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CBD Oil Ethanol Extraction Equipment

Ethanol extraction is a popular method used in the manufacturing of CBD products. The technique involves the use of alcohol to strip off cannabinoids from plant matter. Likewise, the solvents used are relatively cheaper compared to other extraction equipment.

The method also offers pretty desirable results, especially when working with high-volume hemp. It is also important to know the various types of ethanol extraction systems available and which one will aid your business growth.

Commercial operations demand the use of heavily automated equipment while low-tech operations can be performed manually, in a basic container. That said, here are some of the top reviewed ethanol extraction equipment you will find in the cannabis market.

  • Centrifuge extractor

A Centrifuge extractor meets all the essential standards for running an authentic cannabis firm. This system is commonly made of stainless steel and has a capacity of about 316 liters.

They can include features like automatic valves, a touchscreen display for easy and faster operation, and fully adjustable agitation settings. Likewise, the system is designed to run under low temperatures making it more efficient.

The best centrifuge extractor must be properly sealed with no dead corners to ensure maximum processing of the plant can also handle high volume production and is easy to maintain. As such, technicians do not have to invest much in clean-ups.

  • Custom system

If you need high-volume production and a turnkey system cannot meet your production needs, you can opt for a custom-made system.

Manufacturers can create a system that fits your exact specifications. This way, you can work safely and efficiently within your workspace. You no longer have to worry about space limitations or storage requirements.

A custom-made system can help kick start a business that requires exact volumes of production. Read more here

  • Turnkey System

Turnkey systems are large and ideal for large-scale commercial production. They also come with all the ethanol vessels required for production. This includes pumps, filters, solvent recovery unit, and distillation tower.

This equipment can carefully extract cannabinoids and terpenes, leaving behind the high-quality results you are after. The vessel is also ready to use and can hold up to 100L solution or more.

Moreover, the system produces clean and environmentally-friendly residues so you don’t have to worry about polluting the environment. The shell is also made of high-grade materials. If your business requires a consistent supply of cannabinoids, the turnkey system can be a great choice.

  • Distillation equipment

Molecular distillation systems are low maintenance and easy to use. They are also considered safe and highly versatile. The equipment can distill essential oils, cannabis, and botanical extracts with ease as well.

A molecular distillation system purifies crude extract after extraction to create a purer and more potent product. It is also fitted with several high-performance settings and controls on top of easy reassembly.

Cannabis crude oil goes through three major components, a boiling flask, a condensing head, and a collection flask for refining. Moreover, minimal winterization is required to pull out the unnecessary lipids, fats, and waxes.

  • Chromatography equipment

Chromatography equipment is high performers. They can efficiently separate microscopic elements to create a more refined product. This equipment can either be explosive proof or non-explosive proof.

Moreover, the machinery must meet cGMP, FDA, and GMP standard for it to be authentic. High-quality chromatography equipment can help you achieve pure and clean end products without passing so many processes.

And since the machine is automated, this unit can make your business more efficient and manageable. Note that the three common chromatography techniques used for cannabis analysis include gas chromatography (GC), near-infrared spectroscopy, and liquid chromatography (LC).

  • Crystallization reactors

Crystallization reactors are designed to purify and crystallize CBD over a slow-cooling process. The CBD oil must first be distilled and winterized first before it is crystallized. The capacity of the reactors is approximately 60 to 5,000 gallons.

The manufacturer can create a reactor that fits your volume requirements. Since the machinery is constructed with sanitary fittings and seals, this machinery can be used to produce consumable and ingestible products too.

Additionally, the machinery must meet certain codes for it to be operational. Crystallization reactors come in different models depending on the structure of the agitator, the jacket used, and the type of outlet. Click here to read more.


The ethanol solvent is one of the most efficient choices for the extraction of CBD and terpenes in cannabis. Thanks to its low boiling point, the process involved is simple and fast. The end products are safer as well since ethanol solvent is low in toxicity. However, for the extraction process to be successful, it has to go through various types of machinery. The best CBD extractions systems must be easy to use and highly efficient. They should also meet specific state requirements and evaluations while producing high-quality products. You should also factor in the size of your lab when choosing the equipment.

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