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Do Laptop Cooling Pads Really Work?

Cooling pads are one of the most practical laptop accessories to be invented, but the question remains. Does cooling pads work? Is it worth the money spent? It’s rare to see people with a cooling pad and some may not even know what they do. And if so which kinds of users need these devices, because as useful as they can be not every laptop user requires one. 

Laptops come with internal cooling fans already but for some, those fans aren’t enough to always keep the laptop cool, especially while using certain programs. Cooling fans are what make sure that the internal systems within your laptop stay at a safe, constant temperature to allow the computer to run smoothly. 

Reasons to Need a Cooling Pad


For those that are operating on older laptops, your device is usually prone to overheat, so in this instance, you would need a cooling pad, it would help get more usability out of the laptop.

If you constantly work in your bed where your blankets, bedsheets, or even on your lap and your lap is blocking the ventilation then a cooling pad would work for you. Laptops have ventilation vents that need to let off steam, so when you have the laptop on your bed blocking that from coming through the laptop overheats certain laptops that run so hot that you feel it may explode, this might be due to dust. Yep, dust can clog your fan vents so bad that it chokes the internal cooling hardware. You can clean this out with a can of compressed air, or if you would rather take it to the professional to open up the chassis and take care of the problem.

If you get a cooling pad it will certainly work for you, but those that need cooling pads the most would-be gamers who would play high-intensity games on their laptops. Even those that do heavy video or photo editing may also require a cooling fan at some point and time depending on how long and 

often they use their laptops.

Different types of Cooling Pads

There are two different types of cooling fans in the market, one that comes with a fan and the other without. The cooling pad with the fan is usually the most common one around, it comes with multiple fans which allow for better cooling to your laptop when using. Then there are the cooling pads without fans, these are quieter while operating, they are made with heat-resistant materials. Although these make no noise you’ll still be better off with the cooling pad with the fan as it gives you maximum cooling. 

Cooling fans evaluation 

Cooling fans have been tested and recognized as having made a difference in temperature in laptops that were overheating. The pads are known to contribute a coolness of both the internal and external of a laptop. However the noticeable change in these temperatures don’t make too much of a difference, the gains are small. You will feel your laptop get cooler however don’t expect this device to automatically improve performance, it won’t make your computer do what it isn’t doing now.

When Purchasing

If you still want to purchase a cooling fan then know that like everything else the price range varies, and since this device is pretty straightforward in its usage even the cheapest ones work as well as the high-priced ones. So don’t go into this thinking you’ll have to buy the most expensive one to get better cooling and that is simply not the case here.

Cooling pads are one more thing that could take a USB port away from you, so my advice would be when you are purchasing a cooling pad make sure to get one that comes with extra USB ports, so you don’t get inconvenienced by something that is supposed to help you. It doesn’t have any negative or positive effects on the cooling of your laptop; it would just make sure that you get more ports.



Make sure that you do your research before purchasing your cooling pad, read reviews of the ones you’re interested in. The conclusion is that you will see a difference even if it is minor while using cooling pads, no matter which you end up buying.

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