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ChaseUP Fashion Online Shopping in Pakistan

Pakistan is a country that is growing steadily and the curve is shifting upwards with every passing day. More preference is being given to online trade and shopping. The businesses registering for e-commerce are significantly increasing day-by-day.

According to the latest data reports, e-commerce has witnessed growth of 78.9 percent in volume. COVID-19 has had a massive impact over the whole economy and has made people shift towards online shopping. These days, multiple options can be considered which has empowered the public to buy almost everything online. These items can be household items, clothes, shoes, groceries and much more.

The digital mode of buying is of primary focus now and as a result, the economy rate has surely gone high. Though, many challenges were faced by businesses in the beginning but the companies have learnt and developed from their mistakes and now have ensured that they always adapt to the new shifts or trends staying up-to-date with the latest technologies, software and new updates.

The mindset of a consumer has changed to such an extent that they feel it safer and secure online shopping in Pakistan. As the demand is growing at a high rate, the businesses make sure that they are catering to the demand they are facing throughout the year. With super-fast delivery options consumers now can get their orders delivered straightly to their doorsteps. Thus, online shopping in Pakistan has paced up and is becoming a need for all or most of the businesses. It can be said that e-commerce in Pakistan is becoming inevitable.

At first, the cash on delivery payment method was widely used by most of the people. But people have shifted their focus towards adapting to digital payment methods which in turn help to improve the overall economy.

When it comes to high quality ready-made garments, Chaseup fashion is a place that has it all. Having a wider range of collections under one roof at affordable prices, this brand has become quite popular.

Chase Up is one of the largest departmental stores of Pakistan having 6 stores in Karachi, 1 in Multan, 1 in Faisalabad and 1 in Gujranwala. Their products catalogue consists of Grocery, Garments, Crockery and much more.

Chase Up fashion has a wide array of designs for women undergarments including Bras, Body Shaper, Camisoles, Girls Biddies, Night Suits, Panties, Sportswear, and Lingerie Accessories from various renowned brands. Those brands are:

  • Be-Belle

  • Chase Up

  • Flourish

  • IFG

Their collection has more than 500 products through all these brands with various size options to choose from. Taking this as a fact, that Chase Up fashion has a really large list. This means that the probability is zero percent that you want to find some of their products and it ends up being unavailable or you visit them and buy nothing at all. Not only their prices are within reach of every customer, they also have a large inventory of products to choose from. Moreover, if you are shopping online; they have developed an amazing interface with the display being highly creative and well organized. Once you select an item, right below the same page you can find other related products recommended upon the choice you have made previously.

It is easy to understand and place the order. Just fill in the contact information and the address and you’re good to go for the shipping. They are offering free shipping on all orders above PKR 2500. Their shipping policy can be found at for orders below 2500 the shipping charges are PKR 250.

This shows to what extent they are promoting consumers for bulk buying. They have a separate section of Bundles where discounts are being given on all their categories including:

  • Women
  • Men
  • Homes
  • Kids

If you choose the online shopping in Pakistan method; Chase Up fashion keeps updating its new arrivals list for Kids summer collection, Women, Men, and footwear. Major brands in this field are:

  • Chase Up

  • Fusion

  • Kasturi

  • Rangreza

  • Salitex

  • Tailored

The prices for these brands start from PKR 199 and goes up to PKR 2950/3000.These are the highest prices on their website for the new arrivals. Furthermore, they have the size list starting from 1-2 Y for babies till the largest sizes they have that is the Medium, Large and Extra-large.

You can subscribe for their newsletters in order to stay updated with their latest promotions and if there are any queries or concerns you can always contact them through their contact us page. They have shared their contact number for the Call center services too. Simply fill in your information on the contact us page i.e. Name, E-mail, and Phone number with a message about what you have in mind and it will be responded by their team. For more information products and other thing please feel free to contact us and we will respond you as soon as possible, again feel free to contact us.

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