Find More About Laminate Wood Flooring in Sydney

Wanted to install Laminate Wood Flooring in Sydney? In a simpler term, flooring is a process to cover floors with tough and resistant materials making it functional to walk over.

In Australia, there are various materials can use for flooring, including laminate wood flooring in Sydney. Thus, Timber flooring is taking the lead due to its many benefits as the other flooring types.

Discover Different Laminate Wood Flooring in Sydney


The term lamination will not be limit to wood, and there are tons of choices with laminate flooring. The most popular uses for lamination are wood, stone, and tile. So, You can choose any kind of grain and color of wood or layout of stone or tile, laminate, and split into easily-assembled planks from which a floor can create. For lamination, there is no limit. And this sometimes creates difficulty for consumers to choose from. Here, We have enlisted some types of laminate flooring to empower the decision of choosing Cheap laminate flooring in Sydney you can relish that.

  1. Installation Types

Dividing Laminate Wood Flooring in Sydney into installation types is one way to categorize it.

These types include;

  • Glueless-Click

Here, More than 2/3 of today’s laminates fall under this easy-to-install, glueless click-lock category.

  • Glued Laminate

In this installation type, the joints will fix together with glues. So, this lamination makes a floor very strong once installed. Besides that, installation cost and time will great than a glue less-click.

  • Pre-Glued

As the name suggests, the joints have already glued together. However, they need to remove the moisturized to activate the glue before you join Laminate Wood Flooring in Sydney together.

  1. Surface Types

This is another way of classifying the installation of Laminate Wood Flooring in Sydney, based on what finish you will like to have.

  • Smooth

This is a plain finish, just like a layer of varnish you can link with hardwood. So, you may have the option to choose from high, medium, and low gloss finishes.

  • Embossed and or Textured

Sometimes laminates come with a surfaced finish. So, This actually does not match up with the printed grain grooves. Nonetheless, does fool the eye into seeing a surface grain.

  • Distressed/Hand-scraped

The hand scraped laminate flooring process is now available to add an antique look to your Laminate Wood Flooring in Sydney.

  • Embossed in Registration or natural Wood Texture

Matching with the wood’s grain exactly for the most realistic embossed look and it does not fool the eye.

  • Matte Finish

This is one of the most popular textures. So, If you want a laminate that resembles hardwood floors, this is the way to go.

  • Soft-Scraped Finish

A delicate and timeworn finish can add to laminate wood to create a soft, scraped texture. Consequences, This type of laminate flooring has a cowed look.

  • Oiled Wood Finish

This is quite visually appealing to laminate flooring, which is similar to untreated natural wooden floors. This way, it looks like natural oils.

  • High Gloss/Piano Finish

Due to their shiny and elegant texture, the high gloss finish can adjust for upscale modern interiors.

  • Oxide Surface Finish

Mainly for modern and stylish interiors, oxide surface finish gives a small amount of luster (due to the presence of metal element)

  • Slate/Stone Finish

As the name implies, this texture just looks like a slate or stone-made floor.

  1. Edge Type

As mentioned earlier, for laminate flooring, there is a world of choices it makes. Edge type is another property of laminate flooring that gives the ease to choose to the consumer. Here are some of the categories

  • Square Edge

Floors are finished with 90° edges in a typical square-edge type. Thus, It gives the planks giving a sleek look with an impeccable evolution between tiles.

  • Micro-Bevel

Laminate flooring planks have a very delicate rounded corner in a micro-bevel edge type. In chic interiors, micro-bevel edges are popular.

  • Deep Bevel or V-Groove

With distinct edges in the letter V’s shape, each plank is inimitably grooved, giving it a uniform look- there is only one solid wood plank throughout the room.

  1. Rolled Bevel

The design and color of the floor roll over or go beyond the edges. Thus, It augments each tile with an authentic exterior without adding sharp edges.

  • Painted Bevel

For a more defined look, the tile’s edges are painted

  1. Locking System

What cam more comfortable and good to ears that you don’t need to handle with a hammer or nails when installing laminate wood flooring in Sydney. There are generally two types of locking systems for laminate flooring;

  • Tongue and Groove

With the tongue and groove locking system, the pieces in laminate flooring are interlocked. Due to extreme protection, this system is prevalent.

  • Mechanical

A mechanical locking system is also used with some laminates. Aluminium-built mechanical locking systems are united from underneath the tiles to keep the pieces joined together.

Cheap Laminate Flooring

Before you narrow down your search for cheap laminate flooring in Sydney, let’s have a look at the incredible types of wood flooring on which you can create laminate flooring of your choice.

  1. Cherry

One of the most popular species used for hardwood flooring is cherry. So, It comes in various varieties, but the most popular is the American cherry.

  1. Walnut

It is another popular hardwood species available in an eye-sparkling range. Walnut is a soft hardwood similar to cherry. You should not install Cheap laminate flooring in Sydney where you want to keep the dinning table heavy dining chairs slide back and forth regularly.

3. Oak

Oak is adorned for its urban good looks and old-fashioned warmth. It is a great choice in vintage style homes. Another benefit of oak wood flooring is that it blends well with a wide range of furniture and décor. Here, Oak is sold in tow main colours.

 Red Oak- Red oak is much lighter.

White Oak– White oak is a pale brown.

Oak is a hard word, but with time it tends to scrap. Thus, Its price falls in the middle of all other Cheap laminate flooring in Sydney

  1. Maple

It is one of the very seasoned and unique types of hardwood flooring. This is durable, highly resistant, and does not scratch even after the years go by. Moreover, its longevity, affordability, and low-maintenance make it a good choice as hardwood and cheap laminate flooring in Sydney.

  1. Hickory

Hickory can be used for a lifetime if properly maintained.  Normally, it comes in a medium tan to light red-brown colour. The thing that makes hickory more popular is that usually, it has dramatic grain patterns. So, It usually ranges from medium to high price

  1. Ash

Truly an incredible and sophisticated option for high chic interiors, ash is a beautiful species of hardwood. Moreover, its durability falls in the medium range and is an affordable option. The light colour is complemented by an active wood grain that gives it a warm, natural look.

  1. Pine

Whenever it comes to hardwood flooring, pine is the option that comes quickly to mind. Besides that, it has versatility, unique patterns and comes at a price that an average person can afford.  Furthermore, It matures with time (years). So, this is also an environmentally friendly option because pine trees grow in abundance and quickly. Thus, This is one of the most affordable types of hardwood flooring.

No matter the type of flooring you choose, laminate flooring is what you need to make sure of after the timber has been installed.


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