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Home Improvement

Common Home Appliance Problem with their Solutions

Are you dealing with appliance repair problems frequently? On top of that, are these the problems that could be fixed without expert Appliance Repair Seattle CA? But how do you go about fixing them?

Appliances are those undervalued assets that stay with us for long and need constant care. It is hard to go a day without them functioning properly. Even harder is a dysfunctional appliance that does not show the intricate problem but still does not work up to its capacity.

With that being said, there are some common appliance issues that almost all appliance develops over their usage period. Not all the issues require you to dial the nearby technicians as this could be solved with minor solutions.

Home appliances are a heavy and expensive investment, thus, should be used with caution and care. While the complex appliance problem requires Appliance Repair in Seattle. Most of the common arising appliance-related issues can be fixed with the tips mentioned herein.

Here is how you solve different appliance problems on your own without needing expert care.

The refrigerator is failing to cool

Refrigerators are ever-working appliances doing the crucial task of keeping the food edible for long durations. Therefore, knowing itsy-bitsy repair trick can work wonders. When you open your fridge, it gives out nothing but hot air, then holds on before you contact Appliance Repair Seattle CA. The temperature of your refrigerator should be between 38 to 40 degrees, and if you are turning it down more, there is something wrong. This may happen when your refrigerator is worn out before its estimated time due to overuse.


  • Make sure that the units are getting power, which is to be confirmed by properly functioning lights in the fridge.
  • Inspect the condenser coils located at the bottom of your fridge. The coils should be free from dirt and should be vacuumed frequently.
  • Check whether the vents that blow cold air are working effectively and unblock them in case they are blocked. Also, check the thermostat often.

Clothes are not drying in the dryer

This is the usual problem with the dryer when clothes do not completely dry off in the set timer and most of the time needs fixing by Appliance Repair Seattle CA. The reason why it happens is a substance called lint trapping the inside and outside of your dryer. The clogged lint filter has accumulated dirt cover-up that prevents the free flow of hot air from the dryer. Another problem with the dryer is the loud noises it makes, which can be due to the presence of dirt or other obstructive elements in the dryer bin.


  • Though it may sound regular, check if you set the setting right on the dryer. If the heat setting is not turned on, then set it at the required temperature.
  • Remove the lint and wash the screen and other parts of your dryer daily for improved efficiency. Also, clean the outside part of the dryer vent to avert blocks and clogging.
  • The dryer should also be cleaned frequently and thoroughly as the dirt in it could be the reason for rattling sounds.

Problems in the gas cooktops

It is hard to work with a cooktop that is reluctant to turn on. This could be due to the power source or the outlet with which it is connected. Other dysfunctions of the cooktop include weak flames or the flames do not emerge at all. Upon turning on the cooktop, it makes a clicking sound but flames cannot be seen, then this problem could be further confirmed with the striking smell coming out of the gas valves. In case the issue is hard to detect, consult Appliance Repair Seattle CA. If there is no smell, then the gas flow issues in the pipes are probably the culprit.


  • Scan whether the cooktop is not clogged or filthy. Get rid of all debris and filth to utilize the best functional capacity of your cooktop.
  • If the cooktop is not making a clicking sound when turned on, then get the igniter fixed or replaced.
  • Check if there is adequate power emitting from the power source. If all is well in the power outlet, then the problems could be with the internal components. And this is to be solved by professionals only.

Oven not complying with the set temperature

The oven is an integral kitchen appliance that can make or break your cooking item. Constant checks on its functions and problems can save the money spent on its repairs. It is important to get familiar with some crucial tips and tricks before you go for Appliance Repair Seattle CA. Not paying attention to the obstruction signs in the oven can lead to complete functional failure. The major issue with the over is the temperature; here the thermometer and the temperature play a crucial role. Minor settings in both these components can quickly fix the heating issues you encounter in your oven.


  •  Verifying the temperature settings can solve the heating issues in the oven. You can check your oven manual to know about the right temperature for a specific cooking type.
  •  Heat the oven and use a thermometer to see if the temperature is just sight. If it over or under, then there could be a problem with the sensors. Have them replaced.
  •  Ensure that the heating element and the igniter are operating as expected, if not, replacing is the only option.

Water isn’t pumping or draining out of the washer

If water is not sufficiently pumping throughout a single drain cycle, you need to fix the drain pump. Also, the drain pump impeded the water from draining out and disrupt the process of washing. If the washer does not work at all, then Appliance Repair Seattle CA is crucial. This could happen due to various reasons such as the left-out residues of cloth, dirt build-up, and old age of the machine.


  • Make sure that the laundry clothes are evenly and balanced, check out the manual to find out the maximum loading capacity.
  • Inspect the hose connection to the drainpipe to know if there are problems with the drain pump. If the drain pump is old and faulty, get it replaced for better washer functions.
  • Also, check if the drains are clogged.

Closing lines

Repairing appliances on your own can be quite an ego boost besides saving up your money. Though you are now familiar with the appliance repair tricks their maintenance is something inevitable. In addition to the above tips, having the right tools beforehand is essential as it will save your time and the need for a professional Appliance Repair in Seattle for fixing the problem. Repairing them with caution from time to time will result in the better longevity of your home appliances.

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