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Ecommerce in 2023 doesn’t seem to stop

Who doesn’t like online shopping? We all have a favorite ecommerce website. We all participate in ecommerce trends. And since our civilization is bound to get even more online-oriented, the whole ecommerce industry will become more active than it already is. But how are things in 2023? Let’s take a look.

Ecommerce businesses are blooming

There is no doubt about it. Every year, ecommerce sales are breaking previous records, and 2022 is no different. According to experts, current year is going to score $5.5 trillion worldwide. This amount is just mind-blowing, but it is a steady growth based on a few simple facts. One of them is technology. Software solutions designed by ecommerce specialists ( made the online stores very attractive to people with mobile devices. Having a designated shopping app that works well most certainly pushes the customer experience to a brand-new level. Therefore, customer loyalty is more and more dependent on interactive applications that allow to shop online at any time. The increasing ability to do so impacts the market share online retail is occupying.

The second fact that makes the market share grow, are consumers themselves. More and more of us are simply getting the idea that an ecommerce platform is better than a stationary store. 2022 is fresh out of the global crisis created by the COVID pandemic. During that dreadful time, consumer behavior had to be changed because of the obvious restrictions. As a result, many people had the opportunity to see an online store in action. Multiple channels of payment helped to put customer satisfaction rates high enough, that now, after the pandemic, people keep themselves close to online retailers. Because it’s convenient. In addition, more business owners decide to follow their customers, and join the ecommerce sector. As a result, the market share grows.

The means of delivery

We also must look at the delivery services that have spread all over. InPost, for example, is a major player in Europe right now, but its competitors are not far behind. The demand for reliable and swift delivery systems is extremely high in 2022. Meeting these demands significantly improved the rates of ecommerce, especially in more remote places like far east of the Eastern Europe. Today, there are many small towns equipped with a modern app-based 24/7 delivery options. Customer journey to a stationary store is not a nasality anymore. Local businesses are therefore forced to modernize if they want to survive. There are some inspiring stories on the internet Shopify Podcast:, that show examples of small business owners who have successfully dealt with this situation. That tells a lot about 2022 ecommerce status, actually.

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