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Choose a Career In Travel & Tourism: A Complete Guide 2021

When people think about various careers that can be pursued by them after their particular educational qualification, say 10th or 12th, they neglect their hobbies and go for a career that pays them more. People very rarely think about having a career counselling in travel and tourism, sports, or any other field that relates to their hobbies and interests.

Such fields should be given top priority by the people according to their interests. These fields may have considerably less competition and people may have hopes of getting a much better and successful career in them.

Can Anyone Pursue Travel & Tourism As Their Career In 2021?

Is it possible for anyone to pursue a career in travel and tourism in 2021 after everyone has seen such a miserable past year? The answer to this question may be a little complicated but for the people who love to travel, some good news may be there. 2021 is bringing new travel hopes and aspirations to the hearts of people and that is why it is going to be a great travelling year for a lot of people who have become frustrated sitting in their homes for more than 6 months now.

Students can also opt to choose a career in travel and tourism after 12th if they wish to and for such students, special courses and plans are available with the travel & tourism schools and colleges. Therefore, undertaking a career in travel and tourism after graduation or even after 12th will be very easy and beneficial for the students in the first place.

What is The Course Duration For Travel and Tourism?

Usually, the course duration for taking up a career in travel and tourism is 3 years and that too under strict practicals and examinations basis. Having a career in travel and tourism in India will be very beneficial for the people in the case of salary. That is why people should pursue travel and tourism as their career salary in India and other countries as well.

For the students who have already completed their graduation and want to join the travel and tourism courses, the course durations may also lessen down to 43 weeks and this may not take too much energy and time of the students as well. Therefore, it is a great decision to have a career in travel and tourism and become happy, settled, passionate, and successful for the whole of your life for sure.

Career Opportunities To Be Availed of By The People in Travel & Tourism

Below is a specific and detailed list of some career opportunities that can be availed of by the people in the field of travel and tourism

  • A Holiday or Travel Agent: A travel agent is someone who suggests you the best vacations or tourism spots and arranges an amazing trip for you. He/She takes care of all that it takes to make the trip best for you and to help you remember it all of your life. Choosing a career as a holiday or travel agent will fulfil your wish of being a business management person and also travelling to places you have never been before. Also, the salary of such agents grows according to travelling through your agency for the whole year and that can be much more than your normal salary as well. Therefore, this is a great opportunity for you to have a career salary in India and all the other tourist countries.
  • Tourists Guide: Being a tourist guide is a yet amazing career in travel and tourism that people can avail of. This career allows you to travel all over the world and gain practical knowledge about all the incredible tourist spots in the respective cities and countries. By availing of the career as a tourist guide, you will also get an opportunity to earn a good amount of salary for yourself and through the free coupons and vouchers that you get every year, you can also take your family and friends on a tour. Therefore, being a tourist guide will always be beneficial for you in all aspects and will undoubtedly never disappoint you at all.
  • Travel Agency Coordinator: A travel agency coordinator is the one who connects the people with the various travel agencies and gets the best offers and plans for them. These plans and offers are very reasonable and comfortable for them to take advantage of and for the same reason, a travel coordinator has a lot of importance in today’s busy and travel-loving world. It will be a great career for you to be a travel coordinator and set up people’s trips and manage them at your stress. You will also fully love being the same along with earning a good and considerable sum of money at the end of the month.
  • Travel Executive: A travel executive is someone who manages and sets everything up for the whole of your trip. The things included in this management are transportation, information about the destination, accommodations of food and stay at the hotels, etc. A travel executive may also suggest the exact route for reaching your destination and will also make you aware of the weather and other conditions over there. In such pandemic situations, it is wiser for people to consult a travel executive before travelling to any place, and for the same reason, the demand and acceptance of a travel executive has and will continue to increase to an incredible extent in the year 2021 for sure. The above list specifies the career opportunities that are easy to avail of by the people and the ones that will give tremendous success to the people in the field of travel & tourism.


A lot of amazing and awesome career options are open for the people in the field of travels and tourism and this should be properly taken into consideration by the people in the first place. To have a good and successful career, you need to be focused on your goals and should be passionate about your work. All this will only be achieved by the people who love their work and want to truly take it to the next level.

The main reason why people usually fail in their career or face setbacks can be because their careers are not relevant to their interests and that makes them get tired and exhausted from it. This is not a good sign for anyone’s future and career as for getting a good career salary in India or any other country, a person needs to be passionate about it. Therefore, you should pursue a career in which you will love to work and will not feel the pressure of the same.

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