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Features All Cameras Should Have to Ensure a Smooth Photography Experience

Speaking about the cameras’ technicalities, some features are less standard than others but hold very significant value and are extremely useful. There are still some very cool and helpful features I wish all cameras should have. It might help us get a more lucid experience of photography and make it much easier for the user.

An Essential Feature to Capture Photos in The Dark

Among all the fantastic features, this is the little one you won’t even consider yet when you experience you wondering why it isn’t available in your camera. If you love photography, you will know all about its functionalities and remember the positioning of all the buttons by your fingertips.  So, what’s the need for this feature? The problem occurs when you have to access the camera under the dark environment (Night-time), and it gets difficult to actively keep track of what buttons are you using to get the desired result.

Recently I got the chance to try my hands on a new 1D X Mark III a bit, and the illuminated buttons made everything even more convenient. Likewise, during the shoots under the dim light domain, it gets quite a tough task to fiddle around with the lens and changes it. So, the Pentax K1 is the only safeguard camera which has an in build illuminating lens mount. It makes the experience of night photography even more dynamic and amazing.

Capture the Rotation of The Earth with This “Astro” Feature

Perhaps the most significant difficulty for any photographer is to deal with camera shake. The sensor-shift is one of the most convenient and fantastic options to reduce the camera shakes while capturing at high exposure. This system functions by rotating camera sensors around the image plane by accessing the electrical actuators.

Best Screens to Ensure A Hassle-Free Photography Experience

Every camera pops up the necessary set information like shutter speed, IOS, battery life, exposure, etc. on the screen. But many of us don’t prefer to have everything displayed on the screen at all times. I couldn’t imagine anything better than to dispose of non-essential data and put the minimum necessary data that I need in specific situations.

Global Positioning System- An Excellent Method To Look Through Your Memories

As a matter of fact, this is the most typical feature of all, yet it’s equally challenging to find this feature in any common cameras. Having an option to open a guide that indicated where all my photographs were taken had a couple of advantages. First, it is an excellent method to look through the recollection of memories. Second, it is an extraordinary method to rearrange your photographs by sorting them out according to their specific locations.

Source : Smooth Photography Experience

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