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Electric Trial Bike Shop

When you pack your panties just make sure that uh you distribute the weight evenly i’m not having one side heavier than the other but otherwise yeah pretty good let’s rock and roll there’s a few people camped here last night only four-wheel drives a couple of people with horse fights and horses that’s the beauty about this camping area there’s so much that you can do around here horse riding mountain electric trial bike riding you know man that’s pretty cool okay so let’s go and check out this curved kiln i’ve done this before but i’m going to do it again  so there’s also another camping area just here to the left of and camp down there as well that one’s pretty small and it’s on a bit of a slope as well it’s all right if you’ve got vans and stuff like that that’d be pretty cool pretty cool spot because it’s actually closer to the curved kiln  okay so that was kerf kiln an interesting place not many people know about it the clouds are now rolling in and i can imagine that i might actually get a little bit wet going home better find the right gear roger might see a little bit of wildlife being early in the morning mainly wallabies wombats and echidnas around this area and the occasional koala but the koalas are mainly in the trees anyway.

New Or Used Dirt Bike Setup

I have actually seen a koala walking on the road here but he was basically just going from one tree to another so i’m not going to record the whole way home because i’m more or less going the same way as i came here um but this video was basically just to show what i take on a uh overnight camping trip obviously if i’m going a bit longer i would probably take more clothes and some food but basically all the other stuff like um tents um sleeping bag mattress and cooking facilities um yeah that’s basically what i normally would say anyway i hope you enjoyed this video if you did please give me big thumbs up subscribe and don’t forget to hit the notification bell i think it’s time for me to head home it feels like rain  and um i don’t particularly want to get wet because i have not got my wet weather gear with me so anyway take care ride safe and i’ll see you all later every time i go home i always see this little track up the side here i’m gonna go and check it out and see where it goes hopefully it goes through if not we’ll soon find out won’t we we’re going to be mindful that i’ve got my hard boxes on here so anything it looks a little bit too narrow interesting little shack oh looks like it comes through another road more private property find out why not interesting i’ll soon find out where i end up looks like there’s a bit of a main road there again and when i say main road main dirt road i reckon i’ve just traveled through somebody’s property and it looks that way too because they’ve got a gate here oh well i’m not doing any harm this is back onto the road that i was on before oh i’ll keep that in mind.

That USAso they’re the bikes you can get when you first get your license unless you already had a license and you’re old because then you can get a different bike so what i’ve done is i’ve broken it down to three groups plus a bonus little oddball there so the first group you’ve got your three hundreds in that group you’ve got your versis x 300 your 310 bmw gs and your ktm 390 adventurer the bmw and the ktm are both singles and the versys is a twin universities are 6 900 here in australia your bmw is 8500 and the ktm 390 adventurer is dollars the versus is probably the more road orientated of the three of them that motor feels just like the motor did in my 1992 zr250 so they’ve been around for ages it’s a pretty solid little bike the verses.

It probably a bit shorter and pretty much it just comes down to which one speaks to you the ktm suspension’s a little bit better every time i ride a 300 it feels like everyone’s out to kill me the next group out is your twin cylinders so you’ve got the Benelli trk 502 x the honda cb500 the very 650l lambs approved and the v storm 650xt the prices for them is well the finale is 9400 the honda cb500 is 10 400 the verses is 12 000 and the v storm is 13 and a half grand now the finale it feels big like.

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