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Certified Mail versus Registered Mail: What’s the Difference?

For many years, people have been sending each other gifts, cards, and letters through the postal office. This is still being done in the internet age when one can send letters in seconds. Today, U.S. Postal Service serves over 161 million addresses in the country.

The cost of sending mails through the postal office makes it a realistic option for many people. Generally, you can send registered mail or certified mail. So, what are the differences between certified mail versus registered mail?

What Is Certified Mail?

Certified mail is a mail service that provides mail tracking to the sender. This means that you will know when the recipient has received the letter. This is one of the main reasons why certified mail is preferred by most people.

What Is Registered Mail?

Registered mail is a standard service for the postal office. You should not wonder how does registered mail work because it follows the traditional letter sending approaches. All the details of the letter are fixed with barcode labels on the letter.

So, what is the difference between the two?

1. Insurance Services

Registered mail is known for providing insurance services. This means that anyone using this method should expect the mail to be delivered without proof of delivery but with insurance. The postal service company bears the cost if anything wrong happens to the mail.

Is certified mail insured? No. Certified mail does not require any form of insurance because it has the recipient’s signature, which acts as proof of delivery.

2. The Focus of the Process

The certified mail process focuses on a specific person. That is why the signature of the recipient must be brought back to ascertain whether the mail has been received.

However, registered mails have a different approach and process. Proof of delivery is not specifically required. However, you can always be sure that your mail has been delivered.

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3. Uses of Both Mail Options

Registered mail is used by people sending letters to organizations and their friends. As such, it is not seen as an official method of sending mails. However, the safety of the letters is important.

However, sending certified mail is an official process. That is why there must be proof of delivery to the final recipient. It’s for this reason that government organizations and private business entities prefer using this method.

4. Costs Involved

There is a perception that certified mail is expensive because it follows official processes. However, it is the cheapest method of sending mails through the post office. The problem is that it is primarily meant for official engagements.

On the other hand, registered mail is costlier. The security aspects mean that you have to add a few dollars.

Certified Mail Versus Registered Mail: What Is Your Choice?

Understanding certified mail versus registered mail is critical. It gives you an idea of what to expect when visiting the postal office for the first time. The method you will choose depends on your tastes and preferences.

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