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Finding the most lucrative jobs in UAE

Today, many people from Asian countries are seeking jobs in UAE. They can secure some of the finest jobs here and hence can build a lucrative career. Usually, in western countries such as U.S., U.K, etc only the top-notch professionals can secure job. But, in UAE, any person with ordinary qualification can also secure job. The international laws are more liberal and they allow the international visitors to live in their country for three months to secure a job. The people who are seeking for a job can secure a Visa and stay for three months to search for a job. So, a person can find jobs in uae in various fields.

Prospects for jobs in uae

The jobs that are greatly in demand in uae are engineering, teaching and academics, tourism, accounting, financial analysis, nursing, healthcare, etc. The jobs in Dubai are greatly in demand because the organizations offer attractive payment. The companies are growing in UAE and these companies are also planning to expand. The large organizations in Dubai are continuously search for new employees. Several opportunities are provided to people in Dubai.

In IT field, some of the reputed companies such as Acne Frontline, Alan Technology, Alpha Byte, etc are continuously searching new employees. The job demands in IT field are increasing day-by-day. These companies are willing to offer higher salaries in the field of system programming, system development, etc. They offer decent salary to the candidates depending upon their position.

Even the accountants or financial analysts can secure top-notch jobs in UAE. They can find jobs in UAE relating to accounts and financial analysis. The accountants who have knowledge in forecasting revenues or costs can build a successful career in this field. They also require several accountants for malls, large shops or even organizations. The junior accountants can also build a bright future. Some of the companies that are offering jobs are Cisco, Goldman Sancs, Boston Consulting Group etc.

Different types of engineers can secure jobs in UAE such as the Petroleum engineer, Mechanical Engineer, Chemical Engineer, Aerospace engineer, etc. Gulf countries are known for their rich oil refineries and hence the petroleum engineers are greatly in demand. Some of the reputed companies that demand engineers are ADP Ingenierie, Araco, CNA Integrated Technologies, etc.

Some of the latest jobs in UAE are for marketing and social media engineers. The people from other countries have a great opportunity to work as a SEO specialist in the field of social media and marketing. They can learn to use different marketing techniques and social media tools. Some of the companies that offer job in the field are Smart Click, Bruce Clay, EDS, Dubai, etc.

The teachers and academicians can also build a lucrative career in UAE. They even hire teachers who do not have any prior experience. On the contrary, the demand for teaching is increasing day-by-day. Even the most reputed schools in UAE require only 2 to 3 years of experience. So, they can use the online portal to find latest jobs in UAE.

They also hire candidates from human resource field, administration, artificial intelligence etc.

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