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Hemp Gel For Pain

We have a lot of information available um we’ll work in some effectiveness with us we will be working together again put together the materials to to be able to present to the physicians for them to be able to present to patients one note i like to add if i may you know i would say in albuquerque agree with me the stigma of cannabis five six years ago was a lot higher than it is today and that was the initial challenge for a pioneer like him and for us to pioneer sort of a research side today the stigma is people are using poor quality products you know that’s the challenge they’re using products that aren’t manufactured properly that aren’t designed actually to have the effect that it might be efficacious so i i agree with being here i think it’s very important let all both people your consumers and your patients know that not every thing and so i just wanted to chime in mark is part of the replay team uh told me that they have a number of marketing and educational tools for our members so i think that’s great that not only um do you guys have a product that is going to get us great outcomes for our patients but you also educate our physicians and our staff on how we could um explain everything to the patients so i know we’re running it close to the end of time but i’m i’m curious the Hemp gel uh one of the questions i got and it kind of piqued my interest does it perform differently on our different age demographics like kids versus you know a weekend warriors and um versus our seniors do we see a different response time um with the products i could answer that eris do you have any clinical information on that we haven’t seen a lot of diversity um especially with something transdermal you know i mean like you’re going to have diversity from a genetics perspective as to the amount of drug delivery past you know the skin membrane the joints and muscles but from from a as  mentioned earlier.

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You’re not getting a lot of system where you would get a little bit more diversity again from from a mechanism mechanism perspective so we’re not seeing a wide range of that you know it’s i agree with that i’ll say something else that i didn’t mention in my early talk but the endocannabinoid system has been present in humans for thousands of years it’s it’s an old nervous system that runs they consider it the master system and it it oversees all the other nervous systems but it runs sort of in parallel with um maybe opioid receptors and that kind of thing so um intuitively i would say that children and adults are probably not that much different i think the challenge for for us transdermal is easy but when we get into ingestibles it’s it’s all about getting it in just getting it absorbed there’s at absorption and there’s cellular level and a lot of other things but bottom line is it’s uh it’s not easy to get across the membrane in the intestine so transdermal is easy we as we say we go we say start low go slow work your way up check for adverse effects transdermal i mean quite honestly we we don’t even think about it um ingestibles is probably a little bit different um just that you know i know with al was talking about how he had to retire because he had so much pain and then he started is going to be working for them i mean what what what time frame would we see any type of relief for our patients you know um i can’t answer that directly what i can tell you is when we did our study with the nba players they were retired players um my guess when we started the study was that those people with more arthritis in their knees would respond less and it was the opposite which was shocking so um i guess i guess one of the take-home points here might be it’s never too late to try it um but you know intuitively you would say well the more severe the problem is the more chronic it is the longer it might take to get better the higher dose you might need and that i would probably say in general that’s true great um well we we’ve reached the end of the hour um before i say good night to everybody and give them some parting remarks um dr kunkel harris do you guys have any closing comments that you’d like to make i would just say thank you for your time i hope this helped again

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