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Common Pests Of The Monsoon Season

Monsoon happens to be the season of pests. There may be those seasonal mosquitoes causing all types of diseases from malaria to Dengue. There may also be cockroaches that take advantage of the stagnant water and wreak havoc on your homes or even ants for that matter. What you need to do is brace yourself! You need to take the responsibility of being at the center stage and taking charge. After all, no one better than us can know about our houses and the possible places from where the infestation may start. These pests create much havoc one can think of. So, it’s better to stop the invasion of the pests by opting for Pest Control Henley Beach.

Therefore, while you must enjoy the subtle pleasantness of the monsoon season, you must also tread extremely carefully. With the Local Pest Control Services in Henley Beach, it has become simpler than ever to resolve the problems of pests and infestations in the home and that too at cost-effective prices.


One of the most common and pests that are present in abundance happen to be the mosquitoes. You and your family members must stay away from mosquitoes at all times because they are dangerous, period! Monsoon and mosquitoes go hand in hand. They can lead to a large variety of diseases including food contaminations, skin allergies, and even problems for our pets and kids.

How To Get Rid Of Them

The important question is that how do you get rid of these mosquitoes! Well, while you get professional services, there are certain precautions that you can take both before and after the professional services procurement. 

  •  Getting rid of stagnant water in or around the house.
  •  Keeping the windows shut at night.
  • Try and use window nets for protection.
  •  Use natural plants to keep mosquitoes away.


During heavy rain and potential flooding, the little creatures like the ants try and seek shelter in drier places in the home that are not moist. What better places than kitchens would those be! Therefore, you must get on board in the fight against the ants. After all none of us would like to see a colony of ants crawling in our vicinity. 

How To Get Rid Of Ants

  • Seal the small gaps between the window and the walls or between the doors and the wall.
  • Often vinegar solution acts as a good repellent.
  • Store your food in an air-tight container.
  • Keep your kitchens sanitary and clean.
  • Don’t leave food lying idle on the kitchen shelves.


Damp and moist places serve as the perfect host for the most annoying pests- the cockroaches. It is usually in the rainy season that the cockroaches hibernate and reproduce a lot more. While they seek shelter, they love to hide in the comfort of our cozy spaces. Reduce the danger of infestation with low-impact measures including home cleaning and exclusion tactics.

This is the reason that it becomes imperative to secure professional help as soon as possible. But in the meantime, you can always safeguard your homes.

How To Get Rid Of Cockroaches

  •  Do not leave garbage bins open, especially inside the homes.
  •  Make sure to seal any cracks in the walls and doors of the homes.
  •  Do not keep pet food bowls left outside without disposing of the leftovers.
  •  Do not leave water stagnated for a long period.
  •  Check the drains for any signs of rust and cockroaches. 


  •  Cement up any holes that you feel the earthworms can come from
  •  Flush drains regularly. Use baking soda or vinegar for the same purpose. 
  •  Let air come inside the homes. It is only then that you will be able to get rid of the excess moisture due to rains. 
  • Usage of insecticides regularly is imperative. 


Therefore, with the uptick of pests entering our house in the monsoon, it has become imperative that we also increase our everyday precautions. We must be proactive to plan and formulate a rigorous cleaning of the entire house, especially the day after it rains. All the necessary arrangements to make sure that our houses are not damp and moist must also be taken.

As long as our homes are dirty, containment of pests is impossible. While you must call upon pest control providers from time to time to take stock of the situation, you must also take precautions yourself to avoid such problems. It can only be made possible if you follow due precautions and give hygiene and health priority over everything else. 


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