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Checklist For Travel Insurance: Can Travel Insurance Help You?

Kathy is planning a trip to America. But she knows the worldwide effects of the COVID-19 pandemic would not promise her safe travel. In fact, nobody would dare to travel internationally in the present scenario. It could be dangerous to travel internationally without considering the prevailing health concerns.

Amidst the ongoing health crisis and changed international travel policies, Kathy is all set to start her journey. Want to know how? She has prepared herself for international travel with the travel protection plan of health insurance for visitors in the USA.

If you too are thinking of an international trip it is a better time to think of travel protection first. So what is your take on your travel insurance? Do you think it is necessary to take travel insurance? Is travel insurance enough to save you from in-transit medical emergencies?

Let us know about the possible benefits of travel insurance for an international traveler.

Visitor Insurance

What is Travel Insurance?

Travel insurance, also known as visitor insurance applies to everyone who is traveling abroad. It is an insurance product that is designed to help travelers to recover from sudden losses while traveling abroad or domestically.

Sudden losses may arise due to the illness of a tourist, sudden accident, and delay in vacation, or theft in a foreign land. Travel insurance plans generally provide two types of plans to the travelers which are as follows:

  • Basic Insurance Plan
  • Comprehensive Insurance Plan

A basic plan will come with a low deductible and offer only medical emergency coverage in transit. People dwell on these plans but find themselves in troubled waters in case of any mishap in foreign countries.

Comparatively, a comprehensive plan seems to be costly but it provides the full coverage of extreme conditions like theft of luggage, delays, or illness in foreign countries.

Is it Compulsory to Buy Travel Insurance?

Travel insurance makes sense if you have put a heavy amount of money on vacation. Most generally a travel insurance policy costs 5% to 10% of your vacation cost. Whether you are paragliding in nature’s isle of California or just taking a wild Safari in the thick rainforests of America, the travel insurance can pay you for the sudden losses during your trip.

For example in case of trip cancellation due to the demise of a family member or illness of one of your vacation partners, a travel insurance plan can help you get reimbursement of the vacation cost that you have spent so far. So, it is always a good idea to have a plan than having the risk of paying expensive medical bills to American hospitals.

What Kind of Travel Insurance is Suitable for You?

For those who have decided to travel internationally in the post-pandemic era the notion of getting travel insurance is worth considering. Before you consider any plan do consider the following points that must be covered in your travel insurance plan.

  • Pre-existing health condition coverage
  • Theft coverage
  • Cancellations due to delays and mishaps
  • Emergency medical coverage
  • Hospital stay coverage
  • Any new pandemic on the spot coverage

Checklist for Travel Insurance

Visitors Insurance

Your travel medical insurance coverage can be much bigger than you think. If you are heading towards an unknown place that may frighten you, in such cases, knowing your policy becomes even more important.

Some basic minimum requirements to be checked twice in a travel insurance policy are as follows:

  • The kind of coverage provided by the insurance company
  • Pre-authorization of payment for your treatment
  • Access to international medical treatment
  • Copy of the insurance policy by the insurance company
  • Amount of deductible along with medical benefits
  • Experience in handling cases of USA

If you are traveling to America this year, you might be searching for health insurance for visitors in the USA. Recently, a significant proclamation by the U.S. government on health insurance for visitors in the USA has left everyone baffling about the urgency of having health insurance.

Panicked by a sudden announcement requiring the health insurance of travelers within 30 days of arrival, people have started considering the option of the much-needed travel insurance. So it has become the much-needed part of your safe international vacation.


The fact that the medical cost of healthcare services in the USA is so costly, there is an urgent need of getting health insurance for visitors. You have two choices either go for travel insurance or pay heavy medical bills while being stuck in an expensive land like the USA.

So if you still doubt that whether you should buy travel insurance we recommend that you must not rely on your local insurance plans as they may not be valid in foreign countries. Try to have clarity about your native countries insurance plans regarding their international acceptance.

Before you decide to head towards foreign countries, especially America, you must tick and double-check the important checklist as discussed above along with the travel insurance.


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