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Funeral Flowers That You’ll Send for Condolences

Sympathy flowers are the best way to support a mourning family that has lost one of their beloved. Flowers come in different types and varieties. Some of them show love. They also express feelings and communicate emotions that words could not.
 symbolize certain things, and their general meaning might be understood in any scenario. The following are sympathy flowers that you will send to comfort your friends or relatives who have lost their loved ones.


Lilies are aquatic flowers that come in different colors and types. They grow during the summer and are usually known to represent renewal and rebirth. Lilies are also popular funeral flowers, and their fragrance is strong. This flower can be a strong representation of the spirit of your loved one that encourages the mourning family.
The suggestion of rebirth and renewal is always applied in faith-based services. White lilies represent purity and youth, and it is a perfect funeral flower for a person that has gone too soon.


Roses are pretty flowers that come in different colors and varieties. Each color of roses has a different meaning. The white color of these lovely flowers shows purity and innocence. Peach roses show sincerity and thankfulness, and you can give them to a family who has lost someone that has blessed your life.
Pink roses are also one of the best ways that you can use to show thankfulness. The yellow color of roses represents friendship and is the perfect way to show your support. All shades of roses are the best sympathy flowers.


Carnations are the best way to show love to the family of the deceased. Some people trust that the word carnation was derived from incarnation. It is a Latin word that means God in the flesh. You can give these flowers to the deceased’s family to respect the life that reflected the life of Christ.
You can also use carnations to show love to the family or the person that has passed on. Carnations are popular during Mother’s Day occasions, and so you can use them to honor the life of someone who used to be the best mother to her children and family.


Hyacinth is a popular purple flower. This type of flower is known to represent sorrow and regret. It is the best sympathy flower because the symbol is appropriate for the funeral. It is sometimes good to acknowledge the grief of the family. You can send them these lovely flowers instead of trying to comfort them with words like being strong, and God will not give you a cross that you can bear.
Let the grieving family know that you are aware of how they feel, and you also care for them. This lovely flower can illustrate the pain that you feel after hearing about their loss. This simple message is sometimes what the family requires.


Chrysanthemums are unique flowers that are popular in the US. They come in different colors and meanings and are the second most beautiful flower. These flowers are also called mums and are mainly used to show support and encouragement. They are getting well soon, flowers. In Europe, these lovely flowers are placed on graves, and they represent death. The flower is a representation of death, and it also shows support and encouragement. This flower is perfect for funerals.


Gladiolus is a pretty flower that shows strength and character. You can give a mourning family this lovely flower to let them know how wonderful they are and encourage them as well. This flower will enable the grieving family to take heart during their mourning journey.
Gladiolus is a sympathy gift that will not ignore the pain of loss, and it well speaks the pain of compassion in this challenging time. This flower also reminds the grieving family of how strong they are and their loved ones. And this will motivate the diseased as they enter a new life.


It is not hard to understand the meaning of this fantastic flower. This flower represents the emblem of remembrance, and this is essential to the family that has lost their loved one. The flower will let the family know that their loved one lives in their memories forever. Most people tend to ignore their emotions, and they often avoid the topic of the loved one died.


Orchids are delicate flowers that come in different colors and shapes. They are exotic flowers that represent everlasting love. These flowers are the best way to celebrate a departed mother or woman. Orchids come in different colors, but the best color for a funeral is picking orchids. You can also give a pink orchid bouquet of orchids. This flower shows sympathy and love to the deceased and the family. The red color of orchids shows courage, love, and passion. The pink one shows femininity, grace, and innocence. The purple orchids show respect, dignity, or royalty. The yellow ones are a symbol of friendship and happiness. At the same time, the white orchids are a symbol of beauty, elegance, and innocence. Make sure to send these flowers based on their color.


Tulips are one of the best flowers. These funeral flowers are also perfect for a funeral. Tulips come in different colors and varieties, and they show the graceful way the deceased person spent their life on earth. The red color of tulips is a representation of love. The white ones show forgiveness and worthiness. These meanings make this flower perfect for a funeral.


Hydrangea is a lovely flower that represents gratitude, grace, and beauty. These flowers come in different colors and varieties. Its colors are a symbol of love, harmony, and peace. They, however, make the perfect funeral flowers. A bouquet or wreath of these perfect flowers would be the best way to encourage the deceased’s family.


Daisies are simple flowers that come in different colors and meanings. You can send white daisies or a bouquet of several flowers. Send these unique flowers to the grieving family, and they will appreciate it.

Dish Gardens or Plants

Dish gardens are composed of a variety of lush green plants and are typically arranged in a flower basket or beautiful container. Both dish gardens and flowers are suitable to be sent straight to awake or to the family’s home.

Standing Sprays

Funeral sprays are characteristically given to a funeral house but can also be delivered to a church or funeral place for a service or to a graveside funeral ceremony.

Wreaths, Hearts, and Crosses

These more extensive, prominent flower arrangements are arranged near the casket on an easel and are suitable for your neighbor and close friends. The annular shape of a funeral spray is a touching way to represent eternal or internal life, while funeral baskets represent hope, and the heart stands for love. Funeral flowers are often delivered to a funeral house.

Final Thought

 are the best ways to show support to the mourning family. They symbolize some emotions, and you can understand them. These flowers are not strictly meant for funerals alone. You can as well send them to a friend or relative who is struggling with grief. A bouquet of these fantastic flowers will make them feel better and loved. You can choose them in a bouquet or any arrangement, and they would appreciate them.

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