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Conceal Carrying During Winter

Concealed carry is a little easier to do during the colder months. Many options are available for clothing that fits your concealed carry needs. From traveling to exercising, to whatever you choose to do, concealed carry should be accessible for whatever your lifestyle.

Knowing Your Options

Being bundled up for the colder months certainly makes hiding a concealed weapon easy, but that doesn’t necessarily mean reaching for it is. Know what concealed carry clothes for winter you should choose, and find what feels the most natural to you. From jackets, vests, belly bands, belts, and more, the options out there are limitless.

Having additional layers can hinder your draw time, so choose a method that feels right for you and natural when it comes to reaching for your firearm. Reaching for your firearm under additional layers may feel clunky at first, but with practice, you’ll get a better grasp of how to do so with ease. Adjusting to winter means dressing for the weather and that means adjusting how you carry. Keep it natural but efficient, and practice.

Deciding on Additional Layers

Gloves are a common clothing item for frigid degrees. If you live in an area that gets below freezing temperatures then your hands take a beating. It’s easy to reach for the gloves on the way out the door but remember, before you do, think about how the gloves will affect your draw.

Using firearms efficiently takes practice, and the same goes for wearing gloves while carrying. Practice your draw and go to the range to do some practice rounds. See how you handle the weapon while wearing gloves and decide if it will affect your ability to use it efficiently or hinder you.

Ultimately, the amount of layers and what you put on is up to you, but you’ll always be responsible for how the firearm is used. Make sure you’re confident in your ability to carry with whatever layer you’re deciding on.

Winter offers the benefit of layers to keep your firearm fully concealed, but that doesn’t always mean ease of access. Concealed carrying in winter can present some challenges, but once you try several carry methods and practice what works for you, you’ll find yourself easing into a style that fits your life. Don’t be afraid to test out a few styles and see how you handle them. Remember to practice your draw and make sure everything feels comfortable and accessible. Before you know it, you’ll have a winter selection that is perfect for your carry needs.

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