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Get memorable unboxing experiences with Custom Corrugated Boxes and Packaging

Why package your products in the usual boring way when you can have tailor-made boxes that make customers feel highly valued?

Custom corrugated boxes and packaging provide a remarkable opportunity to present products in an engaging method that makes customers keep repeating orders with your brand and spread positive word of mouth.

What makes these boxes so different?

These boxes are made from corrugated stock that has rows of air columns that provide a cushion for the items housed. They utilize several sheets of materials rather than just one sheet, as in other generic boxes, and make use of thick paper stock. The layers include an inside liner, an outside liner, and a medium that goes in between the two. This aspect makes them stronger and durable than other regular cardboard boxes. Some other comparative advantages are:

  • They are made with biodegradable material which allows them to be reused and recycled.
  • They are more sustainable which also makes them cost-effective
  • They offer increased flexibility that is apt for housing more numbers of items in one pack.
  • Their lightweight feature makes transportation easier and hassle-free
  • They are designed in a way to provide protection from dust and bacteria.
  • They can be aptly used for branding too

Moreover, these boxes are available in different types including:

  1. Single wall corrugated box: is a 3-ply corrugated box
  2. Double wallboard: is a 5-ply corrugated box
  3. Triple wallboard: has three layers of corrugated material and four-layer of liner board.

A wide plethora of customization options are available to put an individual brand logo and name on the box to help customers associate the quality of the box with the items inside and feel compelled to purchase it. Some of the modification types are:

  • Custom size, shape, and color.
  • Custom card thicknesses.
  • Finishing types include matte and gloss lamination’s with lush coating choices of satin, varnish, spot UV, gloss AQ, and flood UV.
  • Addition of an exclusive range of features such as window cutouts, ribbons & handles, hang tab, scoring & gluing, and custom perforation. Moreover, die-cutting, embossing, metallic inks, and foil stamping options can be chosen from too.

Custom corrugated boxes and packaging

We recognize that just offering better quality boxes are not enough in garnering a higher level of customer interest. Some amount of uniqueness must be incorporated to make the brand stand tall among rivals and make a strong visual impression. Customers, in today’s time, have numerous options available to them and are thus, spoilt for choice. They need an extra edge to the product’s appeal that makes them want to purchase the item right away. Custom corrugated boxes and packaging are offbeat packages that fulfill nearly all customer expectations including providing durability, strength, increased appeal, and a memorable unboxing experience. Hence, products packaged in such boxes make it to the top of the favorite list of items for customers in an instance.

Promotion on the go

Most marketing managers plan out a hefty annual budget for advertising and promoting the brand and products at all retail points to reach all target customers. Innovative ideas are researched to utilize every possible platform in promoting brand recognition and make it more prominent among the competition in the market. The reason they do so is powered by the need to dominate market segments and publicize the brand uniquely and effectively making the most of the resources at their disposal. It is mostly seen that brands producing the same type of products often have different sales volumes due to the varying efficiency of their marketing campaigns. A study shows that on average manufacturers re-invest about 40% of their profits in marketing budgets. This reflects the importance of branding and the ripple effects it has on the sales and profits levels of an organization.

But advertising is just the tip of the iceberg. Customers are influenced majorly by the physical appearance of products displayed at retail outlets or supermarkets. About 80% of customers make buying decisions at stores with 40% actually admitting to being influenced by the look of the product’s packaging. Hence, it makes for a worthwhile investment for sellers to spend efficiently on obtaining the most appropriate boxes for their products and customize them in line with their brand’s specifications. We enjoy a history of crafting and printing such boxes artistically that resonate with customers’ expectations and elevate brand identity. Our in-house professionals provide exceptional assistance in designing the right box that is affordable yet productive in diverting attention to the brand.

Custom corrugated boxes and packaging

One aspect of effective promotions is that it should fit well within the overall budgets of the business while acting as a customer magnet. Lower priced marketing devices help to gain a competitive edge over rivals in the industry while ensuring customer retention. We aid in obtaining consistent branding that helps customers to spot the product instantly at every point of contact. Cost-efficiency is also further enhanced as the corrugated nature of these boxes help to reduce damage and mutation of the items inside, saving significant costs for the manufacturer. Satisfied customers are happy customers who are highly likely to pledge their loyalty to the brand and refer it forward.

Dial us for productive results

We provide the finest corrugated material that makes for constructive packaging boxes. Our skilled and courteous customer service team goes out of the way in aiding you through the whole crafting and ordering process to save your time and effort. Our fast and error-free production process ensures that these boxes reach you within a short time while saving ample shipping and handling costs. Our free services also comprise free reviews of artwork and free of cost sample kits. Altogether, an excellent value for money deal guarantees sales hikes while falling light on the pocket. So, whether you are a manufacturer of heavy-weight products, an online trader, are in the food industry, or trade-in the general consumer market, you can benefit from these boxes in escalating customer satisfaction and profitability levels to new heights at once.


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