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How to Ensure Accuracy in Genomics Lab Billing

Genomics Lab Billing

A rapidly growing field in laboratories, Genetics is growing every day! But that being said, it also brings significant challenges especially with reimbursement for molecular coding and billing. Every year, the CMS continues a review process on which genes are tested the most, rewrites the CPT codes to give the top genes their own codes.

Hence, it is well understood that as a Genomics lab, all you need is to comply with the requirements of claims adjudication precisely that has been set by the federal and the private plans, you may be working with! However, hiring a quality vendor that is equipped with the best practices of Genomics lab billing can be a challenge. Also, you might have to scrutinize their client references, testimonials, and access to how they are placed as a medical billing company working with Genomics labs.

What makes Sunknowledge Unique?

At present, Sunknowledge Services Inc is delivering support to some of the largest names cutting across more than 28 specialties. We have extensive knowledge in a molecular lab and Genetic coding and billing.

We believe in working closely with you, develop a customized billing strategy that transpires to better reimbursements for you. Our dedicated model of engagement, unmatched standards of productivity makes us a champion healthcare revenue cycle management destination.

Our success stories in the world of Genetics billing will tell you that we have reduced operational costs by 70%, eliminated all pain points that they had been facing in their front and back end billing requirements. At a time, when finding experienced staff can be a huge challenge, we have the niche ability to work as your operational arm, and that too at next door rates. Currently, at 1.99% or $7 per hour, we provide complete pre and post Genetics billing services.

Engaged with us! Pick the brains of our experts and know more about how we look to offer you a perfect business synergy that can transform your cash flow. Have a word with our references in the industry and know what difference we bring to the table!

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