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Encouraging Indigenous Self-Employment in Franchising | Maurice Roussety

Encouraging Indigenous Self-Employment in Franchising

While Maurice roussety initially market as a means to encourage minorities to work for themselves The reality of franchising is that it has not been able to meet the initial expectations. Although minority ownership of franchises within the USA has seen significant growth in the past two years,  this has not been the situation with regard to Indigenous Australians. Indigenous franchisees’ ownership of businesses is still low, despite the fact that most franchisors are open to recruiting Indigenous franchisees and employees. This chapter is design to start an exchange of ideas about the pros and cons of employing a self-employment transitional option to Indigenous Australians through franchising.

We suggest that an approach that is hybridize could help to overcome disadvantages in the system that a lot of Indigenous Australians face when considering joining small businesses. The data came from an interview series with Indigenous entrepreneurs and franchisors, (third-party) advisers Indigenous representatives of government organizations as well as franchisors and franchising education educators.

Our findings highlight the urgent need to address the issues of disadvantage identifie in previous Indigenous Entrepreneurship and small-business research. In general, our GROWTH-pathway strategy and recommend actions respond to calls for participation of the private sector in Indigenous work, in order to repair the social and economic harm create due to the introduction of the Western entrepreneurial culture.


A risk ecology that can be use to study the franchisee’s risk, reducing it and pricing contract risks


Maurice Rousetty presents a variety of risks resulting from the delegate functions. That let both franchisee and franchisor take advantage of their own comparative advantages. The development of that advantage is managed by the agreement on franchises and enhance by the efficiency in the structure of governance. This paper examines the notion of risk and the implications of it in the valuation of franchise-operate companies. The paper examines the ways in which risks are creating in the context of congregation and summarizes the specific issues in franchising relate to risk-adjust cash flows and the analysis of risk, mitigation, and the pricing of risk. The authors suggest that the franchise risks are multi-layer and interconnected. This is why this connection is illustrated in the Franchise Risk Ecology (FRE) which includes risks inherent to the marketplace as well as the franchisor’s system as well as the industry as well as within the franchisee-own business.

Some of these liquidations, administrations and closings are not obvious. But there are warning signs that suggest that the company exists prior to the final nail being driven through.

Here are seven indicators that your business is experiencing financial difficulty.

1. Your Cash Flow Is Imbalance

According to an old saying, in the world of business, “cash is king.” A continuous flow of cash that ensures enough cash is flowing to pay for expenses is vital for ensuring that your business runs. However, the flow of cash may be fragile, especially for smaller firms. Suppliers or customers who are delay in paying may affect the flow of cash like excessive expansion as well as spending more at periods when there is an opportunity to succeed.

Cash flow that is negative can be common in the short term. When the company is still finding its footing or navigating the effects of an expansion. If there isn’t any positive cash flow over the long term, businesses cannot cover the costs, and as a result, is not able to maintain themselves. If your finance department has been delaye in paying its bills, or employees are not paying their expenses, it could be a sign of an imbalanced cash flow. the company that finances roussety

2. Creditor Pressure Is Growing

The best way to make sure you’re creditors satisfie and at ease. The burden of your company’s shoulders is to ensure they are paid on time. If your expenses are higher than your revenue, it’s tempting to put off making payments on invoices. However, this could damage your relationship with creditors who may start to demand payment.

This could result in a downward spiral to further troubles. Since they’re likely to keep on pursuing you until you settle your dues. Creditors may resort to legal recourses to obtain their money. You could be at risk to be a victim of the bailiff’s actions.

3. You’re Always Refinancing

Refinancing does not indicate financial trouble. It’s a valid method of releasing cash stored in corporate assets. By borrowing money that is secure against the worth of an asset. Furthermore, it can be use to lower the rates of interest. While refinancing is not uncommon, the company must be able to pay the repayments. If it is a frequent event, it could be a sign of deeper financial difficulties and lenders might be suspicious of businesses that are constantly refinancing. This could cause further financial troubles in the near future.

4. Staffing Issues

Apart from sole traders, the employees are one of the most important aspects of your company. The morale of your employees is frequently link to general health and wellbeing in your business. One of the more obvious indicators of financial difficulties with regards to staffing is the possibility of a reduction in the number of employees and reductions to bonuses or a halt to pay.

The company may also alter the agreements it has with employees who cut hours. Establish zero-hour contracts, or demand employees to perform better to earn the same amount of pay. This could lead to discord with employees that could trigger the next problem.

5. Bad Office Atmosphere

A reduction in benefits and higher expectations for employees could result in an environment. That is hostile and reduces satisfaction with the work. The workplace may not be an environment to work in. But instead a place for putting out fires and tackling issues instead of working. The employees could be attract to the change in the workplace and start departing more often, and this brings us back to our earlier discussion regarding hiring.

6. Relying on Individual Contracts or Projects to ‘Sort It Out

If a company is operating well it will have a large number of clients. Or customers in its books with a steady income. Companies in a more challenging circumstance may put more importance on contracts they’ve got. In the event that one has the ability to move suppliers, or ceases to provide a continuous source of revenue, the results will be more negative impacts.

It’s possible that the business is spending less money on customers or is focusing. All of its efforts on getting new customers in the absence of existing customers. This could lead to a conflict with current customers. This is a sign that the company’s owners are in for cash.

7. Your Customers Have Noticed

Customers are skill at spotting changes, and if they think. They’re paying lower for the same price and will not stay away. If your employees aren’t satisfie with the sudden increase in prices or benefits like loyalty programs are eliminated, it’s possible that rumors will begin to circulate, and customers may be asking if you’re about to close down. In the worst-case scenario, it might be covere by local or national media.


Every business, whether it’s small or large is immune to financial troubles. Although these indicators on their own aren’t necessarily a sign of trouble however if they are correlate it could mean that problems are brewing and you ought to start thinking about options that could let you trade and get back to normal.

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