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We keep up-to-date with the ever-growing market for home healthcare products and technology.

We post about the most recent home health products and “aging-in-place technology” We recently came across some innovative technology that shows how quickly health technology is evolving. FDA approval was granted for something that looks like science fiction this year.

Proteus digital health provides a variety of health care technologies, including an ingestible sensor for health monitoring. Proteus’s solutions aim to harness digital technology to provide real-time feedback to our bodies, which can improve our health. They offer ingestible and wearable solutions that offer a digital feedback system powered by your body.

Proteus is currently working on digital medicines as a category of products.

These pharmaceuticals include a feedback sensor. This is a way to maximize the benefits of medications. Proteus focuses on three areas: central nervous system care (mental, Parkinson’s, and dementia), diabetes care, and transplant care. We can see the potential to increase compliance, dosage, and monitoring in these conditions.

The caregiver technologies are another category that caught our attention. The Helius system gives caregivers feedback about the care recipient to keep them informed and alert to potential problems. These technologies can be combined with face-to-face caregiving to enable caregivers to increase their connectedness and quality. Proteus is working on new products for caregiver technology Face Yoga for Glowing Skin.

Lifestyle tools are a category that has great potential to improve your health and preventive care. Technology can help you track your lifestyle and be a motivating way to improve your health. It’s the “games” and challenges that make reaching your goals (and all of the work it takes) more enjoyable.

Proteus appears to be solving some of the most pressing issues in-home monitoring and home health products.

Proteus products can meet a specific need and have an approach that is thoughtful about using them and what barriers they might cause. They integrate the technologies with mobile devices, quickly becoming an integral part of our daily lives. They are looking at walls and ease of use in their sensor technology. This includes integrating them into everyday items like medications, making the sensors small and affordable, and dealing with issues such as battery life and different adhesive levels. Privacy is always a concern. You can also read Proteus FAQs about privacy and other usage questions.

These are the key factors any company or technology must consider to make home health products a success. First, technology cannot solve a problem or need that is personal to the user. The second is that technology and home health products can only address a problem if the barriers to their use are not more significant than the problem. Proteus appears to have narrowed in on these critical areas and prioritized the most challenging conditions and those that require more unique solutions.

After these issues are resolved, education and awareness are the next steps in bringing home-health products to consumers. We do this blog series to share information about products and keep you informed of new developments and reviews. The two-fold delivery and outreach methods for most products must be direct to the consumer and healthcare system (getting insurance companies and healthcare providers to buy into the product). Companies must conduct research and present outcomes data to gain this buy-in.

Senior Safety: Common Questions About Home Health Products

Easy living provides regular reviews and articles on various home health products that can help seniors stay safe at home. Check out our Home Safety Products: Aging in Place Part 1 or Part2 for a complete overview health scan.

These are the most common questions regarding senior safety and home health products that can be used to help seniors:

What is the best home safety product that I can use to keep my home safe? It is unlikely that there is a single answer. We recommend you have a home safety assessment or a geriatric assessment done by one of our care managers. The Personal Emergency Response System is a cost-effective, valuable and fundamental tool for seniors living alone.

These “fall buttons” immortalized in the commercial.

“Help! These “fall buttons” (forever immortalized in the commercial “Help!”) ensure that assistance is always at hand. These buttons may seem redundant in the age of cordless and mobile phones, but they are essential. You only need to push one button as the buttons are monitored by a call center (like an alarm system).

You might feel “woozy” and are afraid that you will fall if your feet touch the ground. Push your button, and they will call your neighbor. They check on you and help you to contact your doctor.

Will technology replace human care? We don’t think so. Homecare technology can only replace the value and personal touch of caregivers. The technology works in tandem with caregivers to help you stay safe and provide a customized approach that meets your needs. We have seen clients get home monitoring systems that allow them to stay safe at night, even when their caregivers are unavailable.

Home caregivers can provide personal care and help with many tasks around the home, including housekeeping and other chores. Home caregivers can also offer companionship and help you do things the way that you want them to.

Can I make my home safer without having to remodel? 

Grab bars are one example. Safety in the kitchen and bathroom are two areas that can be improved with simple changes. To get an idea of the products that may help, visit a local home or durable medical equipment store. A general home safety inspection, better lighting, and the removal of throw rugs can all help to reduce the chance of an accident.

Seniors Health Benefits and Exercises

Your day should include some exercise. Adult exercise is not knowing where to begin, how often to exercise, and which activities will work best for you.

We have put together a list that will answer all your questions. Continue reading to learn more.

How do I get started?

Healthline recommends that older adults include 150 minutes of exercise in their week. A weekly schedule can have a significant impact on how much you exercise. You might be someone who enjoys creating a to-do and checking off each item as it is completed. Even something as simple as putting aside time to go for a walk every day on your schedule can make a big difference in your outlook on exercising. It is essential to research which exercises you should do.

Our research has shown that improving your fitness is the best way to exercise for seniors.

  • Strength
  • Balance
  • Flexibility

Let’s look at the different types of exercises that fall under these categories.

There are many types of exercises seniors can do at home.

We don’t mean intense workouts that leave you feeling sore for days. Walking around your neighborhood, going outside, and getting fresh air are all good ways to exercise. This is a great way to take a break and move around. The CDC suggests that specific exercises can be combined to achieve optimal results. Let’s look at what they offer.

Moderate-intensity exercise can include:

  • Walking slowly
  • A light bike ride
  • Tennis
  • Badminton
  • Mowing the lawn won’t feel like exercise!

Aerobic Activity

Vigorous-intensity workouts are one step above what we have just learned about moderate intensity!

These exercises may include:

  • Jogging
  • Hiking
  • Bicycle riding at a quick pace
  • Basketball
  • Soccer
  • Shoveling (again, it won’t feel like an exercise!)

Muscle-Strengthening Activity

You don’t need to be a professional bodybuilder to engage in muscle-strengthening exercises.

These exercises are just a few examples:

  • Yoga
  • Pilates
  • Push-ups and sit-ups
  • Resistance bands help work with

Walking, gardening and shoveling are all things that we might already do in our daily lives. If you’re already doing these movements, keep doing them.

Exercise is good for older adults.

These exercises, as mentioned, are designed to increase your strength, flexibility, and balance.

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