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Guide to Setup Your Home Projector

Projectors are a great way to brighten up a dull evening, and the first thing you might want to do is have a movie night with your friends and family. The modern projectors are easy to use, and they take quite a load off your shoulders with their advanced functions. Yet, you need to set things up a little bit, but the procedure can be complicated, especially for the first-timers. So, we have brought you our guide to help you unbox your new projector:

Take everything out of the package

This is the most basic yet essential step. Users often skip this step, and later they realize that they can’t find the Wi-Fi adapter, second remote, or any other equipment. Remember, before you move ahead to mount your projector, check everything thoroughly and use the manual to see if you have all the components ready with you that will be used in and after the setup procedure. If your projector has multiple HDMI inputs, then check and wires, connections, and audio-video compatibility correctly.


If you’ve invested in an affordable or inexpensive projector, then the chances are it lacks the lens shift feature. Due to this, you have to be extra careful about the projector’s placement. Such projectors need a precise placement relative to the screen, often in line with the top or bottom of the screen is the best way. Depending on how your projector throws light, you have to adjust the height of its placement. Centre placement might not be suitable for your projector, so before fixing it to one place, check different angles and height.

Airflow and Heat Management

You should also be aware of the airflow in your projector. Projectors release a lot of heat and light, and if it doesn’t get some air to cool itself, then it will start overheating, resulting in damage before time. If you don’t have the option for airflow, then you can build a fan-vented cabinet for your projector.

Sound Settings

It is upsetting to know, but the speakers attached to the home projectors do not offer a pleasant experience. The sound quality doesn’t surround the room properly, and even if it does, the sound comes out in a way to make you shut your ears. You can use Bluetooth connection to connect to external speakers, but the sound fails to match the lip movements on the screen. So, we would recommend you to use a soundbar or receiver along with the speakers, and connect them with HDMI for an unmatched home theatre experience.

Reduce ambient lights

Ambient lights will reduce the picture quality of your projector, so it’s better that you place your projector in a room with the least lighting. If you plan to want something in the project in broad daylight, then make sure that you draw the blinds or use dark curtains to hide the sunlight.

These essential tips will help you fix your projector in the right manner. Apart from the tips mentioned above, you should also check the settings and zoom & focal point of the projector. Incorporating all of these steps will help you have an excellent time using your home theatre.

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Source: Guide to Setup Your Home Projector

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