Good and Bad of Online Learning – An Expert Perspective

The education industry suddenly experienced explosive growth in technology ever since the outbreak of coronavirus. The entire industry is coming up with new changes that leverage technology. It’s not like nobody ever used technology for educational purposes, but the use was limited, we were not so dependent or it wasn’t much of a necessity. With the outbreak of coronavirus and the lockdown and resultant shutdown of educational institutions and pause in the regular system, there has been a massive shift to technological tools in the form of online learning, mobile learning, and increased use of online educational apps.  All the communication and interaction have now shifted to online modes.

Now we can consider all of these a necessity. It was previously an alternative to traditional mediums of teaching and learning but now it has taken a dramatic shape and has influenced people at large to learn with convenience. This has accelerated the use of educational software development using mobile apps, helping enterprises reach new heights, especially in this educational sector. The online platforms and technology tools that allow teachers to connect with students, monitor learning progress, and share courses were clearly in high demand during mandatory distance learning.  In this article, we shall explore the key advantages and disadvantages of online learning.

Online Learning – A Brief Overview


Online learning or E-learning, are all modes of internet learning and are new ways to access a variety of content available online via mobile phones, laptops, desktops, etc. Why this is gaining such momentum because e-learning offers easy accessibility, easy learning, and offers convenience.

The best thing about this is that it gives easy access anytime and there are several sources of information available online. Also, you can ask for help from a writing service, send feedback, and make queries in case you are not able to understand how to use an app or are unable to need any help with academics.

Benefits of Online Learning


 Mobile learning is very popular and has grown rapidly in recent years. While there are several benefits of online learning, our essay writer help has taken into account the most useful ones.

  1. Access anytime, anywhere  

Mobile or online learning is all about learning through the internet. If you have an internet connection and a mobile, you can have access to any information you need for your studies. It’s simple and convenient and a fast way to access information anytime, anywhere in the world. The online platforms and technology tools that allow teachers to connect with students, monitor learning progress, and share courses were clearly in high demand during mandatory distance learning.

  1. Cost-Effective

E-learning is cost-effective as compared to traditional learning methods. The reason why this is affordable is that this learning model is quick, simple, and user-friendly. It saves a significant amount of time in terms of travel, course materials, teachers, lodging, etc.

  1. Sustainable Learning

Learning through the internet is sustainable as compared to traditional modes of learning where there is the use of pen and paper. It prevents deforestation. Anyone can take notes online by taking screenshots, downloading documents, and PDFs, and watching educational videos. All in all, it is a convenient and simpler mode of learning.

  1. Content diversity and all-time availability

A lot of content is available online. The wide variety makes it very easy for people to access it. Anybody from any corner of the globe can access information on different topics and genres. Students no longer have to worry about missing lectures or not having enough time to understand a lesson, with online learning, they can record lectures, or download lectures, attend webinars and save the session and can watch and re-watch them anytime they want and there is no limit to how many times they can attend lectures.

  1. Flexibility and Convenience

Online learning allows students the flexibility and convenience to learn at their own comfort and study at their own pace.

  1. Improved Student Attendance

As online classes are flexible, students can attend their classes from home or any location. Hence, students are less likely to miss their lessons. In case they miss their lesson, they can easily connect with their peers and get notes on online classes. You will find online apps that allow recording lectures, taking screenshots of lessons, and making note-taking smooth, such as Evernote. As learners, you get so much convenience with online modes of learning.

Cons of Online Learning


As there are two sides to every coin, here are some drawbacks of online learning.

  1. Negative Effects on Students

While learning online has great alluring benefits to offer, it has some drawbacks as well. And talking about how it could affect student’s life, we shall stress the negative impacts it poses on the mental and physical health of students, as you would agree, anything too much is always harmful. Parents here play a very important role in making their children understand the ill effects of misusing their devices and over-consumption and constant utilization of the internet are harmful.

  1. Absence of Physical Interaction

There is a growing alienation being observed, all due to the pandemic. The changing preferences for technology and social media have impacted greater mental and emotional health problems. You can’t deny that physical interaction is priceless and crucial. But with the convenient life offered by technological advancements, we prefer staying at home and having everything at our disposal without having to go out of our comfort zone. And this social disconnection causes mental and health issues and discomfort.

  1. Inefficient Facilitator

The tutor or teacher should be able to pay off the lack of physical presence while conducting online classes. They could do this by forming a supportive environment for learning in the virtual classroom where every student must feel comfortable participating. They should know that their teacher is accessible and they can ask for their guidance at times when they need it. Failing to do so may alienate the class from the teacher and each other. In case the teachers are not trained well in delivering lessons online or are not acquainted with the methodologies, the whole online learning program will be compromised. It is important for the instructor to be technologically skilled and must have strong communication skills. The language in which the instructor offers the course must be communicated well.

  1. Distraction

Another drawback is that online learning causes a lot of distractions. Many students open their mobile phones to learn, use social media sites, chat, share photos, and play video games. This kind of distraction is a waste of time that could have been spent on useful tasks.

  1. Improper Use

Many students misuse their learning devices for other purposes as well. Some people abuse it just for fun, while others have secret malicious intent that is not good and needs to be prevented.

Final Word


With the advancement in modern technologies, the opportunities for learning and gaining more knowledge have never been greater. E-learning paved the way to higher education in an effective, concise way, and it continues to make it simple, accessible, and easier for people worldwide to reach their goals, regardless of their age or previously acquired knowledge. You can seek help from a paper writing service to learn how to efficiently use online learning apps.

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