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Health and Fitness

Herbal Remedies For Cough And Cold Symptoms

Which is the best herbal medicine for cough and flu (allopathy’s ‘all-natural’ cures’)? It is difficult to find medical literature which clearly states which is the best herbal medicine. For this reason, it is safest to state that you should try to avoid any allopathic medicine which contains drugs and other artificial ingredients. And this includes any cough and flu remedies (Khansi Ka Fori Ilaj) which are market as ‘all natural’.

The best herbal medicine for Cough & Flu (Flu) (bachon ki khansi ka ilaj) would be one that addresses your specific symptoms. In case you get a cough that comes on very suddenly and is coupled with flu-like symptoms such as high fever, it is imperative to obtain a diagnosis from your doctor. Otherwise, you may be taking an iced tea, aspirins or some other homeopathic medicines which are not treating the real cause of your problem. Allopathic medicines are generally very powerful and can be quite addictive. You should avoid using medications in bulk amounts which contain artificial ingredients and chemicals.

There are various types of cough syrups available on the market. Most syrups are either manufacture as regular medicines or in capsule form. Some manufacturers claim that their products possess special properties because they have use by innumerable individuals to overcome common problems like sore throat, headache, inflammation of tonsils etc. But the effectiveness of any herbal remedy is often compromise by side effects of the same. In fact, many natural medicines have proved to be more effective than chemically created medicines.

Syrups available in capsule form are easy to swallow and do not leave a mess behind in your mouth. Moreover, these syrups can be easily available at your local supermarket. However, most common colds can be easily overcome with the use of herbal remedy. Cough is one such common ailment which can easily be cured with the use of herbal remedies.

Herbal medicines have prove to be very effective in controlling coughs and alleviating the symptoms quickly. They also provide instant relief from the symptoms. One of the best herbal medicine for coughs is Golden Seal. Golden seal contains carotene, which is a powerful antioxidant that not only provides instant relief but also protects the body from free radical damage.

It can effectively treat symptoms of influenza and colds as well. The same properties found in Golden Seal also act as an anti-viral agent which acts against influenza and cold virus. Another powerful herbal medicine that provides relief from cold and coughs is Feverfew. Feverfew has been use as a common remedy for treating fevers for over a thousand years.

Feverfew assists in increasing the flow of oxygen-rich blood in the body thus relieving cough and cold symptoms. In addition, it can also alleviate cough due to phlegm, which is usually cause due to excessive secretion of mucous by the lungs. An additional use of feverfew as a cold remedy is that it can also fight and kill virus which causes cold like the cold virus. This medicine works wonders if consumed on time during colds and coughs. Some people also claim that Golden Seal can also relieve the symptoms of cold and flu.

There are several herbal products available in the market for treating coughs and colds. But it is advise that you should always consult your doctor before consuming any kind of medicine. Try to get sufficient information about these medicines and products from your doctor. Herbal remedies may sometimes react with other medications and you should not take these medications unless your doctor recommends it.

Rosemary is another remedy which can give immense relief to people who suffer from sore throat, headache and flu symptoms. It can also help in eradicating phlegm which is a symptom cause by cold. If you use Rosemary for treatment of cough and cold, you should remember one thing that while taking this medicine you should not forget to mention to your doctor about all the medicines that you are currently taking and also about all the other drugs you are using. You must be cautious enough while using Rosemary for homeopathic remedy. Rosemary acts as an antidote for poisonous mushroom, if you accidentally take Rosemary it can cause serious complications.

Lemon balm has been widely use as a cough and cold remedy for centuries. A cup of lemon balm tea is very effective in relieving coughs and colds. In fact lemon balm tea is a very old remedy. The fresh leaves of the lemon balm are boile and then decant into a cup of hot water. This tea can be use to relieve cough and fever.

Khansi Ka Fori Ilaj is another herbal medicine, which is very effective against coughs and cold. Khansi Ka Fori has make from the bark of the tree of the same name which grows wild in the desert. This tea is prepare by steeping the leaves and flowers in hot water for some days. The tea is considere extremely effective for coughs and colds.

There are a few home grown items accessible on the lookout for treating hacks and colds. In any case, it is prompt that you ought to consistently counsel your primary care physician prior to burning-through any sort of medication. Attempt to get adequate data about these meds and items from your PCP. Natural cures may now and again respond with different drugs and you ought not take these meds except if your PCP suggests it.

Rosemary is another cure which can give huge alleviation to individuals who experience the ill effects of sore throat, migraine and influenza manifestations. It can likewise help in killing mucus which is an indication brought about by cold. On the off chance that you use Rosemary for treatment of hack and cold, you ought to recall one thing that while taking this medication you ought not neglect to specify to your PCP pretty much every one of the meds that you are as of now taking and furthermore pretty much the wide range of various medications you are utilizing. You should be adequately careful while utilizing Rosemary for homeopathic cure. Rosemary goes about as a remedy for toxic mushroom, on the off chance that you incidentally take Rosemary it can cause genuine difficulties.

Lemon medicine has been broadly utilize as a hack and cold solution for hundreds of years. Some lemon ointment tea is viable in calming hacks and colds. Indeed lemon demulcent tea is an extremely old cure. The new leaves of the lemon emollient are bubble and afterward emptied into some heated water. This tea can be utilize to mitigate hack and fever.

Khansi Ka Fori Ilaj is another home grown medication, which is successful against hacks and cold. Khansi Ka Fori has been produce using the bark of the tree of a similar name which fills wild in the desert. This tea is set up by soaking the leaves and blossoms in steaming hot water for certain days. The tea is considere amazingly compelling for hacks and colds.

Khansi Ka Fori Ilaj (khansi ka desi ilaj) is different herbal medicine, which is very useful upon colds and cold. Khansi Ka Fori has been secure from the bark of the tree of the identical title which grows wild in the desert. This tea is make by steeping the needles and herbs in hot water for some days. The tea is deem extremely powerful for coughs and colds.

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