Feature Films That Will Make You Groove and Laugh at The Same Time

Funny musical films are perfect for a feel-good fix to the mundane life in today’s time. People who are drowned in work, look for an escape from the comfort of their homes. However, they don’t have the motivation to uplift their mood. So, here is a list of films with foot-tapping numbers, hilarious storylines and emotional moments that will take you on a journey far away from your corporate life.

Eurovision: The Story of Fire Saga

David Dobkin helmed Rom-Com Eurovision: The Story of Fire Saga premiered on Netflix to a lot of positive reviews. The rom-com turned out to be a hit with its simple storyline. Will Farrell played the character of Lars Erickssong and as usual, tickled the audience’s funny bones with his hilarious performance. Rachel McAdams plays the role of Sigrit Ericksdottir, an Icelandic National, to perfection. She also has her funny moments in the film when she goes on to say “The elves went too far”.

The story revolves around the Icelandic singers Sirgit and Lars, as their band Fire Saga is given a chance to represent Iceland in the prestigious Eurovision Song Contest. However, the band’s journey is nothing short of a thorny trail as their disastrous performance in the pre-selection competition takes them out of the race.

The disheartened singers are then shown looking at the exclusive boat party with all the other contestants. Although, the boat explodes, claiming the lives of everyone on board. The unfortunate incident makes Fire Saga Iceland’s sole representatives in the 2020 Eurovision Song Contest.

The soundtrack, especially Jaja Ding Dong, struck a chord with the audience and went on to become an international hit. Rachel and Will’s chemistry is what made the movie work and maintain a standing in Netflix’s top 10 list.

Game Night

Starring versatile actors Rachel McAdams and Jason Bateman, Game Night is one of those rare movies that bring out the natural comic personality in McAdams. Directed by John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein, this movie’s script is famous for establishing the Canadian actor as a comedy queen.

In the film, both the actors play the role of a married couple Annie and Max. The story revolves around how the simple middle-class couple’s game night of charades and drawings takes a “dark” turn when they get caught up in a dangerously hilarious situation. Tables turn and their game night turns into a real-life mystery after Max’s brother Brooks invites the couple and a few friends for an interactive role-play game night.

However, the couple gets caught up in the criminal underworld and goes on a hilarious journey of hitting and shooting people to rescue Brooks. The one line which makes Rachel McAdams so funny is when the hitman is sucked into the plane’s turbine, and she says “Oh no, he died”.

Don’t miss out on this theatrical flick as it is high on funny one-liners, action, and spontaneous comical reactions that are a perfect addition to your Friday night plans.

Daddy’s Home

This Will Ferrell starrer is a must-watch because of the comical relationship his character and Mark Wahlberg’s character share in the movie. Ferrell plays Brad, an absent-minded and over-enthusiastic Step Father to Dusty’s (Wahlberg) two kids.

The story shows how Brad vies for the attention of his kids and wife after Dusty comes into the picture. What follows is a story about how the two men do everything in their capacity to prove themselves as the best fathers.

The NBA game scene in the movie proves Ferrell’s mettle as a comic actor. The scene shows him buying tickets worth $18,000 for the kids and Sarah to determine his worth, but Dusty shows up again and gives the kids courtside seats with the Lakers. Because of this, Brad starts drinking heavily, and during half-time, he goes on to hit a cheerleader with a basketball and rant about Dusty.

The movie finally ends with both of them turning co-dads and living like a dysfunctional family. A two-hour length feature film of this genre and story can turn your day into a fun family viewing experience.

Pitch Perfect

This young-adult musical/comedy is a treat to every music lover and cinephile. This feature film is full of jam-packed performances of an A-Capella group remixing blockbuster songs. It stars Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson in prominent music-driven characters in the movie. Anna plays the role of a talented singer who joins an A-Capella group to win Nationals. Wilson is also a part of the singing group but her one-liners and antics such as wooing guys, hitting bad guys will crack you up.

The third installment of the film shows the hilarious antics of Fat Amy (Rebel Wilson) when she detonates a bomb on the Fat Dingo, to rescue her friends who were taken hostage by her estranged father. This notable scene was the funniest of all as the rescue operation also involved Amy hitting the kidnappers with pots and pans in the kitchen.

Pitch Perfect may not be like Eurovision, but it is sweet, funny, emotional, and packs a range of pop performances that will make you want to sing and dance at the same time.

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