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Guide Of Celtic Cross Jewelry

Nothing can beat the feeling you get from donning jewelry, a telltale of tradition and culture. From digging into your grandma’s closet to borrowing heirloom pieces from your mother, we bet you too must have done it all just to inherit “a jewelry reminder of age-old traditions,” isn’t it? But why just moms’ and grandmas’? Why not take the ancestral heirlooms from throughout the world? Sounds fascinating, no? It’s actually possible. A symbol of faith and eternal love, the Celtic Cross is the most popular symbol of the Celts. Richly historic and symbolic, the best part is that Celtic jewelry pieces are stunning in their way. Here’s an entire guide dedicated to this Celtic legacy – the Celtic Cross jewelry.

But before you run out to buy wholesale Celtic Cross sterling silver jewelry, let us tell you some lesser-known tales about it.

The Trinity Knot Jewelry

The Trinity Knot has mentioned indicates that the triquetra believed in early Christianity because the Blessed Trinity was also the symbol of the God Norse deity. Such belief embeds within the sign that additionally showcases the illustration of continuity or an endless cycle. Several Celtic and Irish people wear this piece to voice out their non-secular practices or share mentioned that their lives are inside the cycle of birth, death, and rebirth.

The Celtic Knot Jewelry

Conversely, the Celtic Knot promotes the worth of eternal and unconditional love or represents fertility. Irish people wear this sign proudly to profess their promise to friends, family, and their better half. Eternal and unconditional love advocates consistency and unity amongst those that share it, which it’s a real testament to the best that such a sort of love still exists.

The Claddagh Jewelry

A Claddagh symbolizes affection, friendship, and loyalty. There are instances whereby we presume that we can’t love our friends, that they exist only when we want them. A people Claddagh sign tries to exemplify the importance of a friendly relationship. It will even incline to your better half since they’ll even be your relief. the sweetness of Claddagh is that it has worn in numerous ways to showcase what it expresses.

Origins Of The Celtic Cross | The Many Stories Revolving Around This Celebrated Gaelic Symbol:

  • The true origin of the Celtic Cross is unfathomable. Yet, here’s some food for your sneaking suspicion in regards to the genesis of this spiritual symbol
  • The most common narrative suggests that St. Patrick desired to transform pagans into Christians. Thus, he introduced the Celtic Cross to them.
  • In place of teaching evangelism to pagans, St Patrick combined the “cross” with “the sun god” of the pagans as exemplified by a circle. And so, the Celtic Cross was born.
  • Legends also believe that missionaries in the early middle ages might have formed the Celtic Cross by themselves.
  • Another theory opines that the circle in the Celtic Cross actually paints the sketch of the Moon goddess rather than what most people believe to be the Sun god.
  • Architects believe that, unlike popular notions, the circle around the cross doesn’t symbolize anything at all. They argue that only to prevent the symbol from being damaged, the artisans in the early ages joined the four hands of the cross, resulting in a circle.

The Many Faces Of The Celtic Emblem | A Deep Dive Into The Symbolism Of Other Divine Celtic Symbols:

The Celtic Cross jewelry wholesale range comes in a variety of spiritually rich symbols. Here’s a quick list of some of the most popular Celtic insignias:

  • Celtic Cross:

The Celtic cross symbolizes God’s eternal love for his children. This cross had used to mark significant spiritual places throughout Ireland. No doubt this tops the list!

  • Celtic Mother’s Knot:

The relationship between a mother and her child is divine. So, the Celtic Mother’s Knot symbolizes and cherishes this special bond, eternalizing it through simple heart symbols created out of knots.

  • Celtic Sisters Knot:

Of the many bonds we share with others, the ones with sisters and friends are special. The triple spirals in the Celtic Sisters Knot capture the essence of such a beautiful relationship.

  • Celtic Family Knot:

A symbol dedicated to familiar, the Celtic Family Knot illustrates the intricate bond between the different members of a family and the love they share.

  • Trinity Knot:

The most ancient symbol of spirituality is the Trinity Knot, also referred to as the Triquetra or the Triangle Knot. It symbolizes the three phases of a woman’s life through the moon’s phases.

Gemstones Mingled With Symbols | 5 Pieces From The Celtic Cross Jewelry Collection That Are Absolute Staggers:

  • The Minimalist Mood –

Off late, “less is more” has become the one true mantra of every fashionista. So charming, a basic outfit with the touch of Turquoise Celtic Cross Silver Earrings is the right move if you’re looking at a minimal yet elegant look.

  • The Maximalist Mood –

Celtic Cross sterling silver pendants with deep gemstones like Malachite or Lapis Lazuli are seamless for pulling off an accentuated look. For the maximalist in you, Stackable Celtic Cross pendants could be another great choice. Need more reasons to stock up on wholesale Celtic Cross sterling silver pendants?

  • For The Colorful Mood –

The camaraderie between different colors and the Celtic Cross symbol looks all the more mesmerizing when gemstones are the vivid ones – like the Amethyst. But make sure you do not go for heavy jewelry pieces. Instead, let the bright hues pop out through tiny trinkets like rings or Celtic Cross earrings.

  • For All Things Silver Mood –

If gold jewelry looks monotonous to you, why not try all things silver with a dash of crystals? Silver Celtic Cross pendants are not only artistic but also affordable. Besides, the sheer versatility of sterling silver jewelry gives it an edge over other pieces. Try it with exotic gemstones like Tiger Iron or Peanut Wood, and you’ll see the magic!

  • For The Celebration Mood –

For occasions that call for celebration, keep the blessings at hand with Celtic Cross bracelets. Wrist pieces immediately glam up your look, and the symbol will keep you humble in style. Gemstones like Onyx and Pearl are the best match for it!

Celtic Cross Jewelry That Woman Can’t Say No To!

The Celtic Cross is a spiritual symbol that is wildly popular for divine and aesthetic reasons. So if you haven’t yet experimented with this jewelry design, head out and shop right away. Pro tip? Start small – try earrings, rings, or pendants. And if you are wondering where to buy wholesale Celtic Cross silver earrings and other jewels, head to Gemexi.

The wholesale celtic cross silver jewelry represents Christ’s center of their different lives. There are plenty of spiritual practices shared amongst folks these days. Nonetheless, we tend to believe still that we’ve got the next power governing and guiding our various choices. Christian practices revolve around the concept that Christ is the savior and is laced around their neck to showcase his sacrifices for their sins.

The jewelry you wear shouldn’t just concentrate on the value it has purchased or the sort of crystal you just have embedded in it. Items frozen from wealthy heritage and symbolism exemplify the temperament of those who wear them proudly. Beauty hasn’t seen in what proportion your jewelry shines. However, true beauty is what proportion your jewelry, Celtic Cross Jewelry, shares, and showcases your temperament.

Celtic handcrafted items express Irish practices that date across generations. Personify the items that you just wear through jewelry that tell a story. Break the norm and realize worth at intervals instead of utilizing worth through value and expense.

Celtic Cross jewelry is a must-have right now as it’s akin to the message of the gospel. But, do you know what they are all about? Do you know the many ways to style them like a pro? No, isn’t it? But hey – fret not, we got your back. Read this article, check out what’s there to know about the Celtic Cross jewel, and get yourself the chicest jewelry piece ever!


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