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FeaturedHealth and Fitness

Enjoy Yoga With Your Peers

Yoga has numerous physical and mental health benefits for people of all age groups. Yoga is an ancient practice that combines body and mind. If you are suffering from any illness yoga can speed up the healing process. Yoga will help in calming the mind and strengthening the body. So don’t hesitate and spread your yoga mat! Start practicing yoga regularly and enjoy your life to the fullest.

You can practice yoga anytime and anywhere, but doing yoga in a group will keep you motivated. The support from your peers will encourage you to keep yourself fit. We have listed down some yoga poses that you can enjoy with your peers.

Yoga Poses For Two People:

Find your inner peace by practicing yoga regularly. Yoga includes various exercises and meditations that will relax your body and give positive energy to it. Why practice yoga alone when you can do it with your friends. Practice couple yoga with your partner, it will help you in building trust with your partner.  Here are some yoga poses for two people that you can practice with your friend or loved one.

Double Tree Pose:

Double Tree Pose is a variation in Tree Pose. It’s a beginner pose that people who are new to yoga can try easily. In this pose, both partners will be in the standing position and they will try to balance on one leg while holding each other. This pose is very good to find balance with your partner.

Sitting Spinal Twist:

This pose can be done solo or with a partner. Another name of this pose is Half Lord of the Fishes. This pose is used to relax your spine. In this pose your back and neck will be stretched. It is performed in a sitting position, both partners will twist their backs and stretch out their sides.

Double Downward Dog:

Double Downward Dog Pose is also an easy pose that beginners can practice. But when this pose is performed with a partner it becomes a bit difficult. Your hamstrings and calves will be stretched in this pose.

Standing Partner Backbend:

This is pose is very helpful in stretching your back and opening up your chest. Another name for this pose is Heart-Opening Yoga Pose. In this pose, partners will hold each other’s arms and stretch their backs while pointing their chins toward the sky.

Partner Camel Pose:

Partner Camel Pose is not for beginners; it is an intermediate pose. It will target your quadriceps and core. Camel pose will increase the flexibility and balance of both partners.

Yoga Poses For Three People:

If you want to increase your interactions while doing yoga in your class. Ditch the couple’s yoga and practice 3 person yoga poses. It is also known as Acro Yoga. Acro Yoga has participants who are familiar with acrobatic movements. In Acro Yoga, two or more participants try to help each other to achieve poses that are difficult to achieve individually.  We have listed some yoga poses that you can practice with your peers and have fun while improving your health.

Lord Of The Dance Pose:

Lord of the Dance Pose is a standing pose. This pose is easy to perform when you have partners. Your partners will help you to achieve the balance that is required to perform this pose.

3-Person Plank Pose:

If you want to do yoga poses with three persons 3-Person Plank Pose is a good option. It is as simple as its name, in this pose three persons do planks on top of each other. It will look like a tower. By performing this yoga pose with your partners you will tone your arms and improve balance.

Downward Dog And L-Shape Group Pose:

In the simple Downward Dog Pose, you can add partners and make it a group pose to make it more interesting and challenging. When three persons perform the Downward Dog Pose in a group, then the last person will be able to make a perfect L-shape.

Double Front Plank:

The difficulty level of this pose is very high, only experts can perform it. There is one person on the floor who supports two persons on his legs. This requires great balancing skills while the person on the floor should be strong enough to support two individuals at the same time.

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