind of the potential environmental hazards that we will be facing if we do not take the necessary actions to preserve the environment. We need to know that it is our primary duty as adults to safeguard the environment for future generations so they too can enjoy its benefits for a long time.

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One of the main causes that contribute towards environmental pollution is urbanization and industrialization. As many industries are formed and as we move towards urbanization this resulted in us making many decisions that adversely affect the environment. With such rapid development activities that take place in countries, many factories and manufacturing plants are birthed in many cities. Such settlements emit a lot of toxic fumes to the environment causing harm to the ozone layer. Many factories that possess a carbon monoxide detector, Australia has, have found out the amount of carbon monoxide and other harmful fumes that are released through them to the atmosphere.

Many factories also contribute towards water pollution as they direct all wastage water that are infused with harmful chemicals and toxins into lakes and seas. This has resulted in harming life in water in many lakes, rivers, and streams. Also many people use such water for drinking purposes as well. And even if they are boiled before use, there is a chance that people can be prone to sickness through using contaminated water for their daily usage.

With the increase of urbanization, as you can see there are so many vehicles on the road. Many vehicles emit harmful toxins to the air, yet again polluting the atmosphere greatly. Factories too contribute towards soil, water, and air pollution as well. As we live in such times that the pollution that we are causing to the environment is increasing by the minute, we also should be knowledgeable in how we can reduce the level of pollution that is caused to the environment.

Although we may think that preventing environment pollution should be done on a national level, and governments should be responsible towards executing such solutions, we as citizens too hold a duty to act with responsibility towards the environment. We need to live our lives in accordance with the government rules and regulations that are in place to protect the environment. There are many eco friendly products that are in place in this day and age for us to use instead of using products that can be harmful for the environment. It is high time we all adopt an environment-friendly attitude in living our day to day lives.

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