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Few Things That You Need to Know About Jewellery Display Cabinets

One of the most important pillars of jewellery industry are jewellery cabinets. The quality of materials used and the workmanship required in jewellery cabinets need to be stricter than the glass cabinets used to display cell phones or other electronic devices. Although the stricter process is not quite easy to understand, there are some basic knowledge about jewellery cabinets that one needs to know.

Jewellery Cabinets

What Are Those Few Things That We Need to Know?

Firstly, we should understand the material. There are two types of glass cabinets for jewelleries that are usually found- metal jewellery display cases and wooden jewellery display cabinets. So, the main materials are stainless steel and wood. The wood used are either solid wood, MDF or plywood. And for the metal one it is always stainless steel. The other materials used are wood veneer, tempered glass, marble, powder coating, paint and so on. An acrylic logo is most widely used on a jewellery showcase, because it is lightweight, has light transmittance and a high mechanical strength.

Next, we should have the knowledge of the lighting design of jewellery cabinets. LED lighting has grown to be the most popular jewellery lighting. Why so? Because of its advantages. It has an amazing longevity, it has high luminous efficiency, low electricity consumption and no radiation. According to the jewellery type, lights can be customised. While some need strong lighting, the rest of the jewelleries require warm lighting.

Next, comes the maintenance. We should learn how to maintain the jewellery shop display cabinets, because the cabinets themselves are quite valuable. There are a few points that one needs to follow:

The showcase should be kept far any source of water or moisture, as they may cause deformation or mildew. Similarly, avoid keeping the showcase exposed for a long time in the sun. Scrub the showcase with a wet towel everyday but do not use solvents, polishing or cleaning agents.

If you own a jewellery retail shop, then you must know how to design the store, in an attractive manner, to offer a good display to the customers. Jewelleries, especially diamonds and other precious stones should be displayed in a highly vibrant ambience to fetch attention of your customers.

Now the Point Is, Why Do You Need Jewellery Cabinets?

Jewellery Cabinet are Required Because of The Following Reasons:

Importance of A Proper Store Ambience

Apt display and decoration are important parts of any jewellery store that can easily take the sales up. In fact, the eye-catching display and matching ambience can help in grabbing the customers’ or the potential customers’ attention. Quite obviously, a lifeless and dull ambience, with inappropriate glass display cabinets will ruin the whole display even worse than expected. Thus, installing appropriate jewellery cabinets are indeed something that you need to set up to add to the glamour quotient.

Functionality and Its Versatile Nature

After an exquisite display cabinet is installed, it will offer a few things. Primarily, it will offer a graceful and charming look to your store that will easily entice your customers/potential customers. They have a wide range of functionality. They not only help you display the products, but also keeps your jewels and jewellery safe. These durable designer cabinets are definitely worth the buy.

Avoid Shoplifts

Along with offering spectacular looks, the glass cabinets ensure that no shoplift take place during the busy hours of the day. Though the presence of CCTV reduces the chances of shoplifting, the presence of glass cabinets is an added measure of safety for your valuables.

Now that you are aware of the important roles that the jewellery cabinets play, what are you still thinking about? Take a prompt decision as to which design will suit your shop, and BUY TODAY!

Cataleya Robbins

Hello, I'm Cataleya Robbins working as a blogger at Glass Cabinets Direct. Glass Cabinets Direct is one of the best suppliers of high-quality aluminium display cabinets and counters. We offer high-quality cabinets to both retail and commercial sectors at competitive prices. Our cabinets include many features, including LED lighting, which makes your products look stunning.

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