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Free yourself from stubborn fat: kybella vs coolsculpting

Usually, all men and women have fat in their bodies, and it is not something new. Even if we devote ourselves to clean and healthy eating, many of us will still find it challenging to get rid of stubborn fat in our bodies. It is because stubborn fat is unresponsive to diet and exercise. No matter how much you seek, it won’t be easy to get rid of it. But we are lucky that the cosmetic industry has blessed us with the fat-blasting procedures known as coolsculpting and kybella.

coolsculpting vs kybella

Back in time, people resorted to liposuction to get rid of their excess fat. Still, these days, kybella and coolsculpting have become more popular than liposuction, and people are increasingly looking forward to these treatments. But one thing that troubles people is which one to choose between the two. Both the treatments produce excellent results, but there are some critical differences between them both which will help you differentiate between the two. Most importantly, you can get rid of your stubborn fat by adhering to these treatments. Let us know how these cosmetic procedures can help you get rid of stubborn fat, which is the best between coolsculpting vs kybella


Coolsculpting can provide you the opportunity to freeze your fat away and get a toned and slim body in less time. It can give you your dream body. Following the process known as cryolipolysis, it targets the specific fat cells and freezes them up to a temperature that ultimately eliminates the fat from your body. After some time, your body disposes of those fat cells and permanently removes them. With coolsculpting techniques, there is no surgery and minimal downtime required. 

People mistake coolsculpting as a weight-loss method like liposuction. In reality, it is not a weight-loss method but a body contouring procedure. It primarily targets stubborn fat only. The best thing about coolsculpting is that you can use it on any part of your body. Make sure to have an ideal body weight before scheduling your coolsculpting appointment. 

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In one way or the other, it is the same as coolsculpting, but this has been approved especially for double chin than other areas. Without any doubt, it is frustrating to deal with the excess fat beneath the chin, and it isn’t easy to get rid of it. But no worries, as kybella can give you a toned jawline in less time. The double chin is unresponsive to diet and exercise. During the kybella treatment, a unique solution gets injected into the affected area, eliminating the fat cells from there. As a result, kybella injections can smoothly slim your jawline. 

Coolsculpting vs Kybella

Areas treated 

The primary difference between kybella and coolsculpting is the areas they treat. You can make use of a coolsculpting treatment for any of the body parts you wish to treat. Coolsculpting is effective in places like the stomach, lower abdomen, bra bulges, love handles, buttocks, armpits, and many more. But this is not the case with kybella, as kybella is effective primarily for double chin. It does treat other areas and double chin, but the results are not that good compared to coolsculpting. Before choosing the treatment, make sure to know the area you wish to treat and then decide accordingly. 


People take both these treatments as an easy option thinking that the health insurance will cover its expenses, but this is not so. Health insurances are only beneficial when it is some medical necessity. But these treatments are not some medical necessity and are meant for enhancing one’s beauty by toning the body. Consequently, it is not covered by health insurance, and you have to bear its expenses out of your pocket. 

Then, the costs of both these treatments will be decided by a combination of factors like your service provider, location, area you are getting treated, and the maintenance sessions availed by you. As far as kybella costs are concerned, your doctor will discuss the treatment plan with you and the potential cost and other things. It will consume around 15-20 minutes for the treatment, and you may need maintenance sessions after this. Consequently, the price will be near $1054 of kybella for a double chin is seen overall. 

Next, we have the coolsculpting cost. The cost of coolsculpting also relies on multiple factors like kybella. But the time taken by coolsculpting will be more than kybella as it will take around one hour to give you the desired results. So if we look at the coolsculpting cost stats, it will range between $2000-$4000. Besides this, it will vary from person to person and year to year. 

Side effects and risks of both

It is illogical to expect that there will be no side effects, and you will get your dream body without doing anything for it. The same is the case with kybella and coolsculpting. Both the treatments will have some side effects and risks concerning them. The best way to avoid these is to talk to your doctor before commencing the treatment and discuss all the medications you are taking. 

After kybella treatment, one common side effect you’ll face is swelling and swallowing issues. Also, near the injection site, you may have redness, pain, swelling, numbness, and many more such things. Bruising can also take place. Apart from this, some rare cases will lead to nerve injury and trouble in swallowing. Do not take these side effects to be lightly and consult your doctor. 

There is not much difference between the kybella and coolsculpting side effects as both are mostly the same. For instance, there will be itching, aching, tenderness, redness, and bruising on the treated area. But here, the side effects are not severe as in kybella and usually last for a few days or a week. 


There is no doubt that Kybella gives people a toned jawline and leaves patients with a positive self-image. It means that patients are delighted with the kybella results. 

Coolsculpting is also not behind satisfying people to the fullest and giving them the best results. There are fewer side effects in coolsculpting, and the number of satisfied patients is impressive. 

Which treatment to choose? 

In kybella vs coolsculpting, which one to choose is the biggest question these days. People are finding difficulty in choosing the one between these. But there are certain things which can make the decision easier for you. Have a look: 

Area treated

You can choose the treatment based on your body goals. Everyone has a picture of the desired body shape in their minds and works towards it. Also, take into consideration the fat in your body. For example, if you have fat around the chin, kybella will be the best. But, contrary to it, if you wish to have a flat belly, coolsculpting can give you excellent results. 


Secondly, check the reviews of both kybella and coolsculpting before opting for the one. Whether both the treatments yield happy customers and give them the bodies they desire or not is the thing to be noted. Consequently, opt for the treatment which deems you best. 


Precisely nothing can be said which is the best one between coolsculpting vs kybella. It depends on many factors, but both treatments are perfect for improving your overall appearance. 


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