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Dilemma of the public toilets in China and Malaysia

Dilemma of the public toilets in China and Malaysia

The state of feral toilets in China is one of the biggest shocks when it comes to travel. Not only must you get used to squatting your business, but also be aware of not flushing away your toiletries! First, in my younger years in Malaysia, I found out about the wonders of the fearful Squat toilets and, although it was not the best experience, it remained a great experience for me to learn from.

toiletsIf you are traveling, keep in mind!

  • Take toilet paper, hygiene wipes, or paper on your bag (some public toilets can sell door tissue packets)
  • Always have about 20sen ready to be paid for the stinky public toilets
  • If you are wearing pants or Jeans, it is necessary to roll them up before entering
  • You can be welcomed with wet dirty floors
  • And, if you have a seated toilet, you will know that many Malaysians are still sweaty on those seats.
  • If you have a seat, you will have to roll up your pants or jeans before entering the toilet.
    Keep your neighbors in mind. The next person can decide the cubic needed to rinse quickly…or at least that is what I hope the water would be.
  • High heels/shoes are not recommended unless you are experienced

I always thought I had the worst experience before in China (for squat toilets) and there could be no way that people could live with public toilets in a country worse than in Malaysia. Naturally, I was naive and clearly did not use my head.

Rural Chinese areas

In China’s rural region the worst public toilet I have ever seen. The good thing is that you do not have to find the toilets, you just must follow your nose. However, in the rural public toilets, a lot of bad things must be noted.

  • You are faint by the stench.
  • No toilet paper available
  • And no flush (their flush is someone throwing water down the trench at the end of the day)
  • No toilet (no western toilet!)
  • And no toilet hole (no toilet squat!)
  • No toilet door available
  • The wall is high in the waist and divides each ‘cubic’
  • There is a small foot trench to make your work.
  • A wastebasket is available for used toilet paper and toiletries (if you do not have luck, you might not have this).
  • Someone #2 could wait to invite you
  • There will probably be many naked bottoms and other bits to greet you.

toiletsChecklist before exit

Here are some things to consider preparing for China’s worst toiletry experience (and some other countries)

  • *Never travel without toilet paper, hygiene wipes, or cloth paper. Some nice public toilets have toilet rolls close to the entrance
  • A facial mask doused in perfume / Cologne can help you with your toilet trip
  • Always see a hotel 4 or 5 stars, or a new hotel to take advantage of their lobby toilet.
  • Use toilets at hotels always, even if you do not have to, you never know how much worse your next toilet is.
  • If you are fortunate enough to take a squat toilet, face away from the hole (I never knew why, but a friend told me #2 is going to just go that way. But I still have evidence that the people are facing the wrong direction and that #2 is obviously not flush off)
  • Do not flush down the toilet paper as the pipe is blocked. (Later on, even more on)

Map of toilet paper

Next to the importance of the toilet paper not flushing into the pipes!

Until I was in the Beijing hostel students when I was studying there, I have never really been following this recommendation. Because the rules have not followed, I had to go toilet-free several times for up to 24 hours. The toilet blocks a few times, even if I did not flush toiletries!`

However, if nature calls when you’re taking a slow train be prepared for one of the foulest moments in your life. In each carriage, there are two squat toilets (squat toilets only I’m afraid), which, after an hour or two of travel time, become places you really don’t want to be.

It is not a proven fact, but rumor says that the waste drains down from the dorm rooms on the top floor, so it is more likely that your lower levels of the hostel have more clogged toilet problems. I know because some of my friends staying in the dorm building, even when the whole room was breached, had the worst smelling toilets…

Just do not do it!

Do not flush down those pipes with clean toilet paper. Think of the poor Chinese whose job is to unclog the mess you are doing, and just thank you for your lavish toilet.

A squat toilet is a norm in south Asian countries, still!

Squat toilets are not seen in most of the Western world, but in China, it’s more likely than not that a person will walk into a restroom and find a toilet that is level (or, pardon the pun, “flush”) with the floor. These toilets require a bit of getting used to

The two most populous countries in the world today include China with a population of 1.3 billion and India with a population of 1.1 billion, which are easily over the number of toilets with sitting facilities. Two-thirds of humanity still use the squatting position for body functions (around 4 billion). Less than one-third of them use the seated position – mostly in Westernized countries.

There are many regions:

around the world where these toilets are still available, as well as Asia, Middle East, and Africa. These include several countries of Europe and the Mediterranean, including France, Germany, Italy, the Balkans, and Greece. In Russia and many countries of South America, Squat toilets can also find.

Not knowing how to use these toilets can mean waiting in much longer lines for Western toilets, so a little foreknowledge is best.

It is perhaps not exactly commonplace in some of the above countries, but in many common areas, buildings, and houses there are squat toilets. In newer or more developed areas of these countries, visitors may or may not come across them. But you move and go to the more rural areas, it is quite common and widely used to find squat toilets.

Designs of the squat toilets

A squat toilet is just a hole in the ground if you think about it. However, different cultures and races have their own ideas. Many of them have designed and versioned themselves to their own lifestyles and needs.

There are two types of Slim toilet in Turkey, for example – ground-level squat toilets called Alaturka. They also have toilets called alafranga that have designed pedestals that allow the user to squat on them at the height of a typical toilet. The Japanese have a unique squat toilet with a user-facing toilet and flush device and the back at the stall door.

Toilets at the Royal Bathrooms

The commode has taken the place of the squat toilets in the UK. Likewise, the online market is leading in the same range. Now, at the time of the pandemic outbreak, the COVID-19 vaccine should be a landmark before making the final move to travel in the south Asian countries.

However, many countries have banned traveling due during the waves yet, the locals should take care too. You may google for the facts including the number of public toilets; the condition of the toilets, and availability in any certain area. Many bloggers can also help you in this regard!  


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