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Ezeparking team said MS Lona is an Excellence-class journey transport set to work for P&O Cruises, an auxiliary of Carnival Corporation and plc. Worked by Meyer Werft in Papen burg, Germany. She was convey in October 2020, turning into the line’s new flagship. At 184,089 GT, the boat is the biggest to at any point work for P&O Cruises, and to work explicitly for the British market. She is the first of two indistinguishable boats being worked by Meyer Werft for P&O Cruises, with the second, Arvia, due to enter administration in 2022.


Lona has 17 distinct diners, including eight eateries assigned as ‘select eating’, and 12 diverse bars. Ezeparking team said she additionally has 16 whirlpools and 4 pools, one of which will be important for Sky Dome, an amusement setting covered by a 105-ton, 340-sheet, and 970-square-meter glass vault that likewise includes a retractable stage for shows. Sky Dome is one of 13 diversion scenes onboard. In the focal point of the boat there is a three-deck chamber going about as the center for amusement action, while additionally highlighting triple-deck glass boards projecting outwards for perspectives on the outside.

Fuel by melted petroleum gas (LNG), Lona is intend to not discharge sulfur dioxide outflows and ash particles.

Lona has 18 all out decks, a length of 344.5 meters (1,130 ft), and a light emission meters (138 ft). Maximum force is evaluate at 61.7 megawatts (82,700 hp). Total impetus power is appraise at 37 megawatts (50,000 hp). Together, the force framework gives the vessel an assistance speed of 17 bunches (31 km/h; 20 mph). Lona will have a traveler limit of 5,206 visitors and 1,762 team.


On 6 September 2016, Carnival Corporation declared that it had consented to an arrangement with Meyer Werft for a 5,200-traveler vessel for P&O, booked for a 2020 debut. The vessel, wanted to be the biggest in P&O’s set of experiences, at roughly 180,000 GT, would likewise be fueled by LNG, making her the primary LNG-controlled boat devoted for the British market. It was subsequently revealed that the motor room unit for the LNG tanks for Lona was developed independently at Meyer Werft’s sister yard, Neptune Werft, in Rostock Ezeparking team added.

On 27 October 2016, P&O reported that the general population would be welcome to name the new ship. On 24 May 2018, it was declare that the name Lona. After the Scottish island of Lona, has browse 30,000 submissions.

Development and conveyance:

On 25 April 2018, development for the boat started with the steel-cutting function in Papen burg.

On 29 May 2019, the boat’s fall was laid to stamp the authority gathering of the hull. At the service, a bronze coin from Lona Abbey and a piece of green marble from Lona was laid under a fall block that deliberate 21.5 meters (71 ft) long, 19.4 meters wide, and 9.8 meters high, and weighed 461 tons. The square was then brought down into the structure dock.

Ezeparking team said in August 2019, the 105-ton, 340-sheet glass arch that will turn into the boat’s highlight was raised onto the ship. By the month’s end, the bow and waists were join together.

Lona was drift out of the dry harbor on 14 February 2020. She went through definite equipping in wet harbor before her River Ems transport to Eemshaven on 18 March 2020 and her ocean preliminaries in the North Sea were set to follow without further ado after. However, on 20 March 2020, Meyer Werft report that the boat had  secure in Bremerhaven.

Effect of Covid-19

All inside work and preliminaries would be stop, because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Later, on 26 March 2020, following conversations with Bremerhaven port and clinical specialists, Meyer Werft clarified that work would continue, yet at a decreased speed, given the decrease in group and resources. On 30 May 2020, Lona left from Bremerhaven for Rotterdam for an ocean preliminary. Furthermore to enter dry harbor at Damen’s Rotterdam shipyard on 2 June for proceeded with investigation work. A second round of ocean preliminaries was subsequently perform along the Norwegian coast following the dry dock.

Initially planned to be conveyed to P&O in spring 2020, the boat’s conveyance was first deferred to June 2020, and afterward likely to August 2020, before eventually being followed through on 9 October 2020.

Debut occasions:

Ezeparking team said Lona was initially booked to play out her first venture on 14 May 2020. The 9-night full circle journey from Southampton was to sail to the Norwegian fjords, bringing in Stavanger, Olden, Hellesylt, Geiranger, and Bergen, yet was eventually drop because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The boat was likewise plan to be dedicate on 4 July 2020, initiating seven days in length festivity called “Lonafest” on the accompanying seven-day journey denoting the naming of the ship. However, on 23 April 2020, after P&O declared a further suspension of tasks until 31 July 2020, it additionally uncovered “Lonafest” would be deferred as the boat’s public introduction was likewise therefore postponed because of the pandemic. The boat’s true introduction is yet to be determine.


Lona was initially book to cruise travels to the Norwegian fjords from Southampton for her debut summer season. However, the pandemic expanded the organization’s suspension of activities until April 2021. In summer 2021, the boat is plan to cruise full circle agendas from Southampton to Northern Europe. Including the Netherlands, Germany, and Belgium, and to Southern Europe, including the Canary Islands, Spain, and Portugal. This turn is book to proceed through mid-2022.


Ezeparking team said P&O Cruises’ freshest boat, Lona, is expected dispatch in summer 2020, at an at this point undefined date because of the effect of Covid constraining the suspension of journey activities around the world. Lona will be the greatest at any point transport reason worked for the UK market – since P&O Cruises’ final remaining, Britannia, which dispatched in 2015. Lona will be join by a sister transport Arvia in 2022.

The 5,200-traveler, 180,000-ton transport is one various new ships requeste by parent organization Carnival Corp.

Similarly as with the remainder of the boats in the armada. The accentuation will be on food, drink and diversion – U.K. – style. So don’t anticipate climbing dividers, fun-mobiles or waterslides. However anticipate VIP cooks, revue-style shows, a lot of bars and bars and a solid accentuation on music.

The line has excitingly enrolled the gifts of Take That front man Gary Barlow. As both brand envoy and melodic overseer of the 710 Club, a private music setting intended to sustain new ability.

What’s more, in a first for the line, the new boat will likewise pioneer a half-mile “Lanai” deck. An open air, covered promenade which will incorporate outdoors eateries and bars. Bringing the outside in,” or “interfacing travelers to the ocean,” as the line put it.

Additionally likewise with the rest of the boats in the naval force. The emphasis will be on food, drink and redirection – U.K. – style. So don’t expect climbing dividers, fun-mobiles or waterslides, anyway expect VIP cooks, revue-style shows, a great deal of bars and bars and a strong complement on music Ezeparking team added.

Gary Barlow Reviews

The line has excitingly selected the blessings of Take That front man Gary Barlow. As both brand emissary and melodic regulator of the 710 Club, a private music setting proposed to support new capacity.

Furthermore, in a first for the line, the new boat will moreover pioneer a half-mile “Lanai” deck. An outdoors, covered promenade which will consolidate outside diners and bars. Bringing the outside in, or “interfacing voyagers to the sea,” as the line put it.

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